Monday, December 3, 2012

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Jewelry Box

Millions of people around the world own a jewelry box and while the primary purpose is to keep jewelry pieces organized and safe, many boxes and cases sold today are designed to keep other small items secure. While it might seem as if choosing a jewelry box would be easy, with so many brands, designs, styles, materials, sizes, and features available can actually be a somewhat challenging venture.

Remember, as part of the “jewelry box” category is many different types of storage boxes. For instance, there are standard jewelry boxes, as well as ring rolls, watch cases, valet boxes, armoires, jewelry trays, travel boxes, and more. Obviously, having such a wide selection makes the buying process fun and exciting you might feel a little overwhelmed without having a clear direction of what you want and need.

With this buying guide, you should have no problem in finding the perfect jewelry box or case. The goal is to find something that offers the functionality needed while still being a gorgeous piece to enjoy for many years to come.

Personal Need

For starters, you want to choose a jewelry box or case according to need. The following are a couple of examples of things you might consider.

o    Rings – Look for a box with ring storage or an actual ring roll large enough to accommodate the number of rings owned. Now, if you have expensive rings, a box with a secure locking mechanism is highly recommended.

o    Necklaces – In this case, you could consider a jewelry box with swing out doors or under-the-lid hooks to hold necklaces

o    Watches – Regardless if you own just one watch or several, you could go with a jewelry box that features a special storage area for watches or a watch case. No matter the choice, we suggest choosing something with an anti-tarnish lining and a product with a see-through display window.

o    Jewelry and Other Small Items – If you have other things you want to store along with jewelry, the best option would be a jewelry box, case, or valet tray designed to hold a number of items.

Remember, jewelry boxes and cases come in a variety of sizes so the volume of jewelry and other items would need to be considered as well. Then as mentioned, locking mechanisms have become very popular so if the items are of any value, choosing a box or case that locks would be essential.


You would need to shop for a new jewelry box or case that fits within the budget. Although there are amazing designs that sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, you can easily find a wide selection of options that range in price from $75 to $150. If you decide to buy something handcrafted or a jewelry box or case made from a rare wood, the price would automatically increase. However, this would also provide you with an amazing, one-of-a-kind product that could be passed down for many generations to come.


The type and quality of materials used would have a direct effect on the price of a jewelry box or case but typically, higher priced products are designed to last a lifetime. In fact, some jewelry boxes are so well-made they could easily be handed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom. This is not to say that less expensive boxes and cases would not withstand the test of time just that those made with higher end materials tend to last longer.

Wood is by far the most popular material used for making jewelry boxes but even with this, you want to choose a species that is strong, durable, and beautiful over wood that could possibly chip, fade, or split. When shopping for a box or case that has character yet strong and durable enough to provide lifelong enjoyment, the following are among the best wood species to consider.

o    Birdeye Maple – This particular wood species is a rare type, making it one of the most expensive materials. However, it offers a magnificent swirled pattern that is ideal for both a man and woman.

o    Bubinga – Grown in West Africa, Bubinga wood is rare and exotic. Often, this is a kind of wood species used for handcrafting musical instruments but it is also an excellent material used by artisans in making luxurious jewelry boxes and cases.

o    Burl Wood – This type of wood has become a favorite among jewelry box makers because the ring patterns and shapes are so unique. Products made from Burl Wood have a rich tone that leaves a lasting impression.

o    Cocobolo – As a type of dense Rosewood, both grain patterns and color tend to be unique from one box or case to another. In fact, depending on the sawn wood, the product could have a darker purple to orange hue. Regardless, unique black grain lines run throughout the wood giving it a look unlike any other.

o    Curly Cherry – This is another rare wood used for making jewelry boxes and cases, which boasts deep colors and an exotic look and feel.

o    Mahogany – Whether natural or finished, the deep color and smooth texture give boxes and cases made of mahogany a sleek, luxurious look.

o    Oak – Of all wood species used, Oak is one of the oldest. The wood is strong, it comes in a variety of hues, and it is the perfect choice for creating many different jewelry box styles.

o    Teak – Often used for making outdoor furniture, teak is a luxurious type of wood that is simply gorgeous. The wood is extremely durable, has a rich aesthetics, and when properly cared for, it will last for hundreds of years.

o    Walnut – Although not rare, this type of wood species provides a deep, rich tone that is simply gorgeous, again making it perfect for both a man and woman. Walnut is also a popular choice because it is strong and does not split.

In addition to wood, high quality jewelry boxes and cases are often made from leather. While leather tends to be a popular material for men, there are many gorgeous products designed for women. A jewelry box or case designed solely with leather is gorgeous but for something special, you could choose something embellished with other materials.

Of course, only genuine leather of quality should be considered. Otherwise, the item would quickly fall apart. In addition to a magnificent appearance and being extremely durable, high quality leather comes in a variety of colors such as black, white, moss green, teal blue, and red, although black and white are among the most popular.

Even the hinges, locks, and lining are important factors when choosing a new jewelry box or case. As far as hinges, locks, and keys, the best material would be brass although nickel is also a great choice. For this, you would have the choice of several finishes with the top two being slick and brushed. Both these materials look great but they also make strong locking mechanism. For lining, we strongly recommend an anti-tarnish material such as suede, velvet, or rayon, which actually helps protect jewelry.

Company Reputation and Warranty

Obviously, you want to shop for a jewelry box or case sold by a reputable company, one with a long history of excellence. Making your purchase from a company with a longstanding reputation of selling only the best products would give you complete confidence. The company should also offer a nice selection of standard, luxurious, and personalized products designed for both men and women.

As a final note, you should always choose a company that offers a solid warranty on any jewelry box, watch case, ring roll, or other product sold. After all, if you are going to spend good money in exchange for a quality jewelry box or case, you want to know it is going to offer functionality and aesthetics that match personal preference.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Most people are happy with any Christmas gift but others are more particular. While it might seem as if picky people are ungrateful, the truth is they simply know what they like. Often, buying a present for someone picky is easier because there is no question the item is something actually wanted or needed. If you have a friend or family member you need to get a Christmas gift for but are having a hard time finding “the right gift”, perhaps a handcrafted jewelry box would be the ideal solution.

Jewelry boxes are used by men and women and although you could purchase something off the shelf, a handcrafted gift would be cherished for life, no matter how particular the friend or family member. Keep in mind that a handcrafted jewelry box would be more expensive but something to become an heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide some ideas on handcrafted jewelry boxes, any one that would make an perfect Christmas gift for someone you love who tends to be a little particular.

