Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Birthstone: The Lovely Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz
December’s birthstone, the Blue Topaz, a beautiful mineral admired over the millennia.  It is found in all continents in the Western Hemisphere as well as Europe.  Pure Topaz (a silicate mineral of aluminum and fluorine) is clear, and color variants, such as yellow, orange, green, white, blue, and pink (the rarest), are due to impurities.

The Blue Topaz is categorized into 3 shades:  Sky (light blue tones), Swiss (medium tones), and London (the darkest blue hue).  London Blue Topaz is considered the most valuable (and therefore coveted) of the three.  It is also the rarest to find naturally, as the blue is created due to large amounts of heat or irradiation from the sun.  The Sky & Swiss are the most commonly found, making them the more affordable for everyday use by a broader population.

Topaz can be readily cut into most any size and shape to fit many jewelry designs.  Because of the sparkling blue hue it makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry.  When shopping for gift ideas for those with December birthdays, earrings (drop or stud), and shaped stones for rings or necklaces will look spectacular.  And Topaz looks grand as a pendant or pin to take an ensemble from attractive to beautiful.

Giving Blue Topaz as a gift choice for December birthdays is not limited to December:  consider it for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Anniversary.  She’ll appreciate her birthstone gift any time of the year, and don’t forget:  she’ll need a jewelry box as beautiful as the jewelry she wears to keep it safe and secure!

 Locking Jewelry Armoire for Her Prized Gems
Locking Standing Jewelry Armoire for Her Prized Gems

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unique Holiday Gift for Him? Try a Beautiful & Elegant Watch Case!

solid cherry watch box
Solid Cherry Watch Box with Glass Top

Coming up with a gift for the man who has (almost!) everything can be difficult, and sometimes we default to an old stand-by:  t-shirt, socks, gift certificate. But we’d like to suggest this idea:  an elegant watch case.  Did you know that, according to Timex, the average man in the U.S. owns 5 watches? This is the one indulgence that men everywhere seem to have, but why?  Well, it seems that men (generally, not all) prefer function as fashion.  They will typically have two higher end watches for work or formal events, a medium brand digital watch for knocking around on the weekend, a sport’s watch, and a very casual watch.  In the case of pilots or SCUBA divers, they’ll also have a watch that acts as a tachymeter (to measure ground speed) and timer (to measure decompression times).  More recently, we have watches that also track biometrics:  heart rate, sleep pattern, steps, etc.

Given the number of watches that a typical man owns, a natural gift is a watch case. Men’s watch boxes come in a variety of sizes and capacity, as well as materials like cherry, burl wood, maple, teak and leather. The most popular ones are the classic leather boxes, though more and more have a glass top on the men’s watch box.  Others may prefer solid tops with locks, especially if the watches are expensive (and numerous).  A nice addition to a watch box is a pull out drawer, which can keep cleaning supplies, pocket change, or money clips.

If you purchase a mens watch box for him, a great idea is to add an engraving with his initials or a message. As a real surprise, add a new watch to the inside of the box before you wrap it:  two gifts in one!

And if he’s a connoisseur of higher end watches (self-winding, or automatic, watches), consider a watch winder as well.

 This Christmas season, Chasing Treasure has terrific values on a large variety of men's watch storage boxes that cross the pricing spectrum to provide wonderful value at almost every price point. Our wide choice of men's watch boxes at Chasing Treasure means you are sure to find the perfect watch box that will have a lasting impact on that special man.

Watch Box with Drawer
Watch Box with Drawer

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Engraved Plates for a Jewelry Box – That Personal Touch

Engraved Name - The Personalized Touch!

 An engraved name plate adds just the right personal touch to a jewelry box gift, and are available for ChasingTreasure's jewelry boxes, armoires, music boxes, & watch cases.

There are three basic types of personalization:  initials, monogram, and message.

The initials are of the recipient, not the giver (seems obvious, yes, but we have been asked!), and can be two or three initials.  In the case of two, the order will be the first letter of the first & last name, in that order.  If three initials, a middle name is added and the order is first, middle, last.

For monogram style, all three initials are used, with the order altered to be:  first name initial, last name, middle name, with the last name initial more prominent with a larger font.

Messages are obvious and can be the recipient’s name, or, more likely, a special event such as an anniversary, wedding, or engagement.  Longer messages can go to two lines, which is almost always the max number of lines for an engraved plate.  Obviously, the longer the message, the smaller the type, and we at ChasingTreasure limit to 23 characters total.

While many jewelry boxes comes with nameplates directly from the manufacturer, most are shipped separately, where the recipient affixes the plate to the jewelry box him/herself.  There is no concern about the quality of the attaching glue, as the adhesive used is extremely strong.  So strong, in fact, that you have to be very careful that you place it correctly the first time, as removing it will damage the underlying wood (a reason why we cannot accept returns with the plate attached).

Brass or nickel finish, script or block font, make up the selections.  The most popular choice is brass script, and arrives in 3 to 4 days from shipping, and the plates are laser engraved.

Whatever the occasion, an engraved plate gives a wonderful personal touch to be remembered through the years and decades to come, and a perfect luxury jewelry box gift for a wife!

Holiday Special - Receive a FREE Engraved name plate with any American Chest jewelry box purchase at, a $25 value.

