Thursday, November 8, 2012

Choosing a Sophisticated “Treasure Box”

Usually the term “treasure box” conjures up thoughts of a young girl or boy with a special box used for hiding special items but there are also many adult women who love and appreciate having a unique place to store items close to the heart. Of course, the type of box an adult uses would be much different from something designed for a child. For keeping special pieces of jewelry, cherished family photos, or other special keepsakes, you might consider choosing a treasure box with style and sophistication.

Also referred to as a jewelry box, remember there are a number options that feature gorgeous designs to enhance the box’s appearance but also giving you something of quality that could be enjoyed for many years to come. In fact, with proper care your sophisticated treasure box could be passed down to a daughter or niece to enjoy. Of course, you want to initially choose the style and type of jewelry box that would complement the home decorum while being convenient to use.

Style Options

One option is a full-size floor jewelry box or chest but if you want a more personal type of treasure chest, we recommend something that would sit beautifully on top of a bedroom dresser or nightstand. One of the first things to consider is the actual style. For instance, if you like more modern furniture and decorum, the ideal “treasure box” would also be modern whereas if your preferred style is conventional, you should consider something more traditional.

Part of style would be design, which should coordinate with personal taste. You can find sophisticated jewelry boxes made from a variety of materials but those handcrafted with exotic wood definitely add a special dynamic. Not only should you consider a treasure box that coordinates style and design with personal taste, but materials would be a key factor. Even the overall size would be something to take into account.


You could always purchase a jewelry box based on aesthetics more than functionality if wanted but if you plan to store items that you would need to take in and out frequently, functionality would definitely be an important consideration. For this, the jewelry box should be easy to use, which probably means a design of multiple compartments.


The types of treasures you plan to keep in a jewelry box would dictate the level of security needed. As an example, you could choose a jewelry box designed with hidden compartments that would be ideal for storing small but expensive pieces of jewelry. In addition, there box designs with drawers or side compartments that can be locked.

Treasure Box Examples

Although women’s jewelry boxes have always been popular, they are actually more popular today than ever before. Because of this you will find a broad selection of sophisticated designs no matter your personal style. Below are two perfect examples of “treasure boxes” sold today that offer both class and sophistication.

o    Handcrafted from walnut or cherry with a finish consisting of several layers of piano finish and Burlwood inlay. This type of box has a multi-drawer design, swing-out necklace holder, and ring rolls, as well as lustrous velvet lining and fully locking compartments.

o    Handcrafted exotic wood with high gloss piano finish and gorgeous brass hardware to include lock and key, swing-out necklace bars, rich chamois lining, catch pocket, and vertical pull-out drawers, and optional engraved name plate for an added level of sophistication.

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