Men’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

Following are examples of unique jewelry boxes for men, each handsome and handcrafted.

o    Fully Locking Swing-Out Jewelry Box Chest with Bubinga Inlay – This is a stunning box that embodies modern and traditional styles. The unique swing-out design boasts ring rolls, swivel drawers, and divided jewelry storage all with a gorgeous velvet lining and quadrant hinges. There is even a mirror on the inside of the lid but the one aspect of this handcrafted jewelry box that men appreciate most is that all compartments can be fully secured with a brass lock and key.

o    Italian Inlay Jewelry Box - While the style of this handcrafted jewelry box is more streamlined, it is still stunning with a high gloss piano finish. Made from burl wood and boasting unique inlaid detailing on the lid, the box would be appreciated by any man, regardless of age. It is designed with necklace hooks in the lid, ring rolls, and a clever jewelry tray with open storage underneath. To keep even the finest jewelry safe and secure, this handcrafted jewelry box comes complete with a brass lock and key.

Women’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

There are also multiple options for handcrafted jewelry boxes for women with two suggestions listed below.

o    Genuine Maple Wood Jewelry Box Chest – Because of the design, appearance, and functionality, this has become one of the most popular of all handcrafted women’s jewelry boxes available. The maple wood comes in a choice of two finishes, making it an obvious choice regardless of a woman’s preferred style. Key features include necklace storage inside the lift lid, two gliding drawers, divided drawers for smaller jewelry items, and a special section with two watch pillows and ring rolls.

o    Elegant Wooden Jewelry Box with Inlaid Floral Design – For the women who loves feminine things, this would make the perfect Christmas gift. Made from Oak Burl and featuring accents of Mahogany and Natural Mapa with high gloss piano finish, this is an extremely elegant box. Features include three drawers, two necklace swing-outs, divided storage for rings necklace holders on the sides, and divided storage, all with anti-tarnish stone faux suede lining. For added convenience, this handcrafted jewelry box has a mirror on the inside of the lid.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gorgeous Cases for People who Love Watches

When it comes to jewelry, everyone has a personal preference for the type and number of pieces worn. Some people love rings while others prefer necklaces. However, the one piece of jewelry that is classy, timeless, and worn to enhance appearance or make a statement by both men and women is the watch. Whether you own an expensive watch worth $10,000 or a department store special you paid $20 for, it would be worth storing it in a watch case.

In fact, a watch case is recommended for inexpensive and expensive watches for the same reasons. The box is designed to keep the face from accidentally getting scratched but also to keep dust out of watch mechanisms to keep it running perfectly. Interestingly, many people are unaware that watch cases are even made and sold. Now, you could always purchase an actual jewelry box if wanted, but if the goal were simply to keep your watches safe, organized, and protected, a more logical approach would be a watch case.

Personal Choice

Just as you have a personal style in the brand and type of watch worn, you would have a preferred style of watch case. Because there are cases made from a variety of materials, sold in different colors, and designed to hold a varying number of watches, you would have no problems finding several perfect boxes. Of course you could choose whatever design you like best but to keep things simple and make it easier to see the watch being stored, we recommend choosing a box with a display window.

Below we list some examples of popular watch boxes that you might consider but before that, we wanted to provide information about two unique features available on the higher quality cases. First are locks, something definitely needed for the more expensive or hard-to-find watches. Second are quadrant hinges that are hidden, giving the case a more sophisticated look.

If you have never owned a watch case before or if it has been years since buying one, you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide selection available. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice, simply you having the opportunity to choose the box that would provide your prized watch the best protection possible.

o    Octagon Watch Box – This is a smart looking watch box designed to store a single watch. Not only would this be perfect if you have just one watch to protect, it makes a great gift for someone typically hard to buy for. This box may be small in size but it is definitely huge in craftsmanship and luxury. Key features include a high-gloss cherry finish, tan silsuede lining, brass compass hinges, and a single pillow on which the watch rests.

o    Wooden Watch Box – If you are a serious watch collector, this box holds up to 15 watches and accessories. In addition to the glass display window making it possible for you to quickly find the right watch for any occasion, the style is such that it would be acceptable for both men and women. This case is made from cherry, each slot is padded, it boasts a gliding drawer with four unique storage sections, the lining is ivory sueded fabric, the drawer pull has a beautiful gold tone, and the top section features a key lock.

o    Black Leather Watch Box – Although sold as a man’s watch case, many women also love the sleek leather and basket weave designed lid. Some of the primary features of this six-watch case includes the compact yet functional size, high quality craftsmanship, pillows for each watch, security lock, and silsuede lining that is tarnish resistant.

o    Man’s Fine Leather Travel Box – For a businessman who travels and needs to impress, this watch case would be an ideal choice. Designed to hold up to three watches, this box is made from Nappa leather. The tan colored leather is stylish yet trendy, making it perfect for the younger generation. This watch case is designed to hold up to three watches and has a display window, snap closure, soft lining, and divided storage sections for watches but also bracelets, cufflinks, and rings. If wanted, this particular case can be personalized with one name or three initials, which is why it has become a popular gift.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Perfect Jewelry Box to Match Every Little Girl’s Dream

Although little girls who love the color pink and frilly dresses and those who prefer wearing jeans and climbing trees are very different in some aspects, they do share a common bond – the love of owning a jewelry box. When growing up, you probably owned a special box where you stored all your favorite treasures. If like many women, you may still own this jewelry box and perhaps even use it, if it has not already been passed down to a niece of daughter.

For years, the most common type of girl’s jewelry box was white with pink silky lining. Now, if you were fortunate enough, you might have owned a fancier jewelry box that featured a dancing ballerina on top accompanied by soft music. Of course, that very style of box is still manufactured and sold today but as with everything, times have changed. As a result, little girls now have many more options when it comes time to choose a first jewelry box.

New and Exciting Styles

Yes, the original style of girl’s jewelry box is still available but we wanted to mention some of the newer styles that you could consider for your favorite little girl. Remember, boxes are not only different in appearance but they are made with a variety of different materials, they come in a wide selection of designs, and most even boast special features that only little girls would appreciate, especially if they want to keep things hidden from a sister or brother who loves to snoop.

o    Tall Jewelry Box – A take on the white jewelry box with silky pink lining from the past is one that stands 12 inches tall, perfect for a dresser or nightstand. Made from wood and painted white, this jewelry box has gracefully sculpted legs, five pull out drawers, two swing-out side doors for necklaces, and a lid that opens to reveal a place to store rings, pins, and other smaller items. This little girl’s jewelry box also has a mirror under the lid that makes getting “dressed up” easier.

o    Ballerina Box – For a little girl who wants the dancing ballerina and music that was so popular during the 1960s, the carousel egg with horse would be an excellent option. Literally shaped like an egg, a beautiful carousel horse takes the place of the dancing ballerina. While there are a number of songs, “My Heart will Go On” from the movie Titanic is a great choice. Adding to an already gorgeous design is the white background with a hand painted gold, purple, pink, and blue design that any little girl would love.

