Monday, December 3, 2012

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Jewelry Box

Millions of people around the world own a jewelry box and while the primary purpose is to keep jewelry pieces organized and safe, many boxes and cases sold today are designed to keep other small items secure. While it might seem as if choosing a jewelry box would be easy, with so many brands, designs, styles, materials, sizes, and features available can actually be a somewhat challenging venture.

Remember, as part of the “jewelry box” category is many different types of storage boxes. For instance, there are standard jewelry boxes, as well as ring rolls, watch cases, valet boxes, armoires, jewelry trays, travel boxes, and more. Obviously, having such a wide selection makes the buying process fun and exciting you might feel a little overwhelmed without having a clear direction of what you want and need.

With this buying guide, you should have no problem in finding the perfect jewelry box or case. The goal is to find something that offers the functionality needed while still being a gorgeous piece to enjoy for many years to come.

Personal Need

For starters, you want to choose a jewelry box or case according to need. The following are a couple of examples of things you might consider.

o    Rings – Look for a box with ring storage or an actual ring roll large enough to accommodate the number of rings owned. Now, if you have expensive rings, a box with a secure locking mechanism is highly recommended.

o    Necklaces – In this case, you could consider a jewelry box with swing out doors or under-the-lid hooks to hold necklaces

o    Watches – Regardless if you own just one watch or several, you could go with a jewelry box that features a special storage area for watches or a watch case. No matter the choice, we suggest choosing something with an anti-tarnish lining and a product with a see-through display window.

o    Jewelry and Other Small Items – If you have other things you want to store along with jewelry, the best option would be a jewelry box, case, or valet tray designed to hold a number of items.

Remember, jewelry boxes and cases come in a variety of sizes so the volume of jewelry and other items would need to be considered as well. Then as mentioned, locking mechanisms have become very popular so if the items are of any value, choosing a box or case that locks would be essential.


You would need to shop for a new jewelry box or case that fits within the budget. Although there are amazing designs that sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, you can easily find a wide selection of options that range in price from $75 to $150. If you decide to buy something handcrafted or a jewelry box or case made from a rare wood, the price would automatically increase. However, this would also provide you with an amazing, one-of-a-kind product that could be passed down for many generations to come.


The type and quality of materials used would have a direct effect on the price of a jewelry box or case but typically, higher priced products are designed to last a lifetime. In fact, some jewelry boxes are so well-made they could easily be handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. This is not to say that less expensive boxes and cases would not withstand the test of time just that those made with higher end materials tend to last longer.

Wood is by far the most popular material used for making jewelry boxes but even with this, you want to choose a species that is strong, durable, and beautiful over wood that could possibly chip, fade, or split. When shopping for a box or case that has character yet strong and durable enough to provide lifelong enjoyment, the following are among the best wood species to consider.

o    Birdeye Maple – This particular wood species is a rare type, making it one of the most expensive materials. However, it offers a magnificent swirled pattern that is ideal for both a man and woman.

o    Bubinga – Grown in West Africa, Bubinga wood is rare and exotic. Often, this is a kind of wood species used for handcrafting musical instruments but it is also an excellent material used by artisans in making luxurious jewelry boxes and cases.

o    Burl Wood – This type of wood has become a favorite among jewelry box makers because the ring patterns and shapes are so unique. Products made from Burl Wood have a rich tone that leaves a lasting impression.

o    Cocobolo – As a type of dense Rosewood, both grain patterns and color tend to be unique from one box or case to another. In fact, depending on the sawn wood, the product could have a darker purple to orange hue. Regardless, unique black grain lines run throughout the wood giving it a look unlike any other.

o    Curly Cherry – This is another rare wood used for making jewelry boxes and cases, which boasts deep colors and an exotic look and feel.

o    Mahogany – Whether natural or finished, the deep color and smooth texture give boxes and cases made of mahogany a sleek, luxurious look.

o    Oak – Of all wood species used, Oak is one of the oldest. The wood is strong, it comes in a variety of hues, and it is the perfect choice for creating many different jewelry box styles.

o    Teak – Often used for making outdoor furniture, teak is a luxurious type of wood that is simply gorgeous. The wood is extremely durable, has a rich aesthetics, and when properly cared for, it will last for hundreds of years.

o    Walnut – Although not rare, this type of wood species provides a deep, rich tone that is simply gorgeous, again making it perfect for both a man and woman. Walnut is also a popular choice because it is strong and does not split.

In addition to wood, high quality jewelry boxes and cases are often made from leather. While leather tends to be a popular material for men, there are many gorgeous products designed for women. A jewelry box or case designed solely with leather is gorgeous but for something special, you could choose something embellished with other materials.

Of course, only genuine leather of quality should be considered. Otherwise, the item would quickly fall apart. In addition to a magnificent appearance and being extremely durable, high quality leather comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, moss green, teal blue, and red, although black and white are among the most popular.

Even the hinges, locks, and lining are important factors when choosing a new jewelry box or case. As far as hinges, locks, and keys, the best material would be brass although nickel is also a great choice. For this, you would have the choice of several finishes with the top two being slick and brushed. Both these materials look great but they also make strong locking mechanism. For lining, we strongly recommend an anti-tarnish material such as suede, velvet, or rayon, which actually helps protect jewelry.

Company Reputation and Warranty

Obviously, you want to shop for a jewelry box or case sold by a reputable company, one with a long history of excellence. Making your purchase from a company with a longstanding reputation of selling only the best products would give you complete confidence. The company should also offer a nice selection of standard, luxurious, and personalized products designed for both men and women.

As a final note, you should always choose a company that offers a solid warranty on any jewelry box, watch case, ring roll, or other product sold. After all, if you are going to spend good money in exchange for a quality jewelry box or case, you want to know it is going to offer functionality and aesthetics that match personal preference.