Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fill Your Man’s Jewelry Box

Man men love to wear jewelry and when your man has a well-built, attractive jewelry box from Chasing Treasures, he needs to have great pieces to fill it. Men do not have as many options for jewelry as women do, but there are still enough options to add great accessories to his collection. Once you have invested in a high quality jewelry box, it is appropriate to fill it with jewelry made with equally high quality.

Cuff Links 

Many men appreciate a good set of cuff links and today’s cuff links come in a variety of different styles, designs, and prices. Men’s shirts come without buttons at the cuffs so that men can add their own personality and style to their appearance. If you man is quite conservative, then the cuff links should be, too. However, some men like to wear cuff links that are a bit edgy. So, if your man works in an environment where he can show some personality with his clothes, buy him cuff links with skulls, college mascots, bold bling, or other objects d’art.

Some men have at least one pierced ear. If you have a man with a pierced ear or two, you can always buy handsome earrings for him. It is best to purchase conservative, masculine earrings like subtle gems or platinum or gold studs or small hoops. However, if your man is working through gauges, you can always buy him more hoops or spikes to fill the growing spaces.

Chains in Stylish Metals

Chains are other good choices for filling your man’s Chasing Treasure jewelry kits. Whether the chains you purchase go around the neck or the wrist, you should only buy genuine precious metals. The size and length of the chain will be based on your man’s personality. Some men prefer a boxy, square chain and others prefer something more subtle. If you are looking for a strong metal, buy the chain in platinum or stainless steel in a brushed or matte finish. If your man likes a bit more flash, gold is always a good choice. Bracelets for men should always be large and masculine. Again, the metal will need to fit his style, which matte finishes looking less flashy than shiny gold.

Some men also like to have some kind of pendant hanging from their chains. These pendants might be something like a shark tooth or a number from an athletic team or possibly even a more artistic and abstract piece of metal. These often can be put on and taken off of a favorite chain.

Masculine, Powerful Rings

Men enjoy wearing rings. There are, of course, some men who only wear their wedding rings, but there are just as many who enjoy wearing a class ring from college or high school and there are other men who enjoy wearing fashion rings with stones like tiger eyes or small coins. Attractive rings look quite powerful on men.

Designer Watches

Finally, men also need to have a place to store their watches. For men, watches have been status symbols for many years and they continue to be, so having a nice place to store a fine, high-quality timepiece is important. Our watch cases makes safe places to store expensive pieces of jewelry like a fine, designer watch.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fill Your Jewelry Box with Birthstones

Once you have purchased your Chasing Treasures jewelry box, you will need special pieces of jewelry to fill it up. Buying jewelry with birthstones is a fun and affordably colorful way to add beautiful jewelry to your collection. Birthstones are not just randomly chosen for each month, but they have significance both in color and meaning. Whether you fill your Chasing Treasures jewelry box with your own personal birthstone, or you pick stones based on your favorite colors and the significance of the stone and color.

•    January’s birthstone is the dark red garnet. This color and stone was originally selected because of its resemblance to fire and blood. The dark red represents humility and atonement, which is an appropriate color for the start of a new year.

•    February’s birthstone is the purple amethyst. The purple stone symbolizes mourning and regret, which was also symbolic for Lent and Advent.

•    March’s birthstone is the aquamarine, which is a pale blue stone. Most of the people who were born in March are Pisces, which are the fish that swim in the blue waters of the sea. The pale blue color is connected to serving others and it also represents grace.

•    April has the diamond as its birthstone. This stone represents marriage, purity, and clean living. The color white represents Holy Days, especially Easter and Christmas.

•    May’s stone is the emerald in deep green. Interestingly, this green stone symbolizes nature and life.

•    June’s birthstone is not a stone, but a pearl. Again, the white color of the pearl symbolizes purity and virtue. It is not surprising that pearls are often given to young children as their first precious piece of jewelry.

•    July’s stone is the sexy red ruby. This bold red stone symbolizes fire (like the Garnet) and it also symbolizes authority and status.

•    The pale green peridot represents those born in August. This pale green stone represents nature and life, which is important because August is a major time of harvest.

•    The September sapphire is a gorgeous blue stone. The deep blue color represents grace, power, and wealth.

•    October’s birthstone is the opal, which has a base of white with accents of blazing colors. The white base of the stone represents purity and innocence, but the splashes of color add a bit of excitement to the stone.

•    November’s birthstone is the yellow topaz. This stone does come in other colors, with white being the purest of the topaz colors. Regardless of the choices, the golden yellow is the traditional November birthstone color. The yellow represents renewal and hope, which interestingly comes in the month before the holy time of Christmas.

