Monday, February 16, 2015

Women’s jewelry boxes – Always a Popular Gift

Standing Jewelry Amoire

Women’s jewelry boxes have been popular gifts for hundreds of years, and are as in demand as ever.  The variety of styles, usefulness, and the heirloom quality that this gift offers denote a thoughtfulness and value to satisfy both giver and receiver.

Almost every woman (as well as many men!) owns jewelry -- whether precious family heirlooms, wedding jewelry, or occasion-based jewelry (such as formal, informal, and “going out” styles).  The size of the jewelry collection is therefore the initial consideration:  If the woman in your life has a large collection of jewelry, as well as delicates such as lingerie or scarves, then a standing jewelry armoire is a great choice.  These securely store every type of jewelry, and store necklaces exceptionally well due to the large swing-out sides.  These types of jewelry boxes have larger drawers at the bottom for storing bedside delicates & lingerie.  Smaller options for smaller collections are also available, like dresser-top armoires, and jewelry cases & chests.

The next consideration will be the style, color, and price.  The giver must know the recipient and shop around to find the right jewelry box.  When purchasing online, always look for a good return policy & warranty.  Generally speaking, the larger and more exotic the wood, the higher the price.  Solid Cherry & Bubinga wood are the most common types of exotic wood.  Cherry is especially popular due to its solid structure and Cherry wood smell.

Women’s jewelry boxes remain popular not just because they serve the practical purpose of storing jewelry:  they also add to a woman’s bedroom décor, so design is also an important consideration.  Styles range from antique, traditional, to modern.  The type of wood, paint, and leg (for the floor standing jewelry cases) define each, so that a jewelry box or standing jewelry armoire gift can be unique and tailored to the recipient’s need and tastes.  And an engraved plate is an especially popular personal touch, especially when it denotes an anniversary or other special occasion.

When looking for a special gift for the woman in your life, whether for her birthday, anniversary, or holiday, consider a jewelry box and the customizable aspects they offer:  different sizes to accommodate any variety of jewelry collections, different styles to match her unique taste and décor, and different price points to fit any budget!

solid wood jewelry box
Solid Cherry Jewelry Chest in Mahogany Finish

By guest blogger, Noelle Macaraeg

Saturday, January 10, 2015

5 Ways to Find Romantic and Unique Proposal Ideas

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 “Will you marry me?”

When it comes to popping this question, many people agree that ‘simple’ is out and ‘elaborate’ is in.
Society, women and their peers expect not only memorable but dramatic pre-engagement scenes and stories. It’s no mystery why guys are under a massive pressure to meet these high expectations.

Maybe you’ve done your first homework: selecting the best engagement symbol among numerous diamond rings jewelry shops. Now, your next assignment is to figure out a unique way of asking your girlfriend to be your bride.

Hollywood movies and TV series don’t make it any easier either. They set the bar too high that guys get frustrated when they try to copy them. Most proposals portrayed in media are ridiculously expensive, not to mention embarrassing. So forget about imitating their styles.

Instead, focus on the essential elements of a romantic marriage proposal and plan one that suits your circumstances and pleases your bride-to-be.

1.  Setting
What is the ideal backdrop for your proposal? Some locations are remarkably romantic by nature. But you still need to find one that matches your sweetheart’s preference or one that she expects the least. Consider the beach, mountains, gardens, and specific locations (e.g. Disney World, Eiffel Tower or Niagara falls).

Do you prefer fireworks, flower petals, or balloons? Should it be public, semi-public, or private? Maybe you can afford to take your girlfriend to her dream destination and then get down on one knee to propose. If money isn’t an issue, then go ahead book a trip for two and fly to that special location.

If finance or time is a problem, think outside the box. Remember that the venue does not have to be over-the-top. It could be the first place where you two have met for the first time or the exact spot where you first told her that you love her.

2.  Activity
Your plans on the proposal will greatly depend on your chosen setting. For instance, if you decide to stay in a scenic island in Jamaica or Hawaii, you can pop the question while you’re on a kayak. Or you may get down on your knees as you both watch the sunset or when you’ve reached the island’s highest peak with a fantastic view as your background.

Some men like mystery and adventure. They are ready to go great lengths to pull off a labyrinthine proposal. If your honey prefers more action and adventure, then an Amazing Race-like proposal might work. At the end of the challenge, simply ask, “Will you do this with me for the rest of our lives? Or something as mushy and cute as, “Will you be my partner in crime for life?

3.  Message
When you think about it, a marriage proposal is mostly about the message and how it’s delivered. In movies, you remember the lines that moved you more than any other story elements.

No need to memorize each word you wish to say.  If you want, you can even record a video of yourself asking for her lifetime love and devotion. Or you may write a letter. Or you can take it further by creating a scrapbook chronicling your journeys as a couple, with a final message: “Please be my bride.”

4.  Family and Friends
Though most women want to avoid crowds during this big day, they want their friends and family to be around to witness this moment. They are also the best cheerers and well-wishers.

In some cultures, a man usually informs the family of his girlfriend before they propose. But for others, it’s enough to be present during the proposal. There’s no universal rule but your significant other will surely appreciate that you’ve put a lot of thought on the specifics (e.g. custom, tradition, and her family’s schedules).

5.  Recording
If there’s no video or photo, it never happened.

Even camera-shy couples still prefer to capture this moment. You can ask your friends or a staff in a specific destination to take pictures or videos of you.

Most women (18-34 years old) surveyed about their dream proposal said they want the ‘magical moment’ to be recorded.  Don’t dismiss it as whimsical; you’ll surely share laughter and tears when you relive this heartwarming memory later on.

Don’t forget to share with us the brilliant ideas you’ve come up with using these pointers. We’ll also appreciate if you’ll tell us a little bit about her reaction. Cheers to long-lasting love!

By Guest Blogger Mitchell Wakehurst for ChasingTreasure, provider of beautiful heirloom quality wooden jewelry boxes and womens jewelry boxes, and jewelry armoires where she can store her jewelry treasures that she’ll accumulate over a lifetime of marriage.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Birthstone: The Lovely Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz
December’s birthstone, the Blue Topaz, a beautiful mineral admired over the millennia.  It is found in all continents in the Western Hemisphere as well as Europe.  Pure Topaz (a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine) is clear, and color variants, such as yellow, orange, green, white, blue, and pink (the rarest), are due to impurities.

The Blue Topaz is categorized into 3 shades:  Sky (light blue tones), Swiss (medium tones), and London (the darkest blue hue).  London Blue Topaz is considered the most valuable (and therefore coveted) of the three.  It is also the rarest to find naturally, as the blue is created due to large amounts of heat or irradiation from the sun.  The Sky & Swiss are the most commonly found, making them the more affordable for everyday use by a broader population.

Topaz can be readily cut into most any size and shape to fit many jewelry designs.  Because of the sparkling blue hue it makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry.  When shopping for gift ideas for those with December birthdays, earrings (drop or stud), and shaped stones for rings or necklaces will look spectacular.  And Topaz looks grand as a pendant or pin to take an ensemble from attractive to beautiful.

Giving Blue Topaz as a gift choice for December birthdays is not limited to December:  consider it for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Anniversary.  She’ll appreciate her birthstone gift any time of the year, and don’t forget:  she’ll need a jewelry box as beautiful as the jewelry she wears to keep it safe and secure!

 Locking Jewelry Armoire for Her Prized Gems
Locking Standing Jewelry Armoire for Her Prized Gems