Friday, November 30, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Most people are happy with any Christmas gift but others are more particular. While it might seem as if picky people are ungrateful, the truth is they simply know what they like. Often, buying a present for someone picky is easier because there is no question the item is something actually wanted or needed. If you have a friend or family member you need to get a Christmas gift for but are having a hard time finding “the right gift”, perhaps a handcrafted jewelry box would be the ideal solution.

Jewelry boxes are used by men and women and although you could purchase something off the shelf, a handcrafted gift would be cherished for life, no matter how particular the friend or family member. Keep in mind that a handcrafted jewelry box would be more expensive but something to become an heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide some ideas on handcrafted jewelry boxes, any one that would make an perfect Christmas gift for someone you love who tends to be a little particular.

Men’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

Following are examples of unique jewelry boxes for men, each handsome and handcrafted.

o    Fully Locking Swing-Out Jewelry Box Chest with Bubinga Inlay – This is a stunning box that embodies modern and traditional styles. The unique swing-out design boasts ring rolls, swivel drawers, and divided jewelry storage all with a gorgeous velvet lining and quadrant hinges. There is even a mirror on the inside of the lid but the one aspect of this handcrafted jewelry box that men appreciate most is that all compartments can be fully secured with a brass lock and key.

o    Italian Inlay Jewelry Box - While the style of this handcrafted jewelry box is more streamlined, it is still stunning with a high gloss piano finish. Made from burl wood and boasting unique inlaid detailing on the lid, the box would be appreciated by any man, regardless of age. It is designed with necklace hooks in the lid, ring rolls, and a clever jewelry tray with open storage underneath. To keep even the finest jewelry safe and secure, this handcrafted jewelry box comes complete with a brass lock and key.

Women’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

There are also multiple options for handcrafted jewelry boxes for women with two suggestions listed below.

o    Genuine Maple Wood Jewelry Box Chest – Because of the design, appearance, and functionality, this has become one of the most popular of all handcrafted women’s jewelry boxes available. The maple wood comes in a choice of two finishes, making it an obvious choice regardless of a woman’s preferred style. Key features include necklace storage inside the lift lid, two gliding drawers, divided drawers for smaller jewelry items, and a special section with two watch pillows and ring rolls.

o    Elegant Wooden Jewelry Box with Inlaid Floral Design – For the women who loves feminine things, this would make the perfect Christmas gift. Made from Oak Burl and featuring accents of Mahogany and Natural Mapa with high gloss piano finish, this is an extremely elegant box. Features include three drawers, two necklace swing-outs, divided storage for rings necklace holders on the sides, and divided storage, all with anti-tarnish stone faux suede lining. For added convenience, this handcrafted jewelry box has a mirror on the inside of the lid.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gorgeous Cases for People who Love Watches

When it comes to jewelry, everyone has a personal preference for the type and number of pieces worn. Some people love rings while others prefer necklaces. However, the one piece of jewelry that is classy, timeless, and worn to enhance appearance or make a statement by both men and women is the watch. Whether you own an expensive watch worth $10,000 or a department store special you paid $20 for, it would be worth storing it in a watch case.

In fact, a watch case is recommended for inexpensive and expensive watches for the same reasons. The box is designed to keep the face from accidentally getting scratched but also to keep dust out of watch mechanisms to keep it running perfectly. Interestingly, many people are unaware that watch cases are even made and sold. Now, you could always purchase an actual jewelry box if wanted, but if the goal were simply to keep your watches safe, organized, and protected, a more logical approach would be a watch case.

Personal Choice

Just as you have a personal style in the brand and type of watch worn, you would have a preferred style of watch case. Because there are cases made from a variety of materials, sold in different colors, and designed to hold a varying number of watches, you would have no problems finding several perfect boxes. Of course you could choose whatever design you like best but to keep things simple and make it easier to see the watch being stored, we recommend choosing a box with a display window.

Below we list some examples of popular watch boxes that you might consider but before that, we wanted to provide information about two unique features available on the higher quality cases. First are locks, something definitely needed for the more expensive or hard-to-find watches. Second are quadrant hinges that are hidden, giving the case a more sophisticated look.

