Thursday, December 15, 2016

How to Tell is Silver is Real: Testing On Your Own

At Chasing Treasure, we take great pride in providing our customers with jewelry boxes that are lined with soft textiles that help prevent damage to precious metals like gold and silver. The soft sueded fabrics and velvet-like fabrics help prevent scratches. When you spend good money on a beautiful, heirloom quality jewelry box, it is nice to know if you are putting real jewelry inside of it. Fortunately, there are several tests you can do to check whether the silver pieces you have are covered in inexpensive silver plate or if they are made of real Sterling silver.

While silver plating makes beautiful jewelry, plated silver is not considered precious or “real” silver. In the world of jewelry and silver work, the only “real” silver is Sterling silver. Fortunately, the easiest way to tell if your silver is Sterling is whether or not it has a hallmark. These hallmarks will be stamped as: Sterling silver, .925 (or higher), or have a lion on it. Nearly every piece of real silver will be stamped. But, when it comes to silver plate, most is not marked. But, if it is, the marks will say whether the piece was electroplated (EP), electroplated nickel silver (EPNS), or it will simply say silver plate.

The challenge with determining whether silver is real or not comes with the grade. Most silver jewelry is not 100% silver, because the metal is soft and malleable. Usually, silver is combined with another metal to make it a bit less malleable. Each piece of real silver should be graded and stamped with the grade. There are just a few commonly seen number. Most jewelry will be stamped with .925, but some antique pieces will have a .950 mark. Now, jewelry that is made in Europe has a .835 stamp. Pieces of sterling from the early 1700s will often be labeled with a stamp of .958. If you have investment-grade silver, it will say .999.

While you will not be able to determine the grade of silver on your own, you will definitely be able to determine if the piece of jewelry you have is actually silver. The first and easiest test is the magnet test because silver does not stick to magnets. If the piece sticks to a magnet, it is not silver. If it does not stick, it still might not be silver.

Another fun test to run is the ice test. Silver conducts heat and cold quickly. So, if you put silver in a cup with ice cubes and a bit of water, the silver will become cold very quickly. If it takes more than 10 seconds, then the item is most likely not made of silver. If you are unsure, put a piece of a different metal into the cold water and see how long it takes to cool. The silver will be noticeably cool extremely quickly.

The last test that you can do at home is the sensory test. You do this with sight and smell. Real silver will have an actual smell - especially when it is wet or warmed up. It also has a noticeable sheen with a touch of warm yellow. None of these do-it-yourself tests are perfect. The best way to find out if a piece of jewelry is real Sterling silver is to take the piece to a quality jewelry store and let the experts make the decision.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Girls Jewelry Armoires - The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Girls need jewelry boxes - big jewelry boxes. At Chasing Treasure, we offer a beautiful collection of jewelry armoires designed to look perfect in girls’ rooms. Our jewelry armoires are made of quality materials and they are painted in lovely finishes. Each jewelry armoire includes several compartments, drawers, and cupboards for all types of jewelry so every piece has a place to rest safely and securely.

Our girls’ jewelry armoires are sized just right for girls, so the drawers, cupboards, and compartments are all within reach. Each of the armoires stands between 30 and 37 inches tall, so they are accessible for young girls. Because many of the jewelry armoires have small parts, it is recommended that girls ages 8 and older use them. These jewelry armoires are sized just right so your special girl can access all of her favorite jewelry. She will have fun organizing and caring for her treasures, trinkets, and jewels.

The jewelry armoires are furniture quality pieces that will quickly become family heirloom pieces. These armoires could easily be passed down through the generations. All of our jewelry armoires are painted in white or pink. They are designed in traditional styles that fit with all decor. Each armoire closes up tightly to protect jewelry and other treasures. Each armoire also comes with a lid that includes a useful mirror that helps with getting ready each day. The armoire drawer, cupboards, and compartments are lined with textiles that keep jewelry safe from scratches.

The armoires include draws that are perfect for bracelets, ribbons, and other large accessories. The cupboard drawers are designed with hooks so necklaces have safe places to hang. The lids open up to reveal ring rolls and compartments for earrings, too. Each cupboard and drawer has a handle that is designed for small hands, too. These armoires will quickly become favorite furniture pieces for young girls who love to organize their special belongings.

Our girls jewelry armoires are made by companies who are proudly located in the USA. Mele Jewelry Box Company is one of our popular manufacturers. This company has been making heirloom quality jewelry boxes for over 100 years, even surviving the tough times of the Great Depression. Mele Jewelry Box Company builds their jewelry boxes with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Chasing Treasure jewelry boxes and armoires are excellent choices for gifts. Each of our jewelry boxes and armoires comes with a 30-day return guarantee and a one-year warranty. We take pride in our curated collection of heirloom quality jewelry boxes so you can take pride in them, too. Girls appreciate gifts like our jewelry boxes and armoires for their birthdays, graduations, and other special days.

Along with our beautiful jewelry armoires for girls, at Chasing Treasure, we also have lovely jewelry boxes in coordinating designs for girls, too. Some even include the pretty twirling ballerina. Many are finished in pink or white paint so they can be given along with the jewelry armoires. Storing jewelry was never prettier for girls than with our lovely armoires.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Travel Watch Boxes

For many people, other than their houses and cars, their watches are one of their most valuable possessions. Because of this, travel watch boxes are important accessories. These small cases are designed to keep watches safe and free of damage while traveling. They are small enough to fit into carry-on luggage, but large enough to hold several watches. At Chasing Treasure, we are dedicated to curating a collection of jewelry boxes that are designed for all jewelry needs - even something as specific as a small collection of watches.

Our travel watch boxes have spaces for traditional wristwatches and for the classic pocket watches. Some of the watch boxes are just for wristwatches. Most of these hold four watches on removable watch pillows that are made of protective suede. The cases themselves are usually made leather or other high-quality textiles. The travel cases often have locks or snap closures to keep the watches inside.

