Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fill Your Jewelry Box with Birthstones

Once you have purchased your Chasing Treasures jewelry box, you will need special pieces of jewelry to fill it up. Buying jewelry with birthstones is a fun and affordably colorful way to add beautiful jewelry to your collection. Birthstones are not just randomly chosen for each month, but they have significance both in color and meaning. Whether you fill your Chasing Treasures jewelry box with your own personal birthstone, or you pick stones based on your favorite colors and the significance of the stone and color.

•    January’s birthstone is the dark red garnet. This color and stone was originally selected because of its resemblance to fire and blood. The dark red represents humility and atonement, which is an appropriate color for the start of a new year.

•    February’s birthstone is the purple amethyst. The purple stone symbolizes mourning and regret, which was also symbolic for Lent and Advent.

•    March’s birthstone is the aquamarine, which is a pale blue stone. Most of the people who were born in March are Pisces, which are the fish that swim in the blue waters of the sea. The pale blue color is connected to serving others and it also represents grace.

•    April has the diamond as its birthstone. This stone represents marriage, purity, and clean living. The color white represents Holy Days, especially Easter and Christmas.

•    May’s stone is the emerald in deep green. Interestingly, this green stone symbolizes nature and life.

•    June’s birthstone is not a stone, but a pearl. Again, the white color of the pearl symbolizes purity and virtue. It is not surprising that pearls are often given to young children as their first precious piece of jewelry.

•    July’s stone is the sexy red ruby. This bold red stone symbolizes fire (like the Garnet) and it also symbolizes authority and status.

•    The pale green peridot represents those born in August. This pale green stone represents nature and life, which is important because August is a major time of harvest.

•    The September sapphire is a gorgeous blue stone. The deep blue color represents grace, power, and wealth.

•    October’s birthstone is the opal, which has a base of white with accents of blazing colors. The white base of the stone represents purity and innocence, but the splashes of color add a bit of excitement to the stone.

•    November’s birthstone is the yellow topaz. This stone does come in other colors, with white being the purest of the topaz colors. Regardless of the choices, the golden yellow is the traditional November birthstone color. The yellow represents renewal and hope, which interestingly comes in the month before the holy time of Christmas.

•    Finally, the December birthstone is beautiful blue of turquoise. In Christianity, the Virgin Mary usually wears blue, so the color stands for her grace.

Because so many people love shopping for birthstone jewelry, designers have been creating unique pieces that are modern and cool. Whether you are buying pieces for your own collection or for your loved ones, you cannot go wrong adding birthstone jewelry to your jewelry box or a loved one’s jewelry box.

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