As an adult, you probably own a jewelry armoire and if you are a mommy, chances are good your little girl would love nothing more than mimicking everything you do. Obviously, a full-size jewelry armoire would be much too large and expensive but you could purchase one designed just for little girls. Following are two of the many design options you might consider.

o    Oak Finish – This particular jewelry armoire is unique from others but still the perfect fit for a little girl who likes things “outside the box”. The combination of traditional and modern design coupled with brushed nickel hardware and ivory suede fabric lining are key reasons this has become a top seller. Inside the lid is a compartment for rings and open storage space but also a handy mirror. Other popular features include two swing-out necklace doors with six hooks and catch panels each, four pull out drawers, scalloped front apron, and cabriolet legs.

o    Classic Floor Armoire – We also wanted to suggest this as a little girl’s jewelry box, which is simply stunning yet age appropriate. The box is classic white, hand lined with ivory suede fabric, it comes with hardware and drawer pulls made from antiqued brushed pewter, and the legs are square and tapered. Additional things that would make this ideal for your special girl includes the top lid with central ring roll, six open sections, and interior mirror, four pull out drawers, two swing-out necklace doors, and a perfect height of 13.5 inches!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Choosing a Sophisticated “Treasure Box”

Usually the term “treasure box” conjures up thoughts of a young girl or boy with a special box used for hiding special items but there are also many adult women who love and appreciate having a unique place to store items close to the heart. Of course, the type of box an adult uses would be much different from something designed for a child. For keeping special pieces of jewelry, cherished family photos, or other special keepsakes, you might consider choosing a treasure box with style and sophistication.

Also referred to as a jewelry box, remember there are a number options that feature gorgeous designs to enhance the box’s appearance but also giving you something of quality that could be enjoyed for many years to come. In fact, with proper care your sophisticated treasure box could be passed down to a daughter or niece to enjoy. Of course, you want to initially choose the style and type of jewelry box that would complement the home decorum while being convenient to use.

Style Options

One option is a full-size floor jewelry box or chest but if you want a more personal type of treasure chest, we recommend something that would sit beautifully on top of a bedroom dresser or nightstand. One of the first things to consider is the actual style. For instance, if you like more modern furniture and decorum, the ideal “treasure box” would also be modern whereas if your preferred style is conventional, you should consider something more traditional.

Part of style would be design, which should coordinate with personal taste. You can find sophisticated jewelry boxes made from a variety of materials but those handcrafted with exotic wood definitely add a special dynamic. Not only should you consider a treasure box that coordinates style and design with personal taste, but materials would be a key factor. Even the overall size would be something to take into account.


You could always purchase a jewelry box based on aesthetics more than functionality if wanted but if you plan to store items that you would need to take in and out frequently, functionality would definitely be an important consideration. For this, the jewelry box should be easy to use, which probably means a design of multiple compartments.


The types of treasures you plan to keep in a jewelry box would dictate the level of security needed. As an example, you could choose a jewelry box designed with hidden compartments that would be ideal for storing small but expensive pieces of jewelry. In addition, there box designs with drawers or side compartments that can be locked.

Treasure Box Examples

Although women’s jewelry boxes have always been popular, they are actually more popular today than ever before. Because of this you will find a broad selection of sophisticated designs no matter your personal style. Below are two perfect examples of “treasure boxes” sold today that offer both class and sophistication.

o    Handcrafted from walnut or cherry with a finish consisting of several layers of piano finish and Burlwood inlay. This type of box has a multi-drawer design, swing-out necklace holder, and ring rolls, as well as lustrous velvet lining and fully locking compartments.

o    Handcrafted exotic wood with high gloss piano finish and gorgeous brass hardware to include lock and key, swing-out necklace bars, rich chamois lining, catch pocket, and vertical pull-out drawers, and optional engraved name plate for an added level of sophistication.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Jewelry to Buy the Lady who has everything?

When it comes to buying presents for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, jewelry of any description is always suitable. However, as the years go by, it can become more and more difficult to find something unique and meaningful. After all, what do you buy the lady who has everything? Below, are listed some suggestions that may help when faced with the situation next time.

Diamond: These are not called a girl’s best friend for no good reason! They have a timeless quality about them, retain their value, and look spectacular. Set in rings, earrings or necklaces, they add a touch of style and class when worn with evening wear in a restaurant or on nights out. One of the best things about diamonds though, is that people can never have too many of them!

Necklace: A necklace that has been personalized in some way is currently fashionable, and also makes an ideal present. The most popular way of doing this is to include initials or a name on the necklace, and this element of personalization is perfect for anyone that may already have a selection of necklaces.

Earrings: Earrings always make a lovely present, and are especially suitable for ladies that either have short hair, or like to wear their hair up. Currently, either long or big earrings are n fashion, although as we all know, fashions do change! When buying them, it may be advisable to take the lady in question to the jewelers before purchasing them, so as to know that the present will be most suitable.

Jewelry Unique to her Tastes: What a boring world it would be if everyone was the same, and a similar thing can be said about personal tastes. It might be a liking for a certain sort of metal such as silver or gold, or for a particular color. It may even be for an animal such as a panda or dolphin. Catering for their tastes is a sure way to ensure that a price of jewelry can be bought which will show a degree of thoughtfulness behind it; and this is always the best way to give something to the lady that seems to have everything.

Rings: Rings can be given for special occasions such as engagements or marriages, but they can also be given for a variety of other reasons. They are a way of showing affection and represent a bond between two people. Whilst some people will wear rings all the time, and may not have room for more, others like to wear different rings in different social settings. Buying a ring may at first seem surprising for the lady that has everything, but get it right, and she will remember it for years to come.

Although you may think that your lady has everything, the truth is that she will always appreciate a present of a piece of jewelry that shows some thought behind it. Whether it is for Christmas or a birthday, there are a great many lovely and individual pieces to choose from.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Choosing a Personalized Box for Your Loved One

Christmas and the Holiday season is a big one when it comes to gift giving.  If you are in a special relationship or married, you know the pressure to find just the right gift for that special love in your life.  Whether you are a shopping for a man or a woman, a personalized gift is a great touch to making someone feel special.  We have a wonderful selection of lovely items that can be personalized for that special touch.