We also have travel watch boxes that can hold other small jewelry items. For men or women who travel with one or two timepieces, we have boxes that have spaces for cufflinks and earrings. Some of the jewelry boxes also have small ring rolls, too. Nearly all of the compartments are removable, so the jewelry travel cases can be customized for each trip.

Our attractive and convenient travel watch boxes are affordably priced, too. They come in a few different price points, so you can find the one that works the best for your budget. Despite the affordability, all of the pieces are high-quality - just like our keepsake and heirloom quality jewelry boxes and armoires. We take great pride in curating collections with the best products available on the market today. And, since these pieces are designed for travel, they are durable, too.

Most of the travel watch boxes have extra features that make them useful. Since they all have lids that secure, many of the boxes have features attached to the inside of the lids. Some have pouches that can hold papers or other small necessities. Some have money clips so you can keep extra cash or traveler’s checks in safe places. It is always a good idea to keep money in a variety of places in case anything happens while on the road. These small travel watch boxes are the ideal size to put into hotel room safes. If the safes are too small, they will fit in the hotel safes, too.

All of the travel watch boxes are designed to be neutral in their design. They are perfect pieces for both men and women. They come in neutral colors like black and brown. The interior colors are also neutral colors like light blue, gray, and brown, too. Anyone travels on a regular basis would be happy to use these to protect their jewelry and to keep everything together in one convenient location.

All of the pieces in our curated travel watch collection also come with the 30-day return policy and our Chasing Treasure one-year warranty, too.

December Birthstones

Like many of the other months, December proudly boasts three birthstones: turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite. These three precious stones are beautiful in color and they all make jewelry pop. Like all other birthstones, these three have unique histories.

Turquoise in Robin’s Egg Blue

Turquoise is one of the most recognizable precious stones. It is also one that has been appreciate for centuries. In today’s world, it is recognized as a part of Native American culture and it often included in ceremonial outfits and accessories. The gem resembles robin’s eggs blue and usually includes veins of other colors. The veins are called the “matrix” and many pieces of turquoise are prized for their unique patterns. Many people believe that the beautiful turquoise stone provides the wearer with protection from evil. The stone is also known to bring good luck to the owner, too.

Zircon in Several Different Colors

Zircon is another lovely stone, but it is not as well known as turquoise. Zircon comes in a variety of colors that can range from yellow to green and even brown. Many zircons are actually found on beaches and in alluvial deposits. Now, the most popular color for zircons is blue, which was developed by heating up the yellow and golden colored stones until they reached the desired shade of blue. These stones are heated in an oxygen-free oven to reach the shade. Despite the fact that blue is the most popular color, the rarest and most valued is red. The colorless zircons are often used in the same way as diamonds - to the untrained eye, zircons can pass as diamonds. But, jewelers and gemologist can easily determine the difference with a quick test. Unfortunately, zircons are brittle, so they must be treated with care.

Throughout history, zircons have been a part of many stories from in Arabia and India. The Hindus believed the green zircon represented the Kalpa Tree. The zircon was mentioned in the story Arabian Nights. Travelers in the 11th century used zircons to protect against diseases and injury. And in later centuries, the zircon was said to protect against the Black Death. This is a lovely gem that deserves to be respected in today’s world.

Tanzanite in Several Shades of Blue

The third and seriously popular December birthstone is Tanzanite. This beautiful gem can only be found in Tanzania (thus its name). Inside of Tanzania, the gem is only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. While Tanzanite is best known for its blue color, nearly all of the stones have some shades of purple. The size of the stone often determines the depth of the blue. The biggest stones have rich blues, while the smaller ones are lighter with slightly more lavender tones.

At Chasing Treasure, we take great pride in curating a collection of heirloom quality jewelry boxes to securely and safely protect your gemstones. From small trinket boxes that are perfect for giving rings with December birthstones to large armoire jewelry boxes to hold immense collections, we have everything that jewelry connoisseurs will appreciate.

Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Tell If Gold is Real

Buying jewelry always comes with a risk, especially if you decide to buy pieces secondhand or from places other than respected jewelry stores. The biggest risk involves whether or not the precious metals like gold and silver are actually real. Fortunately, there are several ways to determine if the metals are real or fake and many of these tests can be done without the need of a loupe or any chemicals.

Before learning how to tell whether gold is real, it is important to know what is “real” gold. In the US, the magic number for gold is 10 karats. If the gold wears that monicker, it is not consider “real” gold because it contains too many other types of metals.

If you are shopping for gold jewelry at an auction or another second-hand shop, you should bring a magnet with you. Gold is not magnetic, so if the piece you are considering is attracted to your magnet, then you immediately know that the piece is not real. Unfortunately, using a magnet will not guarantee that the piece is gold because there are other metals that are not attracted to magnets.

If you are considering a gold chain of any type, there are a few industry standards to consider. Real gold chains will have stamps on both clasp tabs. The stamps will say 14K or another number larger than that. Also on the clasp, the O-ring that attaches will be soldered to the chain. Pieces that are not gold will not be soldered simply because the soldering process is too hot and will actually melt the chain. Fake chains will look more like brass and you might even be able to scrape off paint or a plastic coating.

Fake gold rings are also easy to spot - especially in the secondhand market. Real gold rings will have clear markings on the inside. You will be able to see 14K and other markings that show the manufacturer. Fake rings will look worn and they will have markings like GF, which stands for gold filled, or marking that start with H, like HGP and HGE - heavy gold plate or electroplate. These are not real gold.

Fake gold bracelets, especially if they are chains, will have the same issues that the necklaces have. But, bangles will have the same issues that fake gold rings have. Often, used pieces will have signs of wear that show a base metal coming through. Real gold will be consistent in color and sheen. Many fake gold bangles will have the same markings as rings, like HGP or HGE. They will also have fractions to show how much gold fill they contain. So you might see something like ¼ GF.