If you have never owned a watch case before or if it has been years since buying one, you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide selection available. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice, simply you having the opportunity to choose the box that would provide your prized watch the best protection possible.

o    Octagon Watch Box – This is a smart looking watch box designed to store a single watch. Not only would this be perfect if you have just one watch to protect, it makes a great gift for someone typically hard to buy for. This box may be small in size but it is definitely huge in craftsmanship and luxury. Key features include a high-gloss cherry finish, tan silsuede lining, brass compass hinges, and a single pillow on which the watch rests.

o    Wooden Watch Box – If you are a serious watch collector, this box holds up to 15 watches and accessories. In addition to the glass display window making it possible for you to quickly find the right watch for any occasion, the style is such that it would be acceptable for both men and women. This case is made from cherry, each slot is padded, it boasts a gliding drawer with four unique storage sections, the lining is ivory sueded fabric, the drawer pull has a beautiful gold tone, and the top section features a key lock.

o    Black Leather Watch Box – Although sold as a man’s watch case, many women also love the sleek leather and basket weave designed lid. Some of the primary features of this six-watch case includes the compact yet functional size, high quality craftsmanship, pillows for each watch, security lock, and silsuede lining that is tarnish resistant.

o    Man’s Fine Leather Travel Box – For a businessman who travels and needs to impress, this watch case would be an ideal choice. Designed to hold up to three watches, this box is made from Nappa leather. The tan colored leather is stylish yet trendy, making it perfect for the younger generation. This watch case is designed to hold up to three watches and has a display window, snap closure, soft lining, and divided storage sections for watches but also bracelets, cufflinks, and rings. If wanted, this particular case can be personalized with one name or three initials, which is why it has become a popular gift.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Perfect Jewelry Box to Match Every Little Girl’s Dream

Although little girls who love the color pink and frilly dresses and those who prefer wearing jeans and climbing trees are very different in some aspects, they do share a common bond – the love of owning a jewelry box. When growing up, you probably owned a special box where you stored all your favorite treasures. If like many women, you may still own this jewelry box and perhaps even use it, if it has not already been passed down to a niece of daughter.

For years, the most common type of girl’s jewelry box was white with pink silky lining. Now, if you were fortunate enough, you might have owned a fancier jewelry box that featured a dancing ballerina on top accompanied by soft music. Of course, that very style of box is still manufactured and sold today but as with everything, times have changed. As a result, little girls now have many more options when it comes time to choose a first jewelry box.

New and Exciting Styles

Yes, the original style of girl’s jewelry box is still available but we wanted to mention some of the newer styles that you could consider for your favorite little girl. Remember, boxes are not only different in appearance but they are made with a variety of different materials, they come in a wide selection of designs, and most even boast special features that only little girls would appreciate, especially if they want to keep things hidden from a sister or brother who loves to snoop.

o    Tall Jewelry Box – A take on the white jewelry box with silky pink lining from the past is one that stands 12 inches tall, perfect for a dresser or nightstand. Made from wood and painted white, this jewelry box has gracefully sculpted legs, five pull out drawers, two swing-out side doors for necklaces, and a lid that opens to reveal a place to store rings, pins, and other smaller items. This little girl’s jewelry box also has a mirror under the lid that makes getting “dressed up” easier.

o    Ballerina Box – For a little girl who wants the dancing ballerina and music that was so popular during the 1960s, the carousel egg with horse would be an excellent option. Literally shaped like an egg, a beautiful carousel horse takes the place of the dancing ballerina. While there are a number of songs, “My Heart will Go On” from the movie Titanic is a great choice. Adding to an already gorgeous design is the white background with a hand painted gold, purple, pink, and blue design that any little girl would love.

As an adult, you probably own a jewelry armoire and if you are a mommy, chances are good your little girl would love nothing more than mimicking everything you do. Obviously, a full-size jewelry armoire would be much too large and expensive but you could purchase one designed just for little girls. Following are two of the many design options you might consider.

o    Oak Finish – This particular jewelry armoire is unique from others but still the perfect fit for a little girl who likes things “outside the box”. The combination of traditional and modern design coupled with brushed nickel hardware and ivory suede fabric lining are key reasons this has become a top seller. Inside the lid is a compartment for rings and open storage space but also a handy mirror. Other popular features include two swing-out necklace doors with six hooks and catch panels each, four pull out drawers, scalloped front apron, and cabriolet legs.

o    Classic Floor Armoire – We also wanted to suggest this as a little girl’s jewelry box, which is simply stunning yet age appropriate. The box is classic white, hand lined with ivory suede fabric, it comes with hardware and drawer pulls made from antiqued brushed pewter, and the legs are square and tapered. Additional things that would make this ideal for your special girl includes the top lid with central ring roll, six open sections, and interior mirror, four pull out drawers, two swing-out necklace doors, and a perfect height of 13.5 inches!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Choosing a Sophisticated “Treasure Box”

Usually the term “treasure box” conjures up thoughts of a young girl or boy with a special box used for hiding special items but there are also many adult women who love and appreciate having a unique place to store items close to the heart. Of course, the type of box an adult uses would be much different from something designed for a child. For keeping special pieces of jewelry, cherished family photos, or other special keepsakes, you might consider choosing a treasure box with style and sophistication.