For the special man in your life, a stunning wood valet box with a brass personalization nameplate could be just the right item for you to select.  This beauty is classic and classy with soft interior lining and multiple storage compartments for tie tacks, rings, cuff links, change, keys watches and any other items he tends to carry around with him. It also features an interior tie bar to keep them organized and safe.  The wooden case is simplistic and showcases the lovely wood grain.  Add a personal thought or greeting to the plate and you have a first class gift.

For the special woman in your life, choosing an amazing jewelry box that you can personalize is a very thoughtful gift idea.  We have several different sizes and wood choices for you to consider.  Whether she has a lot of jewelry to store, or just a few treasured items, we have the right one for her.

These personalized wood jewelry boxes are handcrafted by impeccable craftsmen and come with beautiful wood grained covers as well as soft lined interiors.  You can find your choice of pockets, compartments, drawers and hanging sections for just the right configuration depending on her jewelry collection.  Add your special message and you have an amazing gift.

Let the experts at Chasing Treasure recommend some awesome ideas to help you find just the right gift or take a look at our gift ideas section for more wonderful gift ideas.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jewelry Box Options

The process of buying jewelry organizers and boxes is actually fun. Because there are now more styles, designs, materials, and features than ever before, you can find exactly what you want and within budget. When looking around, you will notice jewelry boxes are sold as three primary product types to include the following:

o    Mass Production – These jewelry boxes are produced in large quantities by manufacturing companies, which means they are value priced and offer an affordable way to organize your jewelry and watches.

o    Collections – Typically, collections feature luxurious products in various matching styles and sizes and in many cases, chests and jewelry boxes are handmade and designed with innovative features to hold all types of jewelry and watches.

o    Personalized – Within this category you would find virtually any type of jewelry box wanted but the difference is that you could choose from a variety of materials and features, or even have the box engraved with your initials, monogrammed, or if you plan to buy a jewelry box as a gift for someone special, a brushed nickel or brass plate could be attached and a personalized message inscribed.

Value of Craftsmanship

As mentioned, mass produced jewelry boxes are value priced and offer the most affordable option. Now, this means you and thousands of other people would own the exact same product but that does not automatically mean the level of quality would be poor. For instance, if the jewelry box were made by a reputable company, chances are good the quality of craftsmanship would be decent.

On the other hand, an extremely high quality jewelry tray or box would be substantially more expensive but in exchange, you would end up with a product so well made that it could easily stay in pristine condition for generations. This would obviously require you to take proper care of the jewelry box but it goes to show that top craftsmanship is a worthwhile investment.

High Quality versus Sub-par Materials

Of course, the materials used to make a jewelry box would have a huge impact on overall quality. For instance, if you spent money on a jewelry tray or box made from pressed wood or veneer, especially if there was no protective layer added, the product will not likely last generations. In comparison, if the tray or box were made from teak or mahogany and covered with several layers of piano finish, you would end up with a great place to store jewelry and other small items safely and securely to hand down though the years.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Finding the Perfect Piece of Jewelry on a Budget

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry for a friend or partner can be hard work at the best of times, but even more so when working to a budget. This is not necessarily a bad thing though, as it can mean that more thought is put into what is being bought, which in turn will lead to a more meaningful and personal present being given.

If, like many people, you find yourself with less money to spend this year on presents, there is no need to panic or worry. Instead, read through the following suggestions that will help you to make a great decision when it comes to buying somebody a ring or a necklace for Christmas, their birthday or any other special occasion.

All that glitters is not gold: Some people automatically assume that if they are going to buy a piece of jewelry, it has to be made out of gold. This is clearly not the case though, as there are many other precious metals, with one of the more obvious alternatives being silver. Ornaments and jewelry made from silver date back to at least 4000 B.C., and it is one of the earliest metals believed to have been worked by man. From basic earrings through to more elaborate pieces, silver is an affordable alternative to gold when it comes to jewelry, although it may require more cleaning to keep it looking at its very best.

What is a birth stone? The idea of birthstones stretches back centuries, and can be found in both eastern and western cultures. In the east, they were associated with the zodiacal calendar; whilst in the west, they were associated with the months in the Gregorian calendar. Whilst some of the precious stones matched in both philosophies, some did not, and so in the United States, it was first standardized in 1912, and then reviewed again in 2012. Running in month order from January, the birthstones are as follows: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine (+Bloodstone), Diamond, Emerald, Pearl (+Moonstone+Alexandrite), Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal (+Tourmaline), Topaz (+Citrine), and Turquoise (+Zircon+Tanzanite). Birthstones are usually given to people in the form of a ring, and make the perfect personal gift that also shows that a lot of thought has been put into it.

Find the piece that goes with everything. Whilst there may be some outstanding and unique pieces of jewelry available, buying a piece that goes with everything makes a great deal of sense. Even if you need to pay more, the knowledge that something reasonably plain but of high quality will always be worn makes the purchase worthwhile.

Buy Used. Whilst buying a new item is everyone's preference, buying a previously loved piece of jewelry can offer some cost savings, especially if bought at a yard sale or even in a thrift store. It goes without saying that this can be very hit and miss, and even if you do find a piece that you like the look of, it may or may not be “real”.

Look for the Sales: Whether a traditional jewelers or an online retailer, in this day and age, everyone has a sale at some point. Waiting for the sale can offer quite a considerable cost saving, and is a great way to find the perfect piece of jewelry on a budget.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wood Watch Boxes Make a Wonderful Gift for the Watch Collector

Beautiful gifts come from the heart and when we are looking for just the right gift to send or give to a special person, we want it to be amazing.  With the holidays coming up and a year round need for gifts of all types, we are featuring amazing collections of items that will make the hardest person to buy for seem like a breeze.

Men and women alike love watches and while many people may associate watch collecting with men, trust me, many women love watches for the style and fashion accessory side of it.  If you have a watch lover in your family or on your shopping list, we have amazing wood watch boxes that will make any watch collector smile.

Out hardwood watch boxes come from many premier manufacturers that offer superior quality and attention to detail.  There are amazing choices in wood grains from Burlwood to Rosewood and many in between, so your selection can be custom selected for each person.