Finally, the easiest fake gold jewelry to spot is earrings. These are easy because the post will not be made of gold. The colors of the gold earring and post will not match on fake pieces. Real gold earrings will be gold from the post to the decorative piece.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Store Diamonds Rings

When it comes to storing your jewelry, even your most precious diamond rings need to be stored properly. Believe it or not, your diamond jewelry can become damaged just as quickly as the other pieces in your collection. Since diamonds are usually the most valuable pieces in any collection, they should be treated as such. If you neglect your diamond jewelry, there is a chance that the stones, along with the metals that hold them can become scratched and possibly even chipped.

Despite the fact that diamonds are touted as one of the hardest materials on the planet, they can become damaged. To prevent this, your diamond jewelry should have its very own special place in your jewelry box. If you only have a diamond engagement ring, then you should be sure that it has its own special place away from the other pieces of jewelry you have.

The space where you keep your diamonds should be free of moisture and far from chemicals that could create problems, too. If you wear your diamonds on a daily basis, then you will want to still keep them in individual spots, but in places that you can quickly access.

If you want to keep your diamond jewelry looking pristine, you should keep each piece away from every other piece that contains diamonds. The easiest way to damage a diamond is with another diamond. So, they should never be kept together. Each piece of diamond jewelry needs its own special location in your jewelry box or in your table top case.

In order to keep your diamond ring looking lovely for a lifetime, it is a good idea to take it off when you undertake messy tasks. If you are gardening, washing dishes, or lifting heavy items, you should not wear your diamond ring. The stone could catch on something or you could lose it. You might even damage it with the heavy object your are lifting. It is always a good idea to take off your diamonds when you are bathing, showering, or swimming because of the chemicals in the water.

Another consideration you should make to keep your diamond jewelry looking good for a long time is the type of cleaner you decide to use. There are cleaners that are better for precious metals and some that are designed for diamonds. The best way to keep your diamond jewelry clean is to bring it to your favorite jeweler. Most jewelers will provide free cleaning for their customers and they know the best way to keep precious items clean. You never want to use an ultrasonic cleaner on a piece of jewelry that has mixed gems, because some gems are fragile enough to break under the ultrasonic pressure

At Chasing Treasure, we have a wide variety of jewelry boxes that come with separate compartments as well as ring rolls that are designed to keep small jewelry items like diamond rings safe from harm. Our jewelry boxes are heirloom quality, making them perfect for storing your most precious and valuable pieces.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to Properly Store Men’s Watches

Men who own attractive and luxurious watches need to be able to store then in safe locations. For many men, their investment timepieces are the most valuable jewelry they have besides their wedding bands. In order to keep the watches in pristine condition, it is vital to keep them stored properly. If they are left laying about on tables or countertops, they can be quickly damaged from excessive dirt and grime or even from accidental water damage. At Chasing Treasure, we offer a wide variety of beautiful, handmade, heirloom quality jewelry boxes designed to protect watches. But, a high quality jewelry box is not always enough for valuable watches.

While storing watches, it is important to keep the timepieces apart from other jewelry. When items are stored next to each other, they can become damaged by rubbing together. Even stainless steel timepieces can be damaged. If you still have the original boxes that the watches came in, those are ideal to use for safe storage. The small pieces inside of watches require users to take good care of them. Otherwise, it is best to put your valuable watches in separate compartments or on watch rolls.

Another useful way to store watches is on a winder. There are several automatic watch winders that are available for different types of watches. Many of the newest watches automatically wind while through the movement of the body. So, as the body moves, the tiny pieces inside of the watch keep the watch on time. There are cases that will keep watches winding automatically, as if you were wearing them. These automatic watch winders can be put inside of watch cases to keep them ticking on time. Fortunately, many of the best watch winders can be added to display cases so they look great while they are being wound.

If you have an extremely valuable collection of watches, it can be helpful to store them in a locked safe. Many of our smaller jewelry boxes can fit securely inside of a small safe. Some of the watch cases can also be locked. While this is no substitute for a real, secure safe, a locked jewelry box can provide some respite from hands that might be curious enough to look into a jewelry box. If you do decide to store watches in your safe, you might also want to investigate the best way to insure your valuable property.

At Chasing Treasure, we take pride in offering a wide variety of extremely safe jewelry boxes designed just for valuable men’s watches. We understand that many men have watches that have been passed down through the generations and that they have become family heirlooms. While you might be tempted to store your valuable watches in cigar boxes or other make-shift jewelry boxes, our boxes are designed especially for jewelry. On the inside, they have tarnish-resistant cloth and the exterior hardwoods are constructed to last. You can trust that our quality jewelry boxes are the best options for maintaining the integrity of your favorite time pieces.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Collecting Fine Jewelry

Collecting fine jewelry may not be the chosen hobby of many people, but once you fall in love with the intricacies of jewelry, it becomes difficult to think of much else. At Chasing Treasure, we provide the storage pieces that can properly hold a collection fine jewelry. If you do decide to begin collecting jewelry, there are several considerations to make your collection stand out from the crowd.

1. Choose your favorite time period. Some of the most unbelievable pieces of jewelry have come from the Art Deco period. These pieces have intricate work that makes them stand apart from other pieces from the 20th Century. However beautiful the pieces are, their rarity makes them expensive to acquire. If that time period is out of your price range, there are amazing pieces that were designed after World War II. If you want to keep your collection affordable, you could look for costume jewelry rather than pieces that have real gems and precious metals. Take a good look at what the 1970s have to offer.

2. Choose your favorite colors. When you begin hunting for exquisite pieces, you will find that certain colors grab your attention. The best collections are the ones that make us smile. So if you love gems with unusual and unexpected colors, then buy them. You might find a chocolate diamond that turns your head, or a darker red ruby. Even though those are not the ideal colors, if you love them, then who cares!