Solid Cherry Hardwood Jewelry Box

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Unique & Beautiful Holiday Gift for Her – A Jewelry Amoire

Large Jewelry Armoire
Large Jewelry Armoire - Traditional Design

Christmas is just around the corner. You are probably thinking about possible gifts for the special woman in your life – whether wife, mother, daughter, or niece. Consider a beautiful women’s jewelry box or jewelry armoire. These pieces make unique and beautiful gifts because they’re practical while making wonderful additions to her room’s decor.  ChasingTreasure has a large assortment of jewelry boxes to accommodate any size jewelry collection, any décor style, and any budget.  They are made from the most recognized manufacturers, making them well-constructed.  And the designs, even contemporary ones, will still look appropriate across the decades, reminding them of the giver for years and even generations to come.  Looking at the different options for jewelry armoires will help you decide which is right for the special woman in your life.

Jewelry armoires are wonderful gifts for women with a particularly large collection of jewelry and accessories, and the space to accommodate a dedicated piece of furniture.  Jewelry armoires are larger than jewelry boxes and are freestanding pieces of furniture. These floor-standing cabinets are usually between 32” & 45” tall and include drawers and an opening top for smaller pieces like rings, as well as a large mirror. The drawers are lined and most include dividers for easy organizing. The sides are full-length swing-out necklace doors with hooks to let necklaces hang, preventing the necklaces from tangling and breaking. The bottom drawers are usually open and deeper, for bedside delicates.  Her entire collection will be organized and the armoire itself will be an attractive addition to her room.

Besides keeping her collection organized, a jewelry armoire with a locking enclosure can also keep her collection secure. Many of the jewelry armoires ChasingTreasure stocks are locking – giving her the peace of mind that her treasured heirlooms and favorite accessories are safe.

Remember that when you gift a jewelry armoire from ChasingTreasure, you’re not only giving her a great way to organize her precious heirlooms and accessories: you’re also giving her a beautiful new piece of furniture:  her personal style and décor will come into play when selecting a style of jewelry armoire.

ChasingTreasure has many options for different types of woods, finishes, and styles. If the décor is traditional or understated, an oak jewelry armoire with traditional lines in a French provincial style would work well. Or, if she prefers antiques, a darker stain (such as a coffee finish) with antiqued brass hardware would fit in with her antique collection. If her décor is more exotic, an intricately detailed bamboo style armoire in cherrywood with carved columns and textured detail is perfect. If she prefers modern, sleek lines, a white or black armoire with carved diamond details on the façade and clean lines will fit well in her home. ChasingTreasure has the wood finishes, detailing, and hardware options to accommodate almost any bedroom style.

When you choose a free-standing jewelry armoire, she is sure to be happy this Christmas knowing you took her tastes and needs into consideration. Another consideration is your budget, of course. ChasingTreasure offers a wide range of price points for both jewelry boxes and jewelry armoires.  When visiting our site, you can find coupon codes on the checkout page to get additional discounts on our holiday pricing.  We also have a 30-day return or exchange policy.

There’s never been a more perfect time to get her a jewelry armoire:  a thoughtful, practical, and beautiful gift!

Locking Jewelry Armoire
Locking Jewelry Armoire

Modern Design Jewelry Armoire
Modern Design Jewelry Amoire

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hardwood vs MDF in the Manufactur of Luxury Jewelry Boxes

solid cherry hardwood jewelry chest
Solid Cherry Hardwood Jewelry Chest

One of the considerations to make when purchasing a luxury jewelry box is the type of material used to make it.  The predominant method the use of a material referred to as MDF, which stands for medium density fibreboard, which incorporates high grade, composite material with wood.  The other method is to manufacture from solid wood.  Why not always use solid wood, and how do I determine which to buy?  I’m glad you asked!

MDF Manufacturing
The main issue when using wood as a luxury, quality material is its longevity.  Wood absorbs moisture (in fact, it needs moisture!) at different temperatures.  This simply means that wood will bend and warp over time due to natural changes in temperature and humidity.  As an aside, this is the original reason for painting wood, to seal in moisture and limit the negative effects of temperature and humidity.

Composite materials that are combined with the wood have a lower density (more microscopic air pockets), which absorbs the contraction/expansion of wood under temperature and humidity changes in the air.  This results in greater flexibility, making the jewelry box less susceptible to warping & bending.  The advantage of this for a jewelry box is obvious:  it is almost guaranteed to hold up over the decades.  The use of ornate inlay, polished finishes, plush interiors, unique designs, and quality hardware, combined with the durability of MDF, is what gives MDF construction its luxurious qualities.  MDF is used by top manufacturers because it is highly resistant to bending or warping, which means the jewelry box is likely to remain as beautiful in 30 years as it was the day it was made, with basic care of course!

Solid Wood in Manufacturing
Most people view solid wood as the highest quality, and this is partially true.  Top quality solid wood manufacturing is generally more expensive, this is due to the extra effort required to make quality wood furnishings from hardwood:  greater emphasis on curing and sealing the wood, along with much tighter tolerances at the seams.

The attraction of solid hardwoods is understandable, especially for luxury jewelry boxes.  Solid hardwood construction leads to jewelry boxes that are much heavier, up to 30%, which implies higher quality and durability. Also, the wood can have beautiful patterns and individual attributes that makes the solid wood box completely unique, like a fingerprint.  And, in the case of cherry, the beautiful smell is timeless and unmistakable.

In conclusion, solid hardwood construction will always have the top appeal (and generally higher cost) for luxurious jewelry boxes, but don’t let this dissuade you from non-solid hardwoods:  they are (practically) guaranteed to last, and will look just as beautiful, especially when inlaid with exotic woods like Bubinga!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wonderful Little Girls' Jewelry Boxes - Just in Time for Christmas!