•    Finally, the December birthstone is beautiful blue of turquoise. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary usually wears blue, so the color stands for her grace.

Because so many people love shopping for birthstone jewelry, designers have been creating unique pieces that are modern and cool. Whether you are buying pieces for your own collection or for your loved ones, you cannot go wrong adding birthstone jewelry to your jewelry box or a loved one’s jewelry box.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Create a Gift Bundle with Jewelry Boxes

There is an art to giving gifts. When you want to really show someone that you care about them, a great gift will go a long way. One of the best gifts that anyone can give and receive is fine jewelry; but if your recipient does not have a good place to store that fine jewelry, the jewelry can become damaged. When you want to give a unique bundle of gifts, these are a few ways to give jewelry and a fine jewelry box, armoire, or case.

Bundle a Ballerina Box for Young Girls

For decades, young girls have been receiving ballerina jewelry boxes. While these pretty music boxes are not designed to last forever, they can be a good starting jewelry box for young elementary school-age girl. But, just giving the box is not quite enough. If you take the time to buy a beautiful jewelry box for a special girl in your life, then you should bundle it with a few pretty pieces of costume jewelry. None of the pieces have to be expensive, but even big faux diamond rings, strings of beads, and playful bracelets make jewelry boxes even more fun to receive as gifts and to give as gifts.

Trust Your Teen to Take Care

If you have a teenager who is having a special event, like a birthday party, quinceanera party, or a graduation party, a fun jewelry box or armoire makes a great gift box. Maybe you bundle the box with a few costume pieces for everyday wear and you even add a piece of fine jewelry in a precious metal and enhanced with a birthstone. Your teen will be so surprised by the creativity that you put into the gift and with the fun pieces you included. With the right jewelry box or armoire, your favorite teen will be able to care for her jewelry and make it last a lifetime.

Surprise Your Wife

When it is time to surprise your wife for her birthday or anniversary, a jewelry gift is always a winning idea. Many women need to have better options for storing their jewelry and the boxes and armoires from Chasing Treasure are the best in the industry. While many women would be perfectly satisfied receiving a finely made jewelry box from Chasing Treasure, those same women would be surprised and grateful if the jewelry box contained more jewelry. It seems like women can never have enough jewelry, so if you want to surprise her, hang a necklace from the hooks inside of the armoire, or place a beautiful ring in one of the slots. Whatever you include will only make the jewelry box the best gift she has ever received.

Buy Jewelry Boxes for Men

Even men appreciate a nice place to store accessories. Many masculine jewelry cases are fitting for items like fine coins, sunglasses, or money clips. Women often find it difficult to buy gifts for men, because there are only so many ties and football tickets that they can give. So, if you know you need to buy a nice gift, a jewelry box or valet box makes a perfect gift for the man in your life. You can fill the box with a fine accessory, like a piece of masculine jewelry or even a pair of designer sunglasses.

About Jewelry Trends

Some people may say that jewelry trends rarely change, and if they do, it is at a very slow pace. Those with a keen eye may take the opposite view though, observing subtle changes from season to season. Leaving the summer behind us, we head into the fall and winter months, where jewelry trends are changing once more.

Perhaps it is part of some natural instinct to wear layers at this time of year, but layering is where the trend is currently heading. Double and triple chain necklaces are becoming more common, and people are becoming less afraid of mixing metals at the same time. Silver does work well with gold, especially when layered, and it makes a great look for nights out at a restaurant. Personalized necklaces, such as the monogram necklaces worn by Taylor Swift are also gaining in popularity as people seek to express their personality.

In addition to the seasons playing a part in the current jewelry trends, nature is also playing a part. An
increasing number of custom pieces are being designed to resemble natural materials such as wood or plants; whilst at the same time, being inlaid with precious stones. This customization is likely to filter down in the ready-to-wear market at some point—most likely for the Christmas period!

Neon jewelry has also gained prominence over the year, and looks like it will continue to do so into 2013. This is once more a way of expressing personality, and has a great, fun look to it. These vivid colors are more often than not made up from plastic beads, but their attraction is not in their monetary value but their look. Perhaps not one for the jewelry box, but certainly one for a fun night out!

In terms of earrings, we are seeing big earrings, and we are seeing long earrings. After all, what is the point in wearing them if no one can see them? Making a statement seems to be currently in vogue, and there is no better way than using earrings to their full advantage.

