Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cartier & Animal Style Jewelry & Trinket Boxes

Cartier Onyx & Diamond Panther Bracelet

The name Cartier evokes opulence and luxury in jewelry design. The company’s creations fetch millions of dollars at auction without fail. But the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold by Cartier has a price tag so high that it ranks among the most expensive pieces of jewelry from any designer of all time – the Wallis Simpson onyx and diamond panther bracelet.

Wallis Simpson is most famous for being the American socialite who won the heart of King Edward VIII, causing him to abdicate the throne in order to marry her. The piece is articulated so it wraps around the wrist. Its eyes are marquise-shaped emeralds, and the its spots are onyx. The diamonds offset the coloured gems. It sold for a staggering $12.4 million, over ten million dollars over the estimate, to an anonymous bidder. The rumor is that Madonna is the proud new owner of this historical piece.

If beautifully-jeweled animals appeal to you (but at a lower price) take a look at these jewelry trinket boxes. There’s a whole menagerie of glittering animals to keep your jewelry collection safe!

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