 Girls Ballerina Jewelry Box
Little Girls Ballerina Jewelry Box

Little girls love owning a jewelry box – regardless of their other interests or hobbies! As they grow up, they appreciate being able to store their favorite treasures.  And since many girls have their ears pierced at a young age, a jewelry box is the perfect gift to let them store and grow their own jewelry collection. And while many women upgrade to larger (and more luxurious) jewelry boxes as they move from early adult to marriage, they still keep their first girls jewelry box to pass down to their daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

Historically, the pro-typical girl’s jewelry box was white with a pink interior. And many of the popular girl’s jewelry boxes featured a dancing ballerina on top accompanied by a traditional Christmas Carol or popular song. While that style is still sold, the times have changed, and little girls now have many more variations from which to choose.

The Latest Designs

Even though the traditional girl’s jewelry box is still produced, there are newer styles to fit the uniqueness of your own beloved girl. Girls jewelry boxes not only differ in overall look, but they are made with a variety of materials, and have a wide choice of design/style, with many have special attributes that many little girls like, particularly to hide things from sneaky siblings!

-Taller Girls Jewelry Boxes – These typically stand ~1 foot tall, and are taller than they are wide, in a tower style, which is ideal for a dresser or smaller night stand.  These have combinations of pull out drawers (up to five), two swing out sides for necklaces, ring rolls for rings & earrings, and an open top lid with small mirror. This one looks most like Mom’s.
 Girls Standing Jewelry Box
Standing Jewelry Box

-Spinning Ballerina Jewelry Box – This features the spinning/dancing ballerina with accompanying musical tune that gained widespread popularity in the 1960s that continues into the 21st Century.  Celine Dion’s “My Heart will Go On” is the modern song of choice, and “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky is the popular classic tune. Always popular!

girls musical jewelry box plays swan lake
Girls Musical Jewelry Box - Swan Lake


Adult women with large jewelry collections likely own standing jewelry armoire, and if you are a mother, your daughter likely emulates what you do. Clearly a large standing armoire is too big (and expensive) for a little girl with a small jewelry collection, however you can buy something similar that is made specifically for little girls. Below are examples of the choices that you have to give a jewelry armoire to your little girl.

-Standing Jewelry Armoire in Oak Finish – This top selling smaller jewelry armoire is unique in its combination of traditional & modern design.  The traditional nickel hardware with ivory suede felted lining are why this is so popular. The top lift lid has open storage as well as ring rolls, along with a large mirror. A top feature of this design are the side cabinet doors with multiple hooks & catch panels per side.  Four fully lined gliding drawers & cabriolet-style legs complete this beautiful piece.

small standing jewelry armoire
Small Standing Jewelry Armoire

-Classic Armoire – Chasing Treasure also recommends this splendid girl’s jewelry box. Traditional white with complete hand-trimmed ivory felt lining. It has antique hardware & handles for the gliding drawers with a tapered column legs. The opening top lid has a central line of ring rolls and six open compartments, four gliding drawers, a large mirror, and two necklace cabinets.

classic girls jewelry armoire
Classic Girls Jewelry Armoire

So as you shop for a little girls jewelry box, keep the above in mind…not only will she have it for many years to come, she is very likely to hand it down to her daughter!

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Inventive Places to Keep Your Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Box
Luxury Desktop Jewelry Box

Generally speaking, dressing tables are difficult to keep neat and tidy. During the mornings before work, no doubt finding the perfect piece of jewelry causes quite a bit of unnecessary stress. There are, however, plenty of organizational solutions; and you probably won’t even need to fork out any cash on a nice jewellery box. 

By following this guide you’ll be able to craft some very original storage devices that not only look great, but are highly functional.

Picture Frame Hanger

The picture frame hanger is perfect if you have a bit of unused wall space that needs jazzing up.
Sift through your attic, basement, or wherever you might find an old picture frame. Remove the backboard so it’s completely empty. Get some packaging string and tie each end to the frame leaving a gap of a few inches between each line. Use drawing pins to keep the string secure.

Hang up your jewellery, but be careful not to overload each string!

Basket Hanger
Image Credit: College Fashion

This design is perfect if you don’t actually have a dressing table and regularly prepare yourself sitting on the floor in front of a mirror.
Get an old basket and simply place it on a miniature easel. If you don’t have an easel, lean it against the wall.
The best thing about this jewellery holder is that it’s ready made. Just prop it up and away you go!

Wooden Necklace Holder
Don’t let the picture fool you, you can make this wooden necklace holder as big or small as you like.

Just get two flat pieces of wood – balsa wood is great for small bracelet holders – and either glue them together at the base with wood adhesive, or screw them using two right angle pivot hinges.
Cut out a few level slits on either side of the wood so your jewelry can slot into place.

I’ve seen some great examples of these wooden jewelry boxes placed outside in open plan kitchen spaces, such as the ones seen in this case study from Nicholas Anthony.

Coat Hanger Necklace Holder

Image Credit: Brit + Co

You could probably make this coat hanger necklace holder with just a few bits and bobs from around  your home.
Get a wooden coat hanger and insert a bunch of hook screws. If you don’t have any in your garage you can pick them up from most DIY stores for just a few pence.
When you’re hanging up your jewellery just make sure that the weight is evenly distributed to prevent the hanger from tilting.

Twig Necklace Holder

Image Credit: Brit + Co

This quick and easy design is ideal if you enjoy frugal living and recycling.
All you need to do is find a nice thick twig, screw in some hooks, and tie a piece of string to either end so you can hang it up.
If you don’t have any hooks you could attach a few drawing pins instead.