3. Consider the way you plan to store the pieces. For many collectors, the size and shape of the pieces dictate whether or not they buy them. If a piece is too big for you to safely store, then why buy it? Jewelry boxes only come in so many sizes and unless you have a safe that will hold some of the pieces, your convenience should be taken into consideration.

4. Wearability can matter. Along with being able to store the jewelry you buy, you should also consider whether or not you plan to wear the pieces. If they are too valuable to wear in public, then don’t wear them. But, jewelry is meant to be worn and hopefully, you will have an opportunity to show off your beautiful collection. In order to safely wear some of your favorite pieces, you can always have a jeweler add safety catches so there is an added level of protection, especially with watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

5. Get the best insurance. If your collection is extremely valuable, you should properly insure it. If you do not have the proper coverage and your collection is stolen, you might not have any recourse for the money you spent to build the collection. In many cases, adding extra coverage does not cost much - just a few extra dollars. Only your insurance agent will know what is best for your personal property.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shopping for a Wood Jewelry Box

Jewelry Boxes at Chasing Treasure: Wooden Choices & Finishes

At Chasing Treasure, we offer a variety of jewelry boxes and keepsake boxes in several different wood finishes. Some of the wood finishes will sound familiar, like mahogany, cherry, maple, and oak. But there are other finishes that many people may never have heard of, like burlwood and bubinga. We also offer jewelry boxes in painted finishes like white, black, and espresso. Because each finish and wood grain offers different features, we thought we would take a look at what makes each one unique.

One of the most popular finishes at Chasing Treasure is the cherry finish. This beautiful finish has subtle yet rich red undertones. Cherry is a hardwood that comes from a sustainable tree that grows quickly. Cherry looks fabulous with silver- and gold-tone hardware. It is a good option to give as a gift because it coordinates with a variety of decors.

Mahogany is another popular option. This is a unique choice because the genuine wood actually gets darker as it ages. It is smooth and sleek and looks amazing with silver-tone hardware. It is a beautiful choice for gift-giving because it exudes elegance and luxury. Like cherry, it does have a slight red hue to it. The mahogany used for our luxury jewelry boxes comes from new-growth farms.

People who love modern decor enjoy the lines and irregularities of walnut. The grain adds a style that is unique and rich. Walnut is deep brown and can be styled with both gold- and silver-tone hardware. Even though the wood is usually stained in a dark color, we do offer some with light stain. Both show off the personality of the wood. Walnut is a wood that is extremely durable and the trees are not in any danger of becoming threatened.

If you are looking for something more traditional, we offer oak and maple jewelry boxes. Our oak boxes have the warm tones that the wood is known for. Since oak is a softer wood, it is important to take good care of the jewelry box. Our maple boxes are also good sellers - especially those made of bird’s eye maple because of the unique spots that appear in the grain. Maple boxes come in a lighter finish the oak boxes. Both are from tree farms that use sustainable practices.

When it comes to unique options, burlwood and bubinga are perfect choices. Burlwood can come from any tree that develops a burl - or an unusual growth. The burls have whorls, grains, and textures that are different from the traditional rings of tree trunks. The bubinga tree is found in West Africa and can grow trunks that are over eight-feet in diameter. This tree is prized for its unique grains. This wood is often used for musical instruments, so using it for special jewelry boxes makes them into keepsakes.

Along with the exotic, but sustainable wood options, our painted boxes are made of hardwoods have been finished in a silky, smooth way. Some of the boxes are finished in a flawless matte style, while others have traditional glossy finishes. They are durable and look amazing in any decor.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ring Storage
Caring for jewelry needs to be a priority for anyone who owns any precious stones and metals. Jewelry pieces are investments and to keep them in good condition, they need to cared for when they are not being worn. Our jewelry boxes are perfect choices for holding diamond rings and other value pieces. If you do own a diamond ring, there are a few things you can do to keep the ring in top shape. Taking good care of your favorite pieces of jewelry will make them last for generations.

Keep Your Diamonds Safe and Protected

Despite the marketing claims that say diamonds are forever, they are not indestructible. They are the hard substance on the planet, but they be damaged. It is possible to chip or crack a diamond. When precious diamonds are properly stored in a dry jewelry box, they are more likely to last. It is the harsh conditions in the environment that can cause the most damage.

The best way to store a diamond is away from other diamonds. Since they are equally hard substances, they can damage each other. Some people will have separate boxes for each piece of diamond jewelry they own. At Chasing Treasures, we have small trinket boxes that can be used as individual boxes for individual rings. It is also possible to store individual rings in separate drawers in a larger box. They can also be stored in the separate compartments in jewelry box trays. Proper storage is a great way to keep rings in like-new shape.

Be Aware of When You Are Wearing Your Rings

When and how you wear your ring can make a difference in the longevity of the piece, too. There is nothing wrong with taking off a ring before you do any type of dirty work or heavy work that could damage the metal or the stone. Not wearing your ring in the shower, tub, or while doing dishes will help extend the life. It is also a good idea to take it off any time that you will be working with chemicals, even if you wear protective gloves.

If you are storing your rings for an extended period of time, it is helpful to clean them first. But, you should always clean with the appropriate cleaners. While diamonds do not react to chemicals, the metal setting might react negatively. If the cleaner contains chlorine, troubles can occur. This could result in the weakening of the setting, which could cause the diamond to fall out and get lost. If your diamond ring also has other types of stone in it, the cleaner you use on your diamond could shatter the other stones. It is best to take rings with mixed stones to a jeweler for cleaning.

Contact Us With Any Questions

We understand the importance of properly storing your treasures and heirlooms, which is why we have created a complete lineup of jewelry boxes, armoires, and trinket boxes. If you have any questions about any of our products, contact us at Chasing Treasure at or 1-888-804-2542.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
When to Give a Jewelry Box as a Gift

Jewelry boxes are one of the most useful gifts that you can give to someone you love. Most people think that jewelry boxes are appropriate to give only at birthday and Christmas. While those are the most popular occasions, there are also several other opportunities that your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised when they open up your gift and find a jewelry box from Chasing Treasure.