Many of the watch boxes come with a clear top so you can see the watches housed inside, which for many collectors is a wonderful display piece.  The interiors contain beautiful linings and pillows for cushioning important pieces. You can find boxes that can house 1 watch or up to 15 or more, depending on the need.  There are also gorgeous boxes that work both as a jewelry box and a watch box.  The choices and configurations available make it easy to find just the right one.

Watch collectors love their watches and to receive a gift such as one of these wooden watch boxes would make it an amazing gift idea. We have boxes in a large range of price points and fast shipping as well making Chasing Treasure a go to shop for your special gift purchases. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your holiday shopping!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Options for Men's Jewelry Boxes

Just like girls and women, many men appreciate a great looking and highly functional jewelry box. If you are like most men, you want a jewelry box that is functional, convenient, and secure but also something that has a more masculine aesthetic. If you have never shopped for something like this before or perhaps it has been years, you will probably be surprised at what the market offers.

The nice thing about today’s jewelry boxes for men is the wide range of styles and designs. For instance, you could go with a simple watch or cuff link box with a sleek design or choose a full jewelry box that could easily accommodate your jewelry, business cards, phone numbers, loose change, and other smaller items. Before shopping, you want to determine the types of things you would need to keep organized and safe.

Keep in mind that the location where the jewelry box would be placed would be another determining factor. As an example, if you prefer to keep items on a small dresser, then perhaps a man’s jewelry tray would be a better choice whereas a larger dresser with more surface space could easily accommodate a larger jewelry box designed with separate drawers and other compartments.

Popular Materials

Commonly, both men and women’s jewelry boxes are made with the same materials but for men, design is often sleeker and simplified.  Of course, this does not mean you would be limited to options based on personal preference and functionality. Following are examples of materials that you might find most attractive when looking to purchase a manly man jewelry box but again, these are just a few suggestions.

Leather – The type of leather used would be high quality and strong. Leather jewelry boxes for men come in a wide range of colors to complement any decorum.

Wood – Different species of wood is also used with some of the favorites being black zebra burl wood, dark walnut, mahogany, teak, and Sapeli. Each of these wood species offers something unique.

Special Features

Another thing to look for in a jewelry box is conventional and innovative features. Based on the look you want, you could choose something simple or a more elaborate design. Now, if you have trouble settling on just one look or if you have a lot of things that need to be organized and secured, you could always buy two jewelry boxes.

As the popularity of men’s jewelry boxes grows, manufacturing companies are taking note to the things that men say they want. For you, this means incredible opportunities for style, design, materials, features, sizes, and even prices. Some of the best features include:
o    Suede cloth lining specially treated to ensure anti-tarnish jewelry storage
o    Drawers with wood trim dividers
o    Museum quality piano finish
o    Brass or brushed nickel hardware
o    Mirror incorporated in the interior portion of the lid
o    Handcrafted inlaid design
o    One key locking mechanisms
o    Detachable travel cases

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Ballerina Jewelry Box is a Classic Birthday Gift

Choosing a Birthday gift for a young girl does not always have to mean dolls and toys.  A classic choice of a birthday gift is a beautiful Ballerina Jewelry and Music Box.  Remember getting yours at a young age? It must be every little girls dream to open the box and watch that ballerina twirl around and around to the music because they have been fulfilling dreams for years and years.

Today you can fulfill your little girls dream with her own beautiful Ballerina Jewelry Box and you can find just the right one at Chasing Treasure.  Our collection of these sweet jewelry and music boxes allows you to find the perfect choice for your young lady.

If your little girl is very young, we have lovely starter jewelry and music boxes that allow for some jewelry storage.  These are made of hardboard or plastic and come with sweet designs on the exterior and the famous dancing ballerina that will spin to the lovely song that is featured with each box.

For girls that are a bit older and have more jewelry and treasures to store, we have amazing wooden jewelry boxes.  These beautiful boxes feature beautiful lined drawers and compartments, with some offer ring rolls and other organizing features.  Lovely carved wood exteriors mean that these sturdy jewelry boxes will last for many years.

If your little princess is a girly girl and is in love with music, ballerinas and jewelry, then these musical Ballerina jewelry boxes are the perfect gift item for her birthday. With a large choice of styles, materials, music choices and price, you will be able to choose the exact one that she will enjoy and cherish for years.

Go ahead and spoil your special little birthday girl. It will be so worth it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Whimsical Jewelry Trends

Sometimes we tend to take ourselves too seriously, don't we? There is a fun trend happening that focuses on the playful side of your style. Whimsical jewelry fashion pieces are showing up more and more on specialty websites and in shops these days. Here are some fun and funky styles that you may want to incorporate into your jewelry box.

When it comes to whimsical jewelry, Seasonal themed jewelry is a classic choice. You can go with simple and plan design or really go big and bold with a bejeweled seasonal piece embedded with a lot of bling! You can find seasonal themed earrings, rings, pendants, pins, brooches and charms for charm bracelets.

For Whimsical bracelet choices you can go with a charm bracelet that is loaded up with big and bold charms, a big and bold beaded bracelet or a combination of the two. Yes, you can find beaded bracelets that have dangling whimsical charms on them and those are ideal for a whimsical look.

Animal theme jewelry fits in with the whimsical jewelry trend. You can find all kinds of animal themes from domestic pets, safari animals and sea life. One trends that is really showing up a lot is jewelry featuring owls and dragonflies. These classic images are beautifully shown in all types of colors and mixed media metals, enamels and more.

Food theme jewelry is definitely a whimsical way to let your jewelry reflect your personality and fun-loving side. If you love to show off some of your favorite foods or candy items, look for your food themed jewelry in the fashion jewelry collections or in handcrafted jewelry markets.

Having fun with your jewelry and whimsical jewelry pieces can really make heads turn. Cut loose and start looking for great pieces that you would enjoy wearing and showing off a bit.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Power of Passion & Healing: The Blood-Red Ruby

Bring more passion to your love life with the beautiful Ruby, the gemstone for deeper love and greater commitment. Coming from India, Burma or Thailand, the Ruby is said to bring contentment of the East to its owner. Worn on the left hand, the Ruby is said to enhance life force and if received as a gift, reflects the love and friendship of the giver.

The Ruby is rumored to have healing powers, working in concert with the heart and arteries to positively affect blood flow throughout the body. Can’t sleep at night? Wear the Ruby or put it under your pillow. Sweet dreams will ensue.

Ruby held for ransom
The Delong Star Ruby
Photo from

One of the most famous Rubies, the Delong Star Ruby, was recovered after being stolen and ransomed (along with the Star of India Sapphire) in 1964 for $25,000. Weighing 100.32 carats, it is now back home at the Natural History Museum in New York.