In conclusion, jewelry boxes come in many different kinds of designs, from desktop jewelry boxes like the one shown at the very top, to large, standing jewelry cases that act as a piece of furniture, to the unique & chic ones shown here.  Whatever your taste, you can make your own, or purchase an heirloom quality one!

Companies mentioned:

College Fashion
Nicholas Anthony
Brit + Co

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The History of Different Diamond Cuts

luxury jewelry box
Luxury Jewelry Boxes for Your Diamond Collection
How were diamonds cut throughout history? What was the value or significance to different cuts, and how difficult were they for diamond polishers to achieve? It might surprise you that while diamonds have been used in jewelry for many hundreds of years, they did not always appear the way we see them today. Let's look at the history of diamond cuts and how the most popular cuts today came to be.

Before the 14th century, diamonds used in jewelry were left uncut in their natural octahedral shape. Eventually, craftspeople began to polish the sides of the diamond into what is known as the point cut -- two points on either side, like two pyramids fixed at the bases. The difference in appearance between a natural diamond and a point cut diamond is remarkable, and they became the norm. By the mid-15th century, specific diamond-polishing guilds were in effect, and the diamond's shape changes really began to take off.

The next style of diamond cut was the table cut. The top pyramid of the point cut was sawed off into a straight surface, or culet. With a beveled edge, this new shape for the diamond gave rise to terminology for its parts: the top part, with the face and beveled edges, is called the crown. The bottom part, usually pointed, is the pavilion. A table cut diamond would appear black, because its cut did not reveal the diamond's fire. Interestingly, many paintings of the era depict black diamonds that are actually table cut regular diamonds. Because of this, diamonds were not nearly as popular for jewelry as colored stones like rubies and emeralds.

A Flemish polisher named Lodewyk van Berquem invented a new method of polishing diamonds in 1476. Using a device he conceived of called a scaif, he was able to cut stones into a pear shape. This shape allowed for triangular facets on each side of the stone's point, letting the light bounce in a way that had never been seen before.

In the 16th century, the rose cut become popular. The rose cut has a crown with triangular facets radiating from a center point, and a flat base (as in, no pavilion). These qualities gave this cut a more impressive shine. Different styles of this cut include the hexagonal Antwerp rose cut, the oval briolette rose cut, and one that resembles two rose cuts leaning against each other: the double Dutch rose cut. It is possible that the rose cut style was influenced by Indian stone-cutting techniques, as some Indian diamonds have similar triangular facets radiating outward. The distinction lies in the symmetry of the European stones, where carat weight was sacrificed for balance. Rose cut diamonds remain today in antique jewelry and in general are not as popular as more modern diamond cuts. However, they remain in high demand for those looking for period jewelry and unique vintage pieces.

In the middle of the 17th century, the brilliant cut made its debut. Vincent Peruzzi was a Venetian polisher who was able to increase the number of facets in a diamond to 33 -- a far more impressive cut than the rose cuts that came before it. This revealed the diamond's fire and brilliance. Cut in rounded squares and rounded rectangles, the shape of these diamonds is referred to as a cushion. This cut was popular in the 18th century specifically. By the 19th century, the cushion shape was advanced to what is referred to as "the old European cut." Its facets are differently arranged, and it is shallower and more round. In these ways, it is more like today's brilliant cut diamonds.

When compared to brilliant cut diamonds today, though, even these outstanding specimens appear dull. That's because the cuts of today round the diamond as well as adding facets -- meaning the light reflects better within the stone. Around the turn of the 20th century, better tools, such as lathes and saws, allowed for more ambitious cuts, such as the brilliant cut we know today. Marcel Tolkowsky analyzed the amount of white light reflected, also known as brilliance, and the amount of fire, to attempt to develop the best proportion of each. His calculations are not perfect, but they remain helpful to the industry today. The technique of analyzing a diamond's characteristics using mathematical calculations has become commonplace in the industry today. Computer generated models help to determine the best angles for the most beautiful diamond cut.

The round brilliant remains the most popular cut for jewelry diamonds. It is particularly favored for engagement rings, but also for earrings and pendants. The second most popular cut is the princess cut, what's known as a mixed cut. Invented in the 1960s, it has the same high degree of brilliance as the round brilliant, but its face is square. This means it will weigh more than a round brilliant of the same size. It's no wonder that this relatively new cut is vying for popularity with the round brilliant. Other popular cuts are the pointed oval of the marquise, the triangular trilliant, step cuts like the emerald, and even heart shape.

A diamond's cut is one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a diamond. It determines the brilliance and fire, and it is directly related to the carat weight of the stone. Most importantly, the different cuts determine the shape of the stone itself. Does your special someone want a flirty and fun heart-shaped stone, or a sophisticated emerald cut? Do they prefer the more modern looks of the princess or round brilliant cuts, or vintage looks like the rose cut? Once you've selected the perfect cut for your diamond jewelry, you'll want to make sure that you store your impressive new heirloom in a jewelry box or case that matches the diamond's splendor.

ChasingTreasure has a wide selection of luxury jewelry boxes that are ideal for containing your most precious diamonds. There are more choices for luxury jewelry boxes than there are diamond cuts!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Perfect Gifts for Engraving

There’s nothing more personal than engraving a special message onto a luxury gift. Contrary to popular belief, a personalized inscription isn’t very expensive, yet it can give even an everyday item a new height of class. If you’re lost for ideas these suggestions may help.