Here are a few ideas:

Job Promotions: When women receive their first major job promotion, it is time to celebrate. Big promotions at work mean that women have more discretionary money to spend, so they can start to build a collection of jewelry. Receiving a luxurious jewelry box like this Solid Cherry Hardwood Jewelry Chest in Mahogany Finish proves that she has arrived. If she travels with her new promotion, one of our traveling cases will let her take her accessories on the road with her.

After a Performance: If you have a daughter who loves to dance or perform music, our pretty little ballerina jewelry boxes are perfect gifts to give. Hard work is worth celebrating and our collection of ballerina jewelry boxes are appropriate for girls of all ages. Your daughter can save her precious pieces of jewelry in a box that she will be proud to own for her entire life.

Coming-of-Age Party: Whether your daughter is having a QuinceaƱera , a first communion, or a sweet-16 party, give her a beautiful jewelry box to commemorate the event. An attractive, customized jewelry box will show her that you love her and that you recognize she is becoming a young woman. At Chasing Treasure, we offer jewelry boxes in several price points that feature customization that are perfect for teens to use to protect their newest pieces of jewelry.

Going Away Present: When our loved ones leave us, one of the best ways to say goodbye is with a memorable gift. Regardless of the age of your loved one, a jewelry box or treasure box is memorable gift that shows how much you care. At Chasing Treasure, we have jewelry boxes for men and women as well as children. We also offer intricately detailed trinket boxes that are easy to pack and can be filled with equally loved little treasures. You can even use the trinket boxes as the wrapping for the gift that you place on the inside.

Baby Shower Gifts: At most baby showers, the baby is the focus of the gifts. But, it is important to remember that the mother also deserves recognition for all of the hard work that she does. A special gift that new mothers will appreciate is an elegant jewelry box that she can use to keep all of the treasures that she gathers as a mother. Over the years, jewelry boxes have held new baby rings, locks of hair, and other special memories that mothers want to keep. Why not start a tradition with the new mothers in your life? A special jewelry box from Chasing Treasure is a gift that can last for several generations.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Watch Storage

Knowing the time is one of the basic necessities in life. This is why watches are so important to men and women. Even though it is easy to look at a cellular phone to get the time, a beautiful chronograph is the classic and timeless way to do it. Throughout time, watches have become favorite heirlooms for families, so taking good care of them is important.

At Chasing Treasure, we have several options for men and women who want to protect their investment in watches. They come in many different price points and sizes so that everyone can find and afford one to meet their needs. One thing they do all have in common is that they all will protect watches from dust and other household debris, like pet dander. When storing watches, it is important to keep them covered and out of direct sunlight, which is why all of our watch boxes do have covers and many of them will fit inside of a dresser drawer, a closet, or an armoire. Some people even put their watch boxes into larger cigar humidors because of the constant temperature and humidity settings.

Another important consideration to make when storing a watch is whether or not to keep the battery in or to remove it. Batteries have been known to leak, so if you are planning on storing a watch for an extended period of time, removing the battery is a good idea. For day-to-day storage, it is probably not necessary.

It is also a good idea to keep jewelry boxes, especially those with watches inside of them out of the bathroom. Yes, it is convenient to have jewelry nearby when getting ready in the morning, but moisture will damage watches and other metal items in your jewelry boxes. It could also do damage to the wood that the boxes are made of. If you have a bathroom in your master suite, keep your jewelry box away from the bathroom door, too.

Our jewelry boxes that are designed to hold watches include padded watch cushions. These can be easily removed to put a watch on and to take one off. The watch cushions can also be used to store fine bracelets, too. When putting the watch cushions back in the box, it is a good idea not to put the cushions over other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching. It is also recommended not to store batteries in the watch boxes.

We have a few favorite watch boxes for both men and women. One of our favorites for women is the Ivory Leather Watch Case. This beautiful case elegantly store watches in a cushioned environment that closes with a magnetic snap. It is small enough to fit in a suitcase for traveling and pretty enough to leave on a dressing table. For men, our Mens Black Leather Watch Box is a favorite. It holds four watches and has a pocket for extras. It is easy to carry in luggage, too.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Necklace Storage

Necklace Storage

In order to make mornings more efficient, jewelry, and necklaces especially, needs to be effectively organized. Without organizing your jewelry, you could waste significant time each morning searching for matching earrings and untangling necklaces. At Chasing Treasure, we offer a collection of jewelry boxes that makes necklace storage easy.

Storing rings, bracelets, and earrings are easy compared to storing necklaces. There seems to be only one way to store a necklace: by itself. As soon as two necklaces get near each other, they instantly attract each other and get immediately tangled. Fortunately, our collection of jewelry boxes, especially the armoires, will keep them separated so you do not have to worry about the chains getting tangled and twisted.

Our favorite jewelry armoires for storing necklaces are the ones with the cabinet doors on the side. The cabinets have hooks on the walls of the armoire and the cabinet doors. As long as you keep one necklace on each hook, then you should not have any problems with necklaces getting tangled. Some of the armoires just have hooks on the walls of the armoire and not on the doors, so if you have a large collection of necklaces it is important to get an armoire with the most hooks.

One of our favorite armoires is the Freestanding Antique Brown Large Locking Cabinet in Dark Brown. This cabinet has eight hooks on each side, so it holds plenty of necklaces. The cabinets are hand-lined to protect the necklaces. Each hook is a double, so it is easy to keep sets together by hanging bracelets or rings on the top hooks and necklaces on the bottom hook. The sturdiness of the armoire will keep the pieces from tangling. The drawers all lock and they are lined. The drawers have separated sections for statement necklaces or pearl necklaces that are better off laying flat. There are some necklaces that are best laying in a compartment.