Ruby in Sterling Silver from Emily Gems: $70

Ruby related to Sapphire

The Ruby has long been considered a close relative of the Sapphire. In fact it can be said that the Ruby is a form of Sapphire. The Pink Ruby is actually called a Pink Sapphire.

Color counts

The most desirable color is blood red which is red with a blue tint. Rubies from Burma often have this color and can be worth millions of dollars. The blood red or “Burmese Ruby” is also called “Pigeon’s Blood Ruby.”

So whether you are buying a Ruby ring, necklace, pendant or other personal accessory, make sure to protect it with one of our beautiful jewelry boxes. Reduce the threat of theft and ransom.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terminology of Chains Part 3

We have been looking at all of the different terms for the styles of chains that are available in the marketplace today. Neck chains and bracelets use the same terminology so that you can get matching styles. Here are three more popular types of chains that are being sold today.

Byzantine Chain - This type of chain can be found in varying widths and lengths. It is a great chain for those who like a lot of sparkle and shine. The Byzantine chain is made up of oval shaped links with a larger link that is woven in and out of the center space of the smaller oval shaped links. It is a chain that can be found made from fashion jewelry metal, gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or even platinum, so the prices will vary greatly. The chain can be worn alone or with your favorite pendant or enhancer attached to it.

Foxtail Chain - The foxtail chain is a beautiful chain that is mostly found in the women's jewelry market. It is made when 2 oval links are connected together at a 45 degree angle. These types of chains can be worn alone or with your favorite pendant. We do not recommend you wear a large enhancer on them due to their semi-delicate nature until you have a thicker and weightier foxtail chain. You can find foxtail chains made from a variety of fashion jewelry metal and semi-precious jewelry metal in the marketplace.

Serpentine Chain - This type of chain is very flexible and is great to wear alone or with your favorite pendants. It is very similar to a snake chain but it lays flat along your neckline. It can be found made from fashion jewelry metal, gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or platinum, so prices will vary greatly depending on the materials (metals) used. You can find this type of chain in both the male and female jewelry market although it is more popular with females due to its variety.

Whichever your favorite style of chain is, there are many different styles that will hold lovely pendants, charms or look great just to wear alone. You can get help to find your favorites with these useful terms.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Necklace Chains Descriptions Part 2

Many of our favorite necklace chains actually have names for their specific designs. Here are 3 more popular neck chains and the description of their design to help you determine which one is right for your jewelry pieces.

Cable Chains - A cable chain is one of the most common and most basic neck chains that a man or woman can add to their jewelry wardrobe. They can be worn alone or with your favorite pendant or enhancer attached. They remind me of those paper chains we used to make during the holidays to decorate our home and holiday tree with. Each oval or circle is connected together in the opposite direction. They can be made from fashion jewelry metal, gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or even platinum.

Snake Chain - One of my favorite neck chains happens to be the snake chain because it is durable and so versatile. A snake chain is made up when the jeweler connects round metal rings, side by side. A snake chain feels very smooth against the skin and is very flexible. You mostly see snake chains in the female jewelry marketplace. You can wear the chain alone or with your favorite pendant or enhancer attached to it. Snake chains come in various metals so the prices can vary from super affordable to moderately expensive.

Ball Chain - I think most women and men have at least one ball chain in their jewelry box or at least have had one in the past. Many necklaces that you can purchase often come with a delicate sized ball chain. Just like the name implies, a ball chain is a series of round balls that have been connected to a chain. They can be made from various metals ranging from fashion jewelry metals up to the ultra chic platinum metal, so prices can vary widely. These types of chain are rarely worn alone and more often than not, they have a pendant attached to them.

Using these descriptions, you should be able to recognize and decide which neck chain is best for the jewelry piece you want to attach. Some chains are better than others for particular applications. They are all pretty in their own right and would look great in simple layers too.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Famous Emerald Jewelry of Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos is the Widow of the 10th Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. She was well known for her huge collections of items, most notably her shoes and her jewelry. However, much of it was confiscated by customs when they fled the country and she was forced into exile.

Much of the jewelry collection owned by Imelda Marcos contains stunning pieces with large and pure gemstones. One particular piece of jewelry that Imelda prized was her set of Emerald earrings that were made for her by jewelry designers Van Cleef & Arpel.

Photo courtesy of
The earrings each contained 3 carats of beautiful emeralds, near flawless and a real piece of perfection. They feature beautiful clarity that is usually not seen in emerald jewelry and the deep rich green color is just exquisite. Surrounding each emerald are beautiful glistening white diamonds. These earrings are show stoppers and are just stunning!

The Emerald Diamond drops are just a splash in the bucked of the other amazing jewelry that she had. Also a part of her collection is two other amazing emerald pieces; a necklace and another set of earrings.

The earrings are pear cut emerald of pure quality, surrounded by clear almost perfect diamonds. The estimated weight of these earrings is 7 carats each. The Emerald necklace is a massive choker style that contains huge clusters of diamonds. 7 Emeralds surrounded by diamonds hang from the diamond choker. It is estimated that the necklace is over 35 carats in weight.

All of Imelda's jewelry was impressive and there is much controversy with the jewels. It is not clear where her collections are or how they were dispersed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning all about Flourite Jewelry

With all of the beautiful minerals that are found on earth, we have access to amazing gemstones that are created from amazing minerals. The Fluorite is a beautiful mineral that comes in a wide range of colors like; blue, green, yellow, yellow-orange, purple, brown, clear (colorless), pink, etc. Fluorite is found and mined from different deposits located in the United States of America, Russia, Pakistan and Canada.

While Fluorite is beautiful, it comes in on the Mohs hardness scale as a 4 so it is a soft mineral that needs to be taken care of properly. It has a tendency to crack to chip if not taken care of properly. Since this is a semi-soft mineral based gemstone, it is best used in earrings, pendants and pins. It doesn't make a good stone for bracelets or rings due to it's softness and our normal wear and tear on those two jewelry items.

Fluorite stones do need to be as flawless as possible to be used in a jewelry piece as irregularities in the stone, called inclusions, can be seen really well by the naked eye in this particular gem. The value of the stone would be lessened with the inclusions and they would detract from the beauty of the gem,

Just like your semi-precious and precious gemstones, Fluorite jewelry should never be submerged in water. When cleaning your jewelry you want to avoid harsh abrasive chemicals and just use a slightly dampened cloth. If your jewelry needs a deeper cleaning, it is recommended that a professional jeweler clean them.