Jewelry boxes

Personalized Womans Jewelry Box
Personalized Woman's Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are a sacred item, proudly displayed on a bedroom desk and filled with hidden treasures. Adding an engraving to these boxes makes the present even more heartfelt, as an endearing message requires more thought. Here at Chasing Treasure we offer  a range of boxes with personalized engravings, the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life, ideal for any occasion!

Popular Jewelry Box Engravings

Of course you’ll want to engrave a personal message, but if you are lost for ideas why not try, “Thinking of You,” or “Always.” For something a little more formal that represents a special event, perhaps the name and date would be more suitable. Just remember, some companies will charge by the word or letter; therefore, longer messages are generally more expensive. Visit Kyle Designs for a list of engraving quotes for different occasions.

An engraved gift is something that the recipient will love and cherish for many years. They are perfect for monumental events such as christenings, millstone birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, as they will become a physical representation that moment in time.

Other Great Items for Engravings

Cigar Cases
 At an average price of $300 to $700 per box, cigar smoking is an expensive habit. Over 90% of cigars in circulation are fakes and the seasoned smoker will easily tell the difference. Cigar cases are the perfect alternative if you’re looking for something a little cheaper than a full box of authentic Cubans. If you do want to fill it with cigars, however, make sure you use a reputable supplier such as The Cigar Club.

Hip Flask
The hip flask is one of the most popular gifts for engraving. It’s classy, smart, functional and a great way to celebrate the 18-year milestone. Most hip flasks come with a small area that’s ready for engraving. If you want to add a little kick to it, pre-fill it with a fine whiskey or spirit.

The tankard is another great gift for 18-year-olds and over the past few years drinking from them has been hugely popular. Unlike the other products on this list they are made from pewter, which is not only perfect for engraving, but also cheap; some people even argue that it compliments the taste of the beer.

Tech Gear
In today’s digital world you can even engrave tech gear such as stylus pens, iPhone chargers, smart phone cases and computer mice. If you’re buying for a tech whiz, then this might be more suitable than something traditional.

Pens and Pencils
The pen and pad that we all grew up with at school is dying. Nowadays when most of us try to write freehand the sensation almost feels alien. But that’s one of the main reasons why the engraved pen and pencil can be a perfect gift; it will encourage the recipient to keep freehand writing alive.

Pocket Watch
The pocket watch may seem a bit pointless, but not every gift is about functionality. Sometimes it’s just nice to receive something a little more traditional and old-school; no digital technology or batteries, just good old fashioned cog winding. The pocket watch is something everyone will appreciate, love and cherish.

Image Credits: Gifts Made Special,

Sunday, August 10, 2014

13 Wedding Themes That Will Have All Your Friends Talking

When it comes to wedding gifts, use ChasingTreasure to find instant heirlooms.  But when it comes to your wedding them, originality is key. No doubt you’ll feel under pressure to host a night that everybody will remember. If you’re looking for some unique ideas that don’t conform to the mainstream, check out these 13 wedding themes.

Gothic weddings don’t have to be a somber affair and can actually be quite charming and traditional. Castles and old buildings are perfect locations and can provide the perfect medieval backdrop for a period style banquet. Decorate with cast iron candleholders and black centerpieces, and then add some red roses for a little more color.

Image Credit: Elnovato

Winter Wonderland
The winter wonderland theme will bring a little hint of Disney to your wedding. This theme is stunning, surreal, traditional and sure to impress everybody in attendance. Decorate with turquoise, blue and silver in multiple different shades. For some more bold colors add some flowers and greenery.

Image Credit: Al Romance

Ever since Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul had his highly publicized circus wedding in 2013, the theme has surged in popularity. Instead of a live band, rent some miniature circus rides and get magicians and clowns to mingle amongst the crowd and provide the entertainment. Decorate the tables with red, yellow and blue to really accentuate the vibe.

Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re looking for something unfamiliar, a Chinese themed wedding could be perfect for your needs. In China the color red is a symbol of joy, which makes it a primary color in wedding ceremonies. Decorate with gold lace; wear a silk gown; and arrange your décor using the rules of feng shui.

Image Credit: The DJ Service

Steampunk culture is becoming very popular, and over the past three years it’s been a more and more common occurrence to see steampunk style weddings. Have a Victorian and Edwardian dress code and use old-world décor. Don’t be afraid to add in modern technology either, as the steampunk look is all about fusing the old and the new.

Image Credit: Ruffled Blog

There’s no real way to describe a whimsical wedding as every wedding within the theme is vastly different. In short, the whimsical theme is a combination of everything; mismatched décor and furniture; multi colored lighting; strange shaped seating, etc. Imagine you’ve fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole and you’ll start to get the picture.

Image Credit: Wedding O Mania

If you really want to create a calm and relaxing environment, there’s no better theme than Japanese. Get married in a zen garden filled with bonsai trees and cherry blossoms; keep all of your décor minimal to create open space; and use floor-level seating with tatami mats.

Image Credit: Wedding Guide Asia

Science Fiction
If you’re a sci-fi geek and want to represent your personality and have a laugh, then a Star Trek or Star Wars themed wedding could be exactly what you need. Lose the formal dress code altogether and treat your wedding day like a convention by getting guests to show up dressed as their favorite characters from the movies.

Image Credit: Brides Maid Trade

Like steampunk, zombie culture has been growing in popularity. If you’re a fan of the genre, then perhaps you could use your wedding to find out how well you really could cope when faced with hoards of the undead.

