Saturday, June 1, 2013

When is it time to buy fine jewelry for your daughter?

Fine jewelry is a gift that most women love. Young girls learn to love jewelry at an early age and many young girls try on their mothers’ jewelry anytime they can. If you have a daughter who loves to wear jewelry, you might be wondering when she will be old enough to wear jewelry from a jewelry store rather than from Target or Justice. There are a few things to consider before you purchase fine jewelry for a daughter who is not yet an adult.

Several Considerations

When you begin to consider whether or not to buy high quality, fine jewelry, you will need to consider what type of jewelry to buy. There are some pieces that are much easier to lose than others. Rings and bracelets are easy to take off and leave behind. Young girls who like to play rough can also lose necklaces. If you want to start with fine jewelry, gem stone earrings are general a safe first choice. When you buy fine earrings, they often come with posts that have screw closures to keep them safely in the ear. It is best to avoid buying dangling earrings or hoops, because they can easily be pulled out on accident.

Safety Clasps and Solid Pieces

If your daughter does not have pierced ears, then you might want to wait a while before buying fine jewelry in other forms. Many girls are not ready for high quality pieces until they are in high school or older. However, there are some cultures that do put fine gold, jade, or other precious materials on their children when they are babies and toddlers. If you do buy jewelry for your baby or toddler, you will need to be sure that it has an extremely secure safety clasp and that the pieces are too big to be swallowed. Solid gold bracelets or solid jade bracelets are usual choices.

Amber Necklaces

One of the most popular types of jewelry for young children today is the amber necklace. These are usually purchased as teething necklaces. Sometimes moms wear them and sometimes the toddlers wear them. They should not ever be left on a toddler without any supervision. These are made from semi-precious amber and after your baby is done teething, the necklaces can be added to a fine jewelry collection for your daughter to wear as she gets older.

Milestone Birthdays

Many families wait until their daughters are a milestone birthday before purchasing precious metals or birthstone pieces.  Some of the popular milestone birthdays include the ages 13 and 16, because of the introduction to the teen years and the significance of the sixteenth year. Some families will buy precious jewelry for high school or college graduation. Many teen girls also choose to have class rings and those usually include a gem stone and a fine metal.

When you are ready to buy fine jewelry for your daughter, you will need to consider her behavior and level of responsibility. Many girls are perfectly capable of caring for fine jewelry, especially if they are taught how to take care of it at the end of the day.