As with any current fashion trend, there is always something that seems to run against the grain, and in this case, it is the interest in wearing antique jewelry. The contrast between the neon pieces already mentioned, and a Victorian piece could not be greater, but still, they are both valid, although likely to appeal to different people. The real thing is always best when it comes to antique jewelry, but there are plenty of newly-made necklaces, broaches and bracelets all made in the style of yester-year.

Diamonds never really go out of fashion, and perhaps it is for this reason that they are a girl’s best friend! Retaining their value, and having a timeless quality about them, the simpler pieces remain popular for the very reason that they can be worn year after year no matter how much jewelry fashion trends change. Whether bought for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, they always make the ideal gift for a loved one.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Helpful Tips for Buying a Jewelry Box as a Gift

After much consideration, you finally decided to buy a beautiful jewelry box for that special someone. This is a great choice for a woman’s birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift since women love jewelry, but remember the goal is to purchase a storage box that will accommodate the type and size of jewelry worn while keeping each piece safe and protected. The challenge is in choosing a high quality storage box within the budget but also finding the best style and design according to the receiver’s taste. To help, we listed some tips on buying a jewelry box that will meet or exceed expectations.

Personal Preference

Every woman has a distinct style in clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and even hairstyle. In order to buy the perfect jewelry box, you want to start by considering the recipient’s personal preferences. For instance, if she likes things that are big and bold, perhaps an ornate floor jewelry armoire would work best. On the other hand, if she prefers more simplistic things and clean spaces, a smaller yet sophisticated dresser top storage box would probably be a better choice.

Jewelry Type and Size

Again, you want to think about the types and sizes of jewelry pieces that she wears. If she has oversized necklaces, multi-stone cocktail rings, and/or chandelier type earrings, the storage box needs to be able to accommodate. In this case, it would be important to look for full-size swing-out necklace side doors, ring roles, and large compartmentalized drawers.

Type of Use

Something else you should think about is the way in which the jewelry box would be used. In other words, if she wears jewelry to work or while out on the town, you want to consider conventional storage boxes whereas if she travels for business or takes frequent vacations, a travel jewelry box would be ideal. In addition, if she wears very little or smaller jewelry items, a simple yet stunning trinket box would also make a great birthday, anniversary, or wedding day gift.

Workmanship / Craftsmanship

Obviously, any jewelry box being considered should have excellent workmanship or craftsmanship. A misconception is that quality is expensive. While it can be, this is not a hard and fast rule. In truth, there are many gorgeous and affordable jewelry boxes of the highest caliber workmanship and materials available. The key is to buy from a reputable source, one known for selling only the finest but also most affordable items. On a side note, while workmanship is important regardless of materials used, this would be particular important when purchasing a jewelry box made from exotic wood.

Jewelry Safeguarding and Protection

Choosing a jewelry box that features lock and key is imperative, especially for more expensive jewelry pieces. While some criminals will not be deterred, a locking storage box would certainly make someone think twice. In addition, if she wears silver jewelry, we recommend choosing a jewelry box with anti-tarnish suede lining.


As part of the buying process, we also strongly recommend that you choose a company that provides a guarantee on every jewelry box sold, regardless of style, size, materials, or price. This means if the item were to arrive broken or with a defect, or if the storage box broke prematurely or within a set number of days determined by the company, a full refund would be offered or you could make an even exchange. Regardless of the jewelry box selected, a guarantee provides peace of mind.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Floor Standing Jewelry Boxes

For most people, the words “jewelry box” creates a vision of a dresser or nightstand size storage box where both men and women keep various jewelry items like watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and more. While this is one option, there are also floor standing jewelry boxes that have become increasingly popular and for good reason. For one thing, standing jewelry boxes are larger and thereby able to accommodate entire jewelry collections or larger pieces.

Sometimes referred to as “jewelry armoires”, floor standing jewelry boxes are simply gorgeous and therefore considered more a piece of furniture than an accessory. However, because these storage boxes do take up more space, you want to make sure the right place is chosen. As part of this, we recommend taking accurate measurements so when shopping in person or online you would know the exact size needed. Standing jewelry boxes are ideal for anyone who loves jewelry but they also make a perfect gift idea.

Jewelry boxes of one kind or another date back to ancient civilization. Initially, smaller boxes were called “jewel caskets”, which were constructed from metal and embellished with ivory, copper, silver, and even gold. Not only were the jewelry pieces stored inside valuable but the boxes themselves were of significance.

Today, most companies mass produce jewelry boxes, which results in a lack of craftsmanship, originality, and character. However, there are an increasing number of companies going back to the way things were originally done, which means incredible workmanship and beautifully handcrafted boxes that can be passed down through generations.