Image Credit: Marta Care

If you’ve always imagined having a beach style wedding, then the surfer theme could be exactly what you need. There’s nothing like the feeling of reciting your wedding vows seconds before jumping into the water and sealing the deal with an adrenaline rush.

Image Credit: Wedding Window

Over the past five years the boho wedding theme seems to make it on virtually every seasonal wedding theme list. It’s a very popular and simplistic style that’s easy to recreate. Flower crowns; sparkling forest lights; and a few people strumming an acoustic guitar are all you need to achieve this hippy-like vibe.

Image Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Rockabilly weddings are a lot of fun and the perfect theme to go for if you want everybody grooving on the dancefloor. Rent an old Cadillac; play a selection of rockabilly classics; and serve hamburgers and alcoholic milkshakes to give it that real American diner feel.

Image Credit: Café Mom

When you think of the word “party,” no doubt Vegas springs to mind. Decorate with the colors of playing cards – red, white and black – and provide a few casino classics such as blackjack and craps for a bit of friendly gambling.

Image Credit: The DJ Service

Finding a theme that suits your style and budget isn’t easy. If you’re still at a loss visit Strictly Tables and Chairs for a comprehensive list of even more weird and wonderful wedding theme ideas.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Traveling with Jewelry!

Travel Jewelry Case

If you’re planning to travel this summer, whether it be a road trip to another state or a grand holiday abroad, you need to make the most of the packing space you have. ChasingTreasure offers a wonderful array of jewelry cases perfect for travel. Available in different sizes and styles, there’s a case for any size jewelry collection. Consider these tips to ensure that your jewelry stays safe and well-organized on your journey.

-Pack with outfits in mind, and choose which accessories and jewelry pieces you’ll bring based on these outfits. Pieces that mix-and-match well work best, as do pieces that transition well from daytime looks to nighttime looks.

-The size of your case is important. It could be small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on, making sure that your precious jewelry collection is never too far from you. Or it could be larger, accommodating a large collection while still fitting into your luggage.

-Consider investing in a locking travel jewelry case from ChasingTreasure for even more peace of mind. It’s a theft deterrent and ensures that your case won’t accidentally jostle open while in your luggage.

-When going through airport security, consider keeping the jewelry you’re wearing on your person. Never leave unattended belongings in the bins.

-Use your hotel’s safe to keep your collection even more secure.

-Remember to leave some room in your jewelry case for new pieces you’ll buy on your trip!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cartier & Animal Style Jewelry & Trinket Boxes

Cartier Onyx & Diamond Panther Bracelet

The name Cartier evokes opulence and luxury in jewelry design. The company’s creations fetch millions of dollars at auction without fail. But the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold by Cartier has a price tag so high that it ranks among the most expensive pieces of jewelry from any designer of all time – the Wallis Simpson onyx and diamond panther bracelet.

Wallis Simpson is most famous for being the American socialite who won the heart of King Edward VIII, causing him to abdicate the throne in order to marry her. The piece is articulated so it wraps around the wrist. Its eyes are marquise-shaped emeralds, and the its spots are onyx. The diamonds offset the coloured gems. It sold for a staggering $12.4 million, over ten million dollars over the estimate, to an anonymous bidder. The rumor is that Madonna is the proud new owner of this historical piece.

If beautifully-jeweled animals appeal to you (but at a lower price) take a look at these jewelry trinket boxes. There’s a whole menagerie of glittering animals to keep your jewelry collection safe!

Friday, July 4, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Need to Place Your Jewelleries in a Safe Box

jewelry safe
Luxury Jewelry Safe

Many people believe that the most secure and impregnable place to keep your valuables is on a safe deposit box. After all, banks are known to have the best 24/7 security and alarm systems.

However in the case of your precious jewelleries, a safe box is deemed a much better recourse so you can easily access them from time to time.

Here are three major reasons why you need to place your jewelries in a safe box instead of any ordinary box.
1. It provides protection against fire.
Since household fires are unpredictable, keeping your precious jewelleries in a safe box is a very sound idea. It will give you the much needed peace of mind knowing your priceless jewels are safe from any damage a fire can bring.
2. It protects against burglary.
Although most home safes don’t provide maximum protection against burglary, they are still deemed a practical and sound investment. When you buy one, make sure to choose a model that weighs about 100 pounds empty. The heavier it weighs, the higher the chance it will not be taken by thieves easily. In addition to being a less attractive target, most safe boxes also come with a bolt-down feature, making it an excellent deterrent to burglars.
3. It protects against water damages. 
Apart from being fire and theft proof, another additional feature a safe box can provide is its ability to provide protection against any damage water can bring. Keeping your priceless heirlooms in a safe box can help guarantee it is safe from damage or possible loss.

Other factors to take into account
Where to place it
The best place to stash away your safe usually depends on how your house is designed. Avoid placing your safe box in the master bedroom as it’s usually the area that gets ransacked first in the event of burglaries. If your house is situated in an area where flood is likely to occur, avoid placing it in the basement. If you wish to protect it against fire however, the basement is a better spot since there are lesser items down there to burn.
Where to purchase one
Home safes can be bought online or at hardware shops. If you like to buy online, make sure to check the shipping fee.