Make sure to store your Fluorite jewelry in a protective jewelry box or jewelry armoire. This stone is very delicate so keep other jewelry pieces separate because damage can occur. Also, keep Fluorite jewelry out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat/temperatures.

Following these simple procedures are going to insure that you're beautiful Fluorite jewelry will be in great condition to wear any time for many years to come.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jewelry Clasp Terminology

Clasps are jewelry fasteners used in neck chains, bracelets and anklets to fasten one end of the chain to the other end of the chain. There are many different styles and shapes of jewelry clasps and they can be found in a wide variety of metals. Some clasps are purely functional and others are functional and decorative as part of the overall design of the jewelry piece. Here are some additional terminologies for the clasps that are available in the marketplace today.

Toggle Clasps
These are some of the easiest and prettiest of all your clasp types. This style of clasp features a ring and a t shaped bar. When you use this style of clasp the t-shaped bar simply slides through the ring and gravity will help to secure it. You often see this type of clasp used on necklaces and bracelets. The clasp can be purely functional but you can also find toggle clasps that are decorative/fancy and functional too.

Magnetic Clasps
These are a newer style jewelry that has hit the marketplace over the past several years and are great for those with dexterity problems as they are very easy to secure. The clasp is made up of 2 magnetic parts and as soon as those 2 parts get near each other they automatically connect themselves together. Just like your refrigerator and a magnet.  Those with pace makers, pregnant women or other patiencts who have electronic devices implanted in them should not use jewelry that contains magnetic strips.

These types of clasps have been around for centuries and are still used today in jewelry making. This type of clasp is done in an s-shape and each end of the s will hook into small rings that are attached to your chain ends. This is another great clasp for those with dexterity issues.

Tube Bar Clasps
This type of clasp is only used on necklaces and consists of 2 parts which are shaped like tubes. The one tube is grooved and the other tube is slotted. The 2 pieces slide together and then lock into place.

Using these terms should help you in finding and selecting the right clasp for your chains.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Famous Imperial Mughal Spinel Necklace

There are not too many famous jewelry pieces in the world, but this one is very noteworthy. Called the Mughal Spinel Necklace, it's beautiful in every way and there is nothing else quite like it. It is estimated to be worth between $1,600,000 and $2,500,000. It has 1,131.59 carats in it and it offers eleven differently shaped spinels which are purple in color. It was remounted and reset at some point in the 19th century, estimated, into the current setting.

The spinels in the Imperial Mughal Spinel necklace are the stones that go around the front of the necklace and while each one has its own unique design, the type of stone is the same. Many of the spinels are engraved with the names of people from that time period such as Carew Spinel, Aurangzeb, and Emperor Jahangir, to name a few. These are some of the names of the royalty tht owned this piece 400 years or more ago. This necklace has an extensive history that is very interesting to read and yet astounding that it has remained intact over the years.

The spinels got their name due to the similarity of the stone to rubies, but when you look at the chemistry behind them they're two different types of stones. Spinels are a stunning stone and in this famous historic necklace they are seemingly priceless. Spinels are found in the frontier between Tajikistan and Afghanistan in a region known as Pamir. They could only be found in the Badakhshan mine at the time this necklace was created.

Fine jewelry has been around for thousands of years but it is rare to see a piece that's as extravagnat as the Imperial Mughal Spinel Necklace. With its extensive history behind it, it is not hard to understand why it's a piece that's near priceless.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trends in Big, Bold Statement Piece Necklaces

This summer bold statement necklaces are in fashion. Big bold statement piece necklaces draw the eye up and highlight a woman's lovely face neck and shoulders.

These types of necklaces do not go with everything in your wardrobe but one or two of them are nice to have on hand. Let's take a look at the type of statement necklaces that are available and looking good right now.

* Fringe style necklaces were hot in 2011 and they continue to be gorgeous in 2012. When purchasing a fringe style necklace to use as your statement piece it needs to be big and bold; the bigger the better!

* Collar and Bib style necklaces continue to be strong this year. You can find Collar and Bib style necklaces made from various metals or even from quilted fabrics. This is a nice style of necklace to add to your wardrobe as they lay flat against your neckline.

* Embroidered and Beaded style necklaces are hot again this season and you can usually find these type of statement piece necklaces in fashion jewelry and handcrafted jewelry markets.

* Multiple chain necklaces are still going strong! When purchasing one of these necklaces to act as your statement piece you want it to be bold and flashy looking. Look for ones that have 3 or more chains connected together with beads, real or faux gemstones dangling from the chains.

* Chandelier necklaces can really act as a statement piece if you purchase them in a big and bold style. We love them with multiple real and faux gemstones dangling off them in various sizes and lengths. Make sure you purchase a pair of chandelier style earrings to match or to coordinate with your necklace, or better yet, forgo the necklace if you chandeliers can stand on their own.

It is fun to make a statement with fashion and jewelry. Enjoy your new pieces and store them properly for longer use and care.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cool Jewelry Trends for Teens

For many years the teenage consumer has been a power house when it comes to setting trends and this year is no different. Here are five great trends that the teenage girls love and are hanging onto for their summer look. Take a look at what's hot!

Hemp Jewelry is a hot look when the weather turns warm and this year we are seeing a bit return to it! You can find just plain hemp jewelry or hemp jewelry with beads or shells attached to it. You can find hemp necklaces, bracelets and anklets for teen girls and hemp necklaces and bracelets for teen boys. The trend is even bigger in coastal communities and hemp jewelry can be found in abundance. Kids even love making their own to wear and trade with their friends.

Wood, Bead and Shell Jewelry seems to never go out of style with the teenagers and this year we are seeing big, bold and colorful looks being sported around by the younger set. When looking for colors in this jewelry trend stick to the summer tropical citrus colors or go with neutral white, ivory or khaki colored shades.

Necklace Layering is really popular this season with the teen girls. We are seeing them mix up chains with beaded necklaces, cord necklaces or with woven hemp necklaces. For this trends, the more materials they can mix up with their layered necklaces, the better! In addition, chokers are out and the longer lengths are in!

Bracelet Layering has been in style for many months and it is not going away anytime soon. The girls love layering different styles of beads, ropes, chains and more with multiples on their arms at all times. It is a fun colorful way to wear jewelry and show some style.

Rings, Rings and More Rings! Teen girls are really layering on the rings this season and we are seeing a lot of stack rings all on one finger or seeing girls wearing 3-4 rings on each hand. For this trend we recommend looking to the fashion jewelry market or the sterling silver jewelry market to keep costs affordable.