If you prefer a smaller jewelry box, our Large Oak Jewelry Box keeps necklaces protected. This jewelry box is like a tablet-top armoire, but much smaller. It has the same style of cabinet doors on the side with hooks for necklaces. One cabinet side is larger than the other so that the necklaces can rest on the floor of the cabinet. The other side has a small pouch to hold necklaces. Each cabinet side has 16 hooks, which can hold a serious number of necklaces. There are also several drawers that can hold other piece of jewelry. The only thing this jewelry box does not have is a lock.

Another beautiful jewelry box for necklaces is the Reed & Barton Athena Jewelry Box. This one does not have necklace hooks, but it has plenty of lined drawers to keep statement necklaces and pearl necklaces separate from each other. The lid has a set of pegs and a large pouch to hold pendants.

If you have any questions, our customer service department is available to help. We take orders online or via phone. Contact us at or 1-888-804-2542.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Crown Jewels: What the Queen Wears

It is no secret that the Queen of England has one of the most impressive collection of jewelry in the world. Whether she is wearing a beautiful brooch, a jewel-encrusted tiara, or a bedazzled bracelet, Queen Elizabeth II knows how to accessorize. Interestingly, most of the pieces that she wears have spectacular stories, too. As the Queen of England, Elizabeth gets to wear tiaras to signify her position in the world. For those of us who do not get to wear tiaras on a regular basis, here is a little background on the different types of headpieces the Queen gets to wear:

A tiara is a headpiece that does not have the same weight and heft of a crown. It is often semi-circular in shape, worn to a formal occasion, and circles a majority of the head. Tiaras also are generally covered in jewels. If the tiara is a full circle, then it is technically called a circlet.

A crown is an ornamental headpiece that belongs to a king, queen, or other form of similar leader. The crown will usually be circular and will have arches. They are often decorated with jewels that have some significance in the country’s history and in the monarchy’s family.

A diadem is another term used to refer to headpieces worn by royalty. The two words diadem and tiara are synonyms, but the term diadem is more grandiloquent than tiara. For example, most people do not talk about prom queens wearing a diadem. It is truly a piece that is meant to be worn by an important person.

A bandeau is a type of headband that is somewhat like a tiara. They are highly bejeweled. They tend to be relatively the same height from the edges to the top. A tiara and circlet will have different levels in height, but the bandeau will not. It is much more subtle, but no less beautiful of a piece of jewelry than a tiara.

The kokoshnik is not native to England or other European monarchies. It originate in Russia and has been a part of their traditional costumes for centuries. Queen Elizabeth has a beautiful, highly jeweled Kokoshnik that was given to Queen Alexandra. It is a headpiece that is taller than a tiara that reaches a crescendo at the center apex of the piece. Queen Amidala from the Star Wars series often wears headdresses that would be categorized as Kokoshnik pieces. These pieces can be designed simply or they can be heavily and ornately designed so they cover all of the hair, the ears, and much of the back of the neck.

The aigrette is a type of ornamentation that is not a crown, but more of a tiny tiara. It does not necessarily have to circle the head. They often have feathers. These were popular during the Roaring ‘20s and resemble something that would be worn by Daisy in The Great Gatsby. They are much smaller than a tiara and often look more like a fancy barrette or other form of hair decoration.

A parure is a set of jewels that usually includes a necklace, tiara, earrings, and other pieces. They are often designed to have similar jewels in the same patterns. The complete set usually also includes a brooch, bracelet, and possibly even a ring, with all of the other pieces. These are usually only reserved for royalty and are often given as gifts for major life events, like a coronation, a major birthday, or a wedding. When they are named, they often include the country of the origin of the jewels or of the owner of the piece. The parure does not need to include a tiara to be an officially named parure.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Earring Storage

At Chasing Treasure, jewelry storage for earrings is one of our specialties. We have one of the largest collections of jewelry boxes and armoires online. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives more organized. We understand that without proper storage, jewelry can become difficult to manage, especially earrings. Fortunately, we have several solutions to make earring storage easy and convenient, because we understand that time is precious.

earring jewelry box

Jewelry Boxes with Earring Compartments

We have small jewelry boxes that are designed just for holding earrings or other small jewelry items. For example, our Pink Earring Jewelry Storage Box is a perfect option, especially for people who need to have a convenient spot. This jewelry box is ideal for travelers, too. Another option for those who prefer a larger jewelry box with plenty of spots for earrings of different sizes is our Contemporary Earring Jewelry Box. This jewelry box has a pair of drawers for bracelets and other pieces. The glass lid keeps the earrings protected from dust and other household debris like pet dander.

Armoires with Spots for Earrings and More

For an even larger option, our jewelry armoires provide space for earrings, necklaces, and everything else imaginable. One of our best sellers, the Standing Jewelry Case in Dark Walnut has drawers that can hold numerous pieces of jewelry. It includes ring rolls that are perfect for stud earrings, and compartments for the hoops and statement earrings. Armoires like these have drawers that close and decorative lids for the top compartments.

Men’s Valet and Cufflink Cases Hold Earrings

Less expensive options include men’s valet cases and cuff link cases. Travel cases, like the Earring and Cufflink Case, have sueded compartments that can hold pairs of stud earrings and smaller hoops. It also has a pocket that could hold larger statement pieces. Each of the compartments in this case are 1.75” square, which can hold many earrings in a safe, closed space. With small compartments like this, posts are protected from damage. This box closes with a snap to secure everything in place.

Protect Your Investment for Generations to Come

When you decide to invest in good quality jewelry, storing it should be a priority. Without it, the investment can become damaged and lose value because the pieces no longer are worth wearing. When you have a beautiful pieces, they should be taken care of so you can wear them for many years to come. Many beautiful pieces of jewelry can last for generations, which is one good reason to invest in a high quality jewelry case, valet, or armoire.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Every Young Girl Needs a Great Jewelry Box

Girls Jewelry Boxes

Traditionally, girls often receive a cute little jewelry box with a dancing ballerina. This type of jewelry box is nice for a short amount of time, but once girls start to grow their collections of jewelry the ballerina box becomes too small. Instead of buying the cute little ballerina box, a substantial jewelry box presents a useful and memorable gift alternative. Chasing Treasure has several perfect options for girls who are building their personal collection of jewelry.