Taking all the benefits it has to offer, it’s safe to assume investing in a home safe box is without a doubt a wise and practical decision.

by guest blogger Mitchell Wakehurst

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Animal Trinket Boxes as a Wedding Gift

Jewelry Trinket Boxes
Beautiful Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Looking for a unique wedding gift as beautiful and timeless as the bride? Give her the gift of an exquisitely hand-crafted jeweled trinket box from ChasingTreasure. These collectible keepsake boxes are a gorgeous addition to her vanity where she can store her precious jewelry. We’ve talked about trinket boxes in the style of Fabergé eggs and trinket boxes for the fashion-conscious; let’s have a look at trinket boxes perfect for the wild animal lover in your life. Each of these trinket boxes in the shape of an exotic animal symbolizes a trait or personality. Consider which one best exemplifies the special women and give her a thoughtful and eye-catching gift that will last for generations. Many of these trinket boxes make wonderful mini-collections. Group wild animal trinket boxes together for a really impressive gift.

The Cheerful Penguin trinket box lives up to its name and is sure to put a smile on the bride’s face. It’s hand-enameled and plated with 24k gold and inlaid with hand-set Austrian crystals. Its magnetic closure keeps treasures safe in its belly. The penguin is a symbol of order, making this trinket box the perfect jewelry organization addition to her vanity.

This Giraffe Trinket Box with Amber Crystals is really eye-catching. Hand-dipped in 24k gold and inlaid with amber in the striking giraffe pattern, this trinket box makes a real statement. Giraffes are a symbol of intuition, flexibility.

The Sitting Giraffe trinket box makes a lovely pair with the other giraffe. This one is adorned with clear genuine Austrian crystals and hand-enameled details. Both giraffe trinket boxes have a hidden compartment where she can store her favorite trinkets.

Gorgeous black enamel and silver-plated stripes with hand-set, genuine Austrian crystals give the Stunning Crystal Striped Zebra trinket box its distinctive look. The zebra represents individuality, grace, beauty, honesty, and freedom – an impressive list of attributes evocative of the special women in our lives. The hinged back opens to reveal its treasure storage.

The Peaceful Tiger trinket box has hand-set amber-colored and clear crystals to offset its beautiful orange and black enamel. A symbol of power and energy, this tiger’s calming presence is a welcome addition to any vanity. With 24k gold-plating, this trinket box is a timeless keepsake destined to be an heirloom.

The Parade Elephant trinket box is exquisitely adorned with weaving vines and flowers, all hand-enameled in breathtaking colors. Detailed with hand-set genuine Austrian crystals, it opens to reveal storage for the most precious pieces in her jewelry collection. Elephants are a symbol of good luck, strength and wisdom, famed for their memory and intelligence. They’re therefore also the perfect symbol for your faithful love that will last a lifetime.

Continuing with the elephant parade, the Majestic Elephant trinket box is a sight to behold with its 24k gold coating and glittering genuine Austrian crystals. It’s crowned with a seat fit for royalty.

The Katmandu Bejeweled Elephant trinket box rounds out the elephant parade with gorgeously detailed and colorful enamel. It has 24k gold plating and is accented with genuine Austrian crystals. Its opulent decoration is evocative of the Eastern capital from which it derives its name. These three elephants make wonderful gifts as a set or individually for the avid traveler or pachyderm-lover in your life.

If she has a soft spot for frogs, these trinket boxes are perfect for her. Frogs are a good luck symbol and for many centuries have been a symbol of fertility and abundance. The Dazzling Green Frog trinket box is a vibrant green thanks to its many genuine Austrian crystals. Its tummy is coated in 24k gold, making it an impressive little treasure box indeed.

The Pond Frog trinket box is in the style of a tree frog with bright green enamel and sparkling red genuine Austrian crystal eyes. Its belly has 24k gold plating and it opens along the mouth to show its storage space inside.

The Stunning Gold Turtle trinket box is in the style of a sea turtle. Its enameled shell with 24k gold detailing is exquisitely detailed with beautiful colors and genuine Austrian crystals. Its magnetic latch opens to reveal the inside of the shell – the perfect spot for storing your special keepsakes.

Finally, pair the Stunning Gold Turtle with this Amazing Azure Turtle trinket box. The colors on this trinket box are simply breathtaking: azure blue, royal purple, pink, white, and green. The hand-enameling makes the colors pop, and the genuine Austrian crystals catch and reflect the light. Turtles are a symbol of good health an endurance, and they represent longevity.

Consider an animal themed jewelry box for the bride to be.  While it probably isn't in her registry, these are unique gifts that she will treasure for a lifetime!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Famous Man's Jewelry

style of jolie
Style of Jolie

Father’s Day is coming up! Let’s look at one of Hollywood’s most famous dads: Brad Pitt.

He and Angelina Jolie have six children, and they’re known to be devoted parents. But did you know that Brad Pitt is also a jewelry fan? At the 2014 Academy Awards he decided not to wear loaner jewelry like so many stars do. Instead, he wore jewelry that was closer to his heart. In fact, his accessories couldn’t get much closer: the pieces were designed by Angelina herself!

She has a line called Style of Jolie, created in partnership with Robert Procop. Brad’s buttons and cufflinks were from the line, and consisted of tablet-cut diamonds set into yellow gold. It’s incredibly romantic that Brad Pitt seems to be his wife’s jewelry line’s biggest fan.