Any way you look at it, the teen girls are creating their own fabulous look and many older fashion and jewelry lovers are following it too. Which one of these looks would you wear?

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

All About Hemimorphite Gemstones

There are many unique gemstones in the world and we enjoy featuring them on our blog. Here is some information about the Hemimorphite gemstone that you may want to know if you are looking at purchasing jewelry made from this unique gem.

The Hemimorphite gemstone is mined from Australia, Algeria, Mexico, Namibia, Congo, Italy, United States and a few other countries. This mineral gemstone contains over 50% zinc in its mineral makeup which makes this an interesting stone. It is usually found in a turquiose blue color or deep green color when set in jewelry. Both colors are very desirable with gemstone and jewelry collections.

This beautiful gemstone comes in at 5.0 on the Mohs hardness scale so it's not the greatest gemstone to use in rings because rings tend to get the most wear. If you are purchasing a ring with a Hemimorphite gemstone, it is best to be set in a bezel setting which will help to protect it. You will find mainly earrings, pendants and some bracelets out in the jewelry marketplace using this beautiful gemstone.

How to care for your jewelry:
Just like all of your other semi-precious gemstone jewelry, you do need to protect your Hemimorphite pieces from water, chemicals and extreme temperatures. When your pieces need to be cleaned, just wipe them down with a damp cotton cloth and towel dry. If they need a deeper cleaning, we recommend taking them to a professional jeweler.

Since this gemstone is only a 5.0 on the Mohs hardness scale you want to store your pieces in a properly protected jewelry box or armoire and place them in a single layer with no other jewelry pieces laying on top of them. This will help to prevent damage to your pieces and ensure lifelong enjoyment of your prized jewelry.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Southwest Jewelry Trends

Southwest jewelry has become a trend that is frequently seen and has been enjoyed for many years. Inspired by handcrafted Native American Jewelry, Southwest style jewelry is produced both by skilled artisans and by popular jewelry designers.

The majority of Southwest jewelry that you find in the jewelry market is made of .925 sterling silver. When you see turquoise in Southwest jewelry designs, it's usually blue or green Turquoise that is used in the designs. Much of the Southwest jewelry is made with all turquoise stones. You can find beautiful pieces created with turquoise mixed with other pretty gemstones like blue lapis, mother-of-pearl, coral, green jasper, blue jasper and more.

Typical Southwest Jewelry features many of the same images we are familiar with and have seen over the years. Look for the types of lovely key pieces shown below to add to your Southwest Collection:

* Multi-Strand Liquid Silver Necklace
(shown: from

*Sturdy Sterling Silver Chain to Hold Pendants
(shown: from

*Big and Bold Cuff Bracelets
(shown: from
* Fetish Styled Pendants with bear claw, hawk wings, Zuni Dancer etc..
(shown: bear claw pendant from

* Southwest Style Rings with hammered or smooth silver and inlaid gemstones
(shown: rings from

* Drop Earrings or chandelier styles are most popular
(shown: earrings from
 * Watches - Cuff Styles are popular
(shown: watch cuff from

There are many times that Southwest style jewelry pieces would be right for either a particular occasion or for a particular outfit. Keeping a few key pieces of this beautiful style will enhance your jewelry collection and keep your wardrobe on its toes with stunning results.

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Types of Chains for Men Part 2 of 2

We posted for you the other day Part 1 of the most popular Types of Chains for Men. Let's take a look at the Chains for Men that are still popular but may not be as commonly found.

1. Round & Square Byzantine Chains - This type of chain has really grown in popularity over the years with men and is a nice heavy duty and durable chain, especially for men who can be hard on their jewelry. This chain consists of several metal wires or stands that have been intricately woven together. The chain can be round or square shaped in its diameter and is found in various lengths and diameters. Due to the weight of these types of chains and the work involved, they are often pricier than other styles of chains.

2. Cable Chains - This style of chains is pretty popular with men due to their simplicity. Do you remember those construction paper chains you used to make as a kid around the holiday season? Well, this chain looks the same way but is made from metal interlocking loops, just like that construction paper holiday chain you made as kid. They are made from a wide variety of metals and come in various lengths and diameters.

Another version of a chain that is similar to the cable chain is the Rolo Chain where the loops used to form the chain on a Rolo are more round in shape whereas the loops used to form a cable chain are more oval in shape.

3. Box Chains - The box chain is popular with men and women because it's a sturdy chain for those to like to wear pendants and if your man is a pendant wearer, this is a great chain for him. Box chains are simply that...metal box links that interlock or interconnect with one another to form a chain. Box chains are not typically big, bold or chunky like other chains and that is usually because they are worn with pendants. But they can also be worn alone.

With these descriptions and terms, you are going to be able to identify the type of chain that you like best. As the popularity of men's jewelry continues to grow, this post included some terms that you can turn to for assistance in finding the perfect chain for you.

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

"Children's children are the crown of the old men, and the glory of children is their father."
Proverbs 16:6

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Gorgeous Imperial Topaz Gemstone

The Imperial Topaz gemstone is the most desirable of all of the Topaz gemstones and is highly prized by gem collectors and jewelry collectors alike. The Imperial Topaz is rarer than most other topaz colors because of the unique color range of the stone. There is a Brazilian Imperial Topaz that is magnificent when found in a rich golden brown color that is reminiscent of the perfect shade of Root Beer. It can even range into the yellows and violets.

The beautiful Imperial Topaz comes in on the Mohs hardness scale at 8.0, making it a very durable gemstone which is loved and appreciated by jewelry designers. It is easy to work with and with proper care, can last for years and years thanks to its hardness and durability. You can find amazing pieces of jewelry set with this gemstone in earrings, bracelets, pendants, pins, brooches and in rings.

Care: All Imperial Topaz jewelry is considered semi-precious so you do need to take some care with your jewelry pieces. You should never bathe, swim, clean, shower or workout while wearing your jewelry. Water and chemicals can damage the stones and/or the jewelry settings. In addition, please protect your pieces from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight as some colors of the Topaz have been known to fade over time.

When it comes to cleaning your pieces, wipe them down with a clean cotton cloth that has been slightly dampened with water, then towel dry. If they need a little deeper cleaning you can use an approved gemstone cleaner or take your pieces into a professional jeweler for best results. Make sure to store them separately in a multi compartment jewelry box for safekeeping.

Check with your favorite jeweler for a lovely jewelry set in the stunning Imperial Topaz. You will have heads turning when they see the beautiful gemstone in any type of setting.

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.