Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mens Storage Watch Boxes Make a Great Holiday Gift

It can be difficult choosing a great gift for a man. Here is a great idea for the watch collector in your life! During the holiday season you will see a lot of nice deals, specials and sales on a large variety of men's watch storage boxes and watch jewelry boxes. This is the perfect time of year to pick up a few of them for upcoming holiday and birthday gifts for the remainder of the shopping season.

Watch collector storage boxes come in a large variety of colors, numerous sizes and shapes and you can get them made from a variety of materials and fabrications like burl wood, maple, teak and leather. Some of the most popular ones are the classic styled boxes that simply come in colored faux or real leather. Some men like having a clear-view window top on the watch storage boxes so that they can easily see the inside contents and other men prefer a solid top so the valuable watches aren't exposed to guests and housekeepers etc. The choice is simply