If the sweet and caring dad on your shopping list this season also enjoys his cufflink, watch, or jewelry collection, consider getting him a handsome and sophisticated storage box. Match his personal style and let him keep his collection organized and smartly presented!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Father's Day Gift Based on Winston Churchill's Pocket Watch

watch box
Leather Watch Case, Father's Day Gift
In honor of Father’s Day, let’s look at one of history’s most famous men – who also happened to be a father. Winston Churchill was prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. He was an impressive orator and wartime leader, but he was also a devoted family man.
Not being a fan of the newly invented wristwatches, he owned a gold pocket watch by the French designer Breguet, which he nicknamed “The Turnip.”  He used it his whole life, and wore it constantly. His wife Clementine gifted him a few charms to attach to his pocket watch’s heavy gold chain, including a gold heart set with a garnet
This Churchill family treasure is now in the possession of his great-grandson. Heirloom-quality watches and jewelry deserve heirloom-quality jewelry boxes and valets. ChasingTreasure has an array of handsome valet boxes, watch cases, and more, to keep your precious valuables safe, secure, and exquisitely stored.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day was created by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane Washington. Her father was a Civil War veteran who single-handedly raised her and her five siblings. When Mother’s Day was introduced, Dodd wanted to inaugurate a day to honour fathers like her own. The third Sunday in June, her father’s birth month, became Father’s Day in North America, and much of the rest of the world. Typical Father’s Day gifts from children and wives include ties, cufflinks, and watches – accessories that dad can wear and cherish for years to come. If dad already has a great collection of accessories from years of gifts, consider getting him something a little different this Father’s Day: a versatile and quality-made storage piece, like a valet, watch box, or jewelry case. ChasingTreasure offers dozens of types of accessory storage box in a variety of materials and styles, meaning you’re sure to find something that suits dad’s tastes and storage needs. He’ll appreciate the organization and the time it affords him in the morning! Let’s check out some of the different options.

cufflink case
Cuff Link Case

If dad loves to collect cufflinks, this jewelry storage box makes an ideal cufflink organization case. One of ChasingTreasure’s most popular cases, this case has soft black suede-like fabric on the exterior and ivory-coloured suede-like fabric to line the inside. Its twenty-four compartments are divided perfectly for cufflinks, and it includes a pocket on the inside of the lid, ideal for pocket squares. The silver-tone snap closure is a smart detail. At just 10 ½ x 7 ¼ inches, this case is great for travel or home.

mens watch case
Men's Treasured Watch Case

Does dad have a cherished heirloom pocket watch that he inherited from his father before him? What better way to show your appreciation for the father figures in your life than to give him a handsome way to store it when it’s not in use! The men’s leather accessories box has a big compartment ideal for pocket watches, as well as smaller compartments and ring rolls. In fact, dad could store all of his most precious heirlooms in this one accessories box, and have the peace of mind that they’re secure in one spot. Available in black or brown fine genuine leather, the case is onlye 5 ¼ x 4 ¾ x 2 inches big, meaning it can store securely in his nightstand, or even in a safe. Dad could even bring it with him on his travels, so that he can always have his most prized possessions with him.

mens valet tray
Men's Valet Tray

If dad is the type who would be at home in an English hunting lodge and pub, this valet is perfect for him. This brown leather folding valet tray is great for dropping keys and accessories in after dad comes home from work. At 7 x 7 inches, it fits well on his dresser or in the entryway. It’s lined with handsome houndstooth print, evoking English hunting lodges. It folds flat, making it ideal for travel. He can bring a bit of home with him on business trips!

This valet has a place for everything. Its brown crocodile-style fine leather and cream-coloured interior make it a handsome addition to any dresser, bureau, or entryway. It has an almost vintage look – perfect if dad is a fan of the Mad Men aesthetic. Its many divided compartments ensure that dad has all his accessories neatly organized at his fingertips: sunglasses, his pen, his electronics, cufflinks, keys, his watch, and more. The top tray lifts out for even more storage underneath. At 9 ¾ x 7 inches, it packs a lot of organization into a small space!

two drawer valet case for men
Men's Two Drawer Valet Case

If dad’s tastes are more contemporary, you can’t go wrong with black leather and gold tone fasteners. This dresser valet has two drawers and many compartments, perfect so dad can organize all of his accessories and gadgets at the end of the day. The pieces he uses every day can go in the top catch all compartments, and the special occasion pieces will find the ideal home in the drawers. At 9” long, 5 ¼” wide, and 4” high, this is a stately dresser-top piece, with loads of storage potential.

mens valet case
Beautiful Men's Valet Case

The smaller version of the dresser valet features enough room for a watch, a couple gadgets, keys and coins – everything dad needs day to day. It’s available in classic black or earthy brown fine genuine leather, and its clean lines can match any décor schemes. At 6 ¾” by 5” by 2”, it’s the right solution if dad just needs a place for his everyday essentials. It can fit anywhere: in the front hall, on a nightstand, or even in a dresser drawer.

closing mens jewelry case
Fully Enclosed Men's Jewelry Case

If dad’s personal style is a little sportier, this black leather accessories box could be right up his alley. It’s large, at 10” x 8” x 2”, and can hold all of his daily accessories, as well as his special occasion pieces. With divided compartments for his wallet, keys, cufflinks, and change, as well as not one but two padded watch cushions, this ivory suede-like fabric-lined box keeps everything organized and within reach. The black faux leather and clean angles with white contrast stitches make this contemporary, sporty style at home in any room in the house.

reed & barton mens valet case
Reed & Barton Men's Valet Case

If dad spends a lot of time at his desk, consider getting him something to organize his accessories while at work. This handsome James Men’s Valet allows his gadgets to stand upright, making it ideal for a desk so that he can see any incoming messages or calls. It even has open holes in the back for charging cables and cords. He can slide memos or letters into the back partition, and keep his keys and eyeglasses handy in the front compartments. The brown bonded leather will bring sophistication to any workplace. At 11” x 9” x 4”, it can accommodate a lot of the tools dad uses all day long, keeping them within reach and in one place.