Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ideal Treasure for Valentine's Day!

With the Christmas and New Year Holidays behind us, our next major holiday for those special people in our lives is Valentine’s Day!

For both women and men, jewelry remains a very popular gift because it is, personal, thoughtful, and valuable.

For women, the most popular jewelry types are earrings, necklaces, & rings, with brooches, bracelets, and belly-button rings as secondary pieces, and other forms of body jewelry coming in a distant third.  For men, rings and watches dominate, with necklaces and other types of mens jewelry being much less popular.

Since gifts to women on Valentine’s Day are the most prevalent, a womens jewelry box can be the perfect complimentary gift for jewelry lovers!

The most popular styles and types will generally be based on the age of the recipient and home d├ęcor.  Age of the recipient can be almost directly linked to size of the jewelry collection.

For younger women, including ‘tweens and teenagers, the smaller desktop cases provide the best value.  They are smaller yet still highly functional in the volume and style of jewelry pieces that can be stored.  They also look great and can still be the right size for many years.

For young adults, a medium sized dresser armoire or larger womens jewelry case is the ticket!  As she gets older (and more gift opportunities go by), she’ll likely have amassed a larger jewelry collection, with more and more treasured pieces that she may not wear as frequently, but still hold dear.  A luxury jewelry case makes a wonderful wedding present or 5 year anniversary gift!

Finally, the wife of many happy years may view a large standing wooden jewelry armoire as the perfect gift for her large jewelry collection.  In addition to the functionality available (mirrored flip top, ring rolls, lined compartments, and swinging side doors with as many as 20 necklace hooks), these jewelry armoires also have up to 8 lined drawers, varying in size from smaller at the top (for bracelets and watches) to large drawers at the bottom, for delicates and undergarments.

So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about the ideal treasure for the “her” in your life!

wooden jewelry armoire
Wooden Jewelry Armoire