The pretty ballerina box is a nice option for young girls - those who have just a few pieces of jewelry. As the collection grows, the ballerina box becomes a sentimental place for special keepsakes - like the little plastic rings, tiny hairbows, and rubbery bracelets. Once that ballerina box becomes full, it is time to move to a jewelry armoire or a glass-topped jewelry box with several drawers.

At Chasing Treasure we offer beautiful and durable jewelry boxes that are destined to become lifelong keepsakes. Some of our personal favorites for girls are the jewelry armoires. We have stand-alone armoires and table-top armoires. Since necklaces are favorites with teens, the armoires with necklaces doors are recommended. Teens also love to wear rings and bracelets, so ring rolls and drawers that safely hold bracelets are useful, too. Our Dark Wood Locking Jewelry Box is ideal for girls because it can hold her jewelry and has room for more.

For a girl who does not have a huge collection of jewelry, but still needs to have a place that will keep it safe from damage, the standard size jewelry box is useful. Our Black Croc Leather Jewelry Box is an elegant table-top box that has plenty of space for a growing collection. It is stylish and safe, making it perfect for a growing girl who wants her special treasures to last. The glass top window lets her look in on her jewelry while the inside keeps the pieces free from scratches and damage from dust. For the girl who gets to travel with her family, there is a small case that has room for a few favorite pieces.

Even though many girls love feminine colors, the elegant options like black and brown will make a young girl feel mature and appreciated for the young woman she is becoming. When the boxes have glass tops and locks, she will recognize that her treasures are truly special. The locks proves to the young girl that her treasures are valuable and the glass top proves that they are beautiful, too. It is important to remember that the jewelry boxes that have glass tops usually do not have mirrors - which is another favorite feature for girls who like to see themselves in their favorite jewelry pieces.

In today’s world, gifts are often given to satisfy a current need or want. But, an elegant and large jewelry box or armoire is a gift for the past, present, and future. Girls can use them to keep their favorite childhood treasures and they can use it accumulate more as they grow. At Chasing Treasure, we strive to meet the needs of growing jewelry collections, so why not start protecting the treasures of the youngest collectors.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Great Books about Great Jewelry

The history of jewelry is long and fascinating. This is why there are so many good books about jewelry and jewels. From the Hope Diamond to the Crown Jewels, there are so many stories about jewelry that readers will never run out of material to read. Here are some books that can whet the appetite about jewelry and the people involved in designing, creating, buying, and selling:

Precious Objects by Alicia Oltuski

This book is about a family that has been involved in the diamond trade for several generations. Oltuski’s family has been a mainstay in the New York Diamond District. Her family arrived in the US after World War II where they became involved in diamond transactions and quirky family stories. With her journalistic style, Oltuski presents a book that shares her life experiences as part of a family that handles some of the most precious cargo to reach the Big Apple. She also shares her experiences working for her father and grandfather, even carrying diamonds around the city as a young girl. The story is part memoir, part biography of diamonds. It is definitely a book worth the time of readers who love to learn about diamonds.

The Crown Jewels by Anna Keay

If you prefer to look at jewelry rather than read about it, this is the book for you. It is a beautiful coffee table book all about the Crown Jewels in England. This collection of jewelry is unrivaled and Keay presents it with knowledge and striking photographs. It is difficult to place a value on the Crown Jewels because of their quality and history and what they mean to the British Empire.

The book features everything from pieces from the days of Thomas a Beckett and Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, travelers and the English are able to see the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, but with a book like this, you do not even have to have a passport to see them up close.

Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry by Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor can be considered Hollywood royalty and no movie star has a collection jewelry quite like hers. The books includes photos of her jewelry along with her personal stories about each piece. She talks about how Richard Burton gave her the 33-carat diamond and how Mike Todd gave her the Belle Epoque diamond necklace. She categorizes the jewelry, but tells stories about them as if they are her children.

She shares stories about buying and selling pieces from famous jewelers like Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, and Harry Winston. She shares stories about the pieces she bought and sold from royalty. She even shares a story about the time when Lucille Ball tried on the 69-carat diamond ring and could not get it off. This book is highly recommended for anyone who loves jewelry and the stories behind individual pieces.

Stoned by Aja Raden

This is a new publication about jewels and other precious objects. Raden digs deeply into the reasons why jewelry has become so precious to so many people. Raden is a scientist and a jeweler, who has a way with words, so she is able to bring her theories to life with the science behind the way gems are created and the way designers bring those gems to life in glorious pieces of jewelry. She is able to mix science and humor in a book that brings the idea of human desire to a place that few take time to explore. After reading this book, you will appreciate your collection of jewelry and you will want to add even more to it.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Shopping Tips for Estate Jewelry

Shopping for estate jewelry is like going on a treasure hunt. The pieces are unique and special, but not all of them are worth the prices they are getting. If you love estate jewelry, it is important to know what to look for so you can get what you paid for and wear it for a long time.

It is important to look for several qualities, the condition of the piece, the craftsmanship, the design and trademarks, and the size of the piece. Many shoppers will use a loupe when they go on the hunt for estate treasures so they can see if it the piece is worth purchasing. If you are unsure of how to use a loupe and what to look for in the jewels and metals, your favorite local jeweler can give you some tips.

Using a loupe when shopping for estate jewelry allows you to get an upclose look at damage. Some jewelry artisans are good at hiding solder marks, but most loupes will reveal them. When you use the loupe, remember that it is not a magnifying glass. Both eyes need to be open, but only one eye looks through the loupe. If you use it correctly, you can see fine details clearly.