Standard Sizes

Floor standing jewelry boxes come in a wide range of sizes. To show the variances, we provided several examples below of actual sizes being sold today.

·        13 3/4” long x 10 1/4” wide x 40” high
·        16” long x 10 1/2” wide x 40” high
·        16 5/8” long x 10 1/2” wide x 41” high
·        17” long x 11” wide x 40” high
·        18” long x 12 1/4” wide x 42 1/2” high
·        18” long x 11 3/4” wide x 43” high
·        19” long x 13” wide x 40” high


We also want to point out that floor standing jewelry boxes come in a wide array of materials. In fact, many of the finer boxes are constructed with more than one material, which makes the item even more visually pleasing. Because there are so many options, virtually anyone can find the perfect standing jewelry box, whether for personal use or as a gift. A few examples of the more popular materials currently used include the following.

·        Bamboo
·        Birch
·        Bubinga
·        Burl Oak
·        Cherry
·        Hannah Reed
·        Mahogany
·        Rosewood
·        Teak
·        Walnut

In addition to the primary material, there are various other materials used as accents or embellishments, again with a few examples listed below.

·        Brass
·        Inlay
·        Ivory
·        Leather
·        Pewter
·        Silver

Special Features

Another aspect of floor standing jewelry boxes is the incredible features from which you can choose. The great thing is that with so many different styles and designs, you can purchase an amazing jewelry armoire with a simplistic design or one that boasts several unique features. Again, we wanted to provide a few examples of the type of features you would expect to find on a quality floor standing jewelry box.

·        Anti-Tarnish Suede Lining
·        Drawers (Compartmentalized, Hidden, Open)
·        Locking mechanisms
·        Lids
·        Mirrors
·        Necklace Swing-Outs
·        Ring Rolls

Proper Care

It is also important to understand that every wood jewelry box needs to be properly cared for, which consists of using the appropriate cleaning product, as well as a soft cotton cloth or duster. This would get the surface clean but without causing scratches.

Remember, there are differences in the way wood jewelry boxes are cared for so you want to make sure you have some knowledge of the material. For instance, Bubinga is a rare and exotic wood originating from West Africa. Although used to make musical instruments initially, artisans have discovered many additional purposes.

Another critical aspect in regard to caring for floor standing jewelry boxes made of wood is that they should never be placed directly in front of a window, especially one that allows a great deal of natural light in. In this case, sunlight can cause the wood to fade over time. In addition, wood jewelry boxes should be set away from heating sources such as a floor or wall vent. Just as with any nice piece of furniture, when floor standing jewelry boxes are exposed to heat, the wood will dry out, leading to an issue of cracking and chipping.

One last thing we want to mention has to do with indoor humidity levels. Wood is naturally hygroscopic, meaning its moisture content will fluctuate in coordination with relative humidity within the surrounding air. When humidity levels go up, wood expands whereas when humidity levels go down, wood shrinks. If you happen to live in a region of the country with a lot of humidity, the wood of the jewelry box and other wood furniture will be affected unless the indoor environment is maintained.


The process of buying a floor standing jewelry box is not rocket science but there are several factors you should consider. Because this is an investment, it would be important to do your homework first and then choose a storage box that matches your need. In addition, you want to make sure the storage box is cared for properly, thereby making it possible for you and future generations to enjoy its beauty and functionality.

Large Modern Floor Standing Jewelry Box Cabinet with Seven Drawers

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jewelry Travel Cases

As the ability to travel and move around has gotten easier and easier, our desire to want to take home with us has kept pace.  This is especially true for what we wear, and not only clothes, but jewelry.

Jewelrytravel cases, as you would expect, come in many shapes and size, from simple stand-alone pouches, to jewelry specific compartments in existing luggage, to cases specifically designed to carry fine jewelry.  These cases are normally constructed in durable plastics covered by leather.  This type of travel case construction is more durable than wood as well as lighter.

Designs vary from rounded handbag style jewelry travel cases to rectangular shapes, which are the most common.  All will have sturdy handles, either of brass or leather covered plastic, and a locking mechanism will be standard.

Larger travel cases will measure 13 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches, and rounded cases will be approximately 8 inches in diameter by almost 4 inches deep.

The travel jewelry  cases will have drawers, ring carriers, a mirror, and will be padded to ensure that the jewelry will not move around when the travel case is jostled.

Examples of two popular leather clad jewelry travel cases are shown below and can be found, along with many other styles and colors at www.chasingtreasure.com