Also referred to as a jewelry box, remember there are a number options that feature gorgeous designs to enhance the box’s appearance but also giving you something of quality that could be enjoyed for many years to come. In fact, with proper care your sophisticated treasure box could be passed down to a daughter or niece to enjoy. Of course, you want to initially choose the style and type of jewelry box that would complement the home decorum while being convenient to use.

Style Options

One option is a full-size floor jewelry box or chest but if you want a more personal type of treasure chest, we recommend something that would sit beautifully on top of a bedroom dresser or nightstand. One of the first things to consider is the actual style. For instance, if you like more modern furniture and decorum, the ideal “treasure box” would also be modern whereas if your preferred style is conventional, you should consider something more traditional.

Part of style would be design, which should coordinate with personal taste. You can find sophisticated jewelry boxes made from a variety of materials but those handcrafted with exotic wood definitely add a special dynamic. Not only should you consider a treasure box that coordinates style and design with personal taste, but materials would be a key factor. Even the overall size would be something to take into account.


You could always purchase a jewelry box based on aesthetics more than functionality if wanted but if you plan to store items that you would need to take in and out frequently, functionality would definitely be an important consideration. For this, the jewelry box should be easy to use, which probably means a design of multiple compartments.


The types of treasures you plan to keep in a jewelry box would dictate the level of security needed. As an example, you could choose a jewelry box designed with hidden compartments that would be ideal for storing small but expensive pieces of jewelry. In addition, there box designs with drawers or side compartments that can be locked.

Treasure Box Examples

Although women’s jewelry boxes have always been popular, they are actually more popular today than ever before. Because of this you will find a broad selection of sophisticated designs no matter your personal style. Below are two perfect examples of “treasure boxes” sold today that offer both class and sophistication.

o    Handcrafted from walnut or cherry with a finish consisting of several layers of piano finish and Burlwood inlay. This type of box has a multi-drawer design, swing-out necklace holder, and ring rolls, as well as lustrous velvet lining and fully locking compartments.

o    Handcrafted exotic wood with high gloss piano finish and gorgeous brass hardware to include lock and key, swing-out necklace bars, rich chamois lining, catch pocket, and vertical pull-out drawers, and optional engraved name plate for an added level of sophistication.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Jewelry to Buy the Lady who has everything?

When it comes to buying presents for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, jewelry of any description is always suitable. However, as the years go by, it can become more and more difficult to find something unique and meaningful. After all, what do you buy the lady who has everything? Below, are listed some suggestions that may help when faced with the situation next time.

Diamond: These are not called a girl’s best friend for no good reason! They have a timeless quality about them, retain their value, and look spectacular. Set in rings, earrings or necklaces, they add a touch of style and class when worn with evening wear in a restaurant or on nights out. One of the best things about diamonds though, is that people can never have too many of them!

Necklace: A necklace that has been personalized in some way is currently fashionable, and also makes an ideal present. The most popular way of doing this is to include initials or a name on the necklace, and this element of personalization is perfect for anyone that may already have a selection of necklaces.

Earrings: Earrings always make a lovely present, and are especially suitable for ladies that either have short hair, or like to wear their hair up. Currently, either long or big earrings are n fashion, although as we all know, fashions do change! When buying them, it may be advisable to take the lady in question to the jewelers before purchasing them, so as to know that the present will be most suitable.

Jewelry Unique to her Tastes: What a boring world it would be if everyone was the same, and a similar thing can be said about personal tastes. It might be a liking for a certain sort of metal such as silver or gold, or for a particular color. It may even be for an animal such as a panda or dolphin. Catering for their tastes is a sure way to ensure that a price of jewelry can be bought which will show a degree of thoughtfulness behind it; and this is always the best way to give something to the lady that seems to have everything.

Rings: Rings can be given for special occasions such as engagements or marriages, but they can also be given for a variety of other reasons. They are a way of showing affection and represent a bond between two people. Whilst some people will wear rings all the time, and may not have room for more, others like to wear different rings in different social settings. Buying a ring may at first seem surprising for the lady that has everything, but get it right, and she will remember it for years to come.

Although you may think that your lady has everything, the truth is that she will always appreciate a present of a piece of jewelry that shows some thought behind it. Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, there are a great many lovely and individual pieces to choose from.