When you are trying to determine if a piece of jewelry is truly authentic, there are a few things to do. The first thing is to look for a mark on the backside of the piece. Bring a list of marks with you so you can determine the authenticity. Because estate jewelry is so popular, people have realized there is a big market in knockoffs. Even reputable dealers can be taken advantage of with quality reproductions.

If you are looking at an expensive piece of estate jewelry, it can be helpful to get an appraisal, especially if you do not know the seller. When it comes to authentic, vintage pieces, knowledge is the best tool to help you get a good deal. It is a good idea to go with your gut feelings before you commit to spending large amount of dollars on a piece that seems fishy.

If you are going to build a collection of estate jewelry, it is a good idea to do some reading and investigation. Looking at museum pieces, reading books, and asking questions will help you build the knowledge you need to buy the perfect pieces for you. It will not take long before you learn what designers are your favorite and what marks to look for.

It is also important to decide what type of collection you want to build. Some people simply build collections of vintage pieces that they want to wear, without concern for posterity and investment. Others just want to build an investment in historical pieces of expensive jewelry. When you do decide to build a collection, know that a quality jewelry box from Chasing Treasure is the best way to store any type of vintage, historical, or estate jewelry.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Cat Jewelry: It is a Thing

Photo courtesy of Trendy Kitty
Sure, we’ve all see images of purse dogs wearing beautiful collars encrusted with gems. But, did you know that cats can wear jewelry, too? Because cats are not taken out in public as often as dogs (do you ever see your neighbors walking their cats?), the idea of cat jewelry has not taken off as quickly and successfully as dog jewelry. However, if you wanted to decorate your cat, there are plenty of places to turn for unique pieces that look great and do not cost much.

Cats do look great without any jewelry and some cats are so finicky that they would not allow an owner to dress them in a cat collar or other decoration. Many cat owners will turn to plastic tabs to keep cats from removing collars. Once you get your cat to keep a collar on, you can begin to choose items that showcase your cat’s temperament.

Jewelry designers have the same kind of fun creating for cats as they do for people. They create pieces out of leather, beads, metals, and plastics. If you have a dainty, princess-like kitty, a beautiful, exquisite beaded collar only adds to a cat’s royal air. These are easy to find from online shops and boutiques that feature unique items. Etsy is another good place to look.

It was only time that cats were given their own jewelry. For thousands of years, people have been wearing images of cats in their jewelry. From the ancient Egyptians to the lovers of Hello Kitty, cats are a fashionable option for pins, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They have also been featured on royal headdresses.

Cats have also been featured in small decorative objects. In nations all over the world, cats have had a unique historical role. Some countries actually worshipped them and created altars to the feline creatures. Museums are filled with objects of art from different types of stones and metals. Since their are so many jewelry designers who create customized pieces today, you could have a customized piece created with your cat so you can show the world what your cat means to you.

Even the big cats of the world have made their way into the fashion world. Cheetah, tiger, and panthers have been portrayed in jewelry and on fabrics. The idea of wearing a strong, ferocious cat is an appealing notion to people all over the world. People today even wear headpieces with cat ears to show their love of the animals.
Sleeping Kitty Cat Trinket Box from with 24k detail $32.95

At Chasing Treasure, we have the perfect gift for cat lovers and jewelry fans. For those who enjoy showing their love of felines, we have a small cat trinket box. Our jewelry boxes are the perfect size to protect and store pieces of feline jewelry, either for the cats or not. Our fine wood jewelry boxes can enhance a room that is decorated with feline style. For example, our bubinga wood would fit perfectly in a home decorated with prints from animals like cheetahs and leopards.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Find a Credentialed Jeweler

Once you have a beautiful jewelry box from Chasing Treasure, it is time to fill it with equally beautiful jewelry. It may seem like buying jewelry is an easy task, but if you do not know what you are looking for, you can easily be taken advantage of. The best thing to do before you purchase any valuable jewelry is to find a jeweler with credentials. These dedicated professionals are skilled at identifying quality pieces that will bring their customers joy for many generations.

Credentialed jewelers will have initials listed after their names. Customers are often unaware of what those initials mean. Each fall, the American Gem Society requires members to undergo recertification. Each member has to read abstracts and full articles about the latest research on gemology. Then, they have to take tests to prove their knowledge on the subject.

The exam is created by the American Gem Society’s Director of Gemology and Education. This expert writes the recertification exams and grades them, too. The director understands the importance of buying fine gemstones and jewelry from credentialed jewelers.

Because jewelry is an investment, it should be treated that way. Families use accountants to help them with tax information and wealth managers to help them with investing their money. Credentialed jewelers are like the CPA’s of the jewelry world. With their professional development and constant reading, they know what is happening in the world of jewelry so they can alert their customers to potential areas of concern. Their titles differentiate them from the typical retail employee at a shopping mall jewelry store.

Every certified jeweler has to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments and policies with jewelry. They need know about government guidelines along with marketing techniques and rules for appraising pieces. If a jeweler is credentialed, it means that person is truly dedicated to the art of buying and selling jewelry. The jewelry wants what is best for the customer and wants to help people make wise decisions. The typical question on the recertification test will ask about chemical makeup of gems or about flaws that customers might not notice. The questions could also ask about controversial topics in jewelry, like blood diamonds.

When jewelers know about the cuts, treatments, and enhancements, they can pass that information onto their customers. Most jewelry buyers are not aware that cuts can hide flaws or that some manufacturers will enhance gems to get the most fire out of them. The way that manufacturers alter the gemstones can increase or reduce the value, which can affect the investment potential of the piece. Credentialed jewelers will be able to give advice about caring for pieces of jewelry and if the pieces require too much care, customers need to know. They should also be able to tell if a gem is authentic or if it has been filled with glass. Some trends have become commonplace in the market, and an untrained jewelry might not know the difference between a glass-filled ruby and an authentic one.

When it comes to buying jewelry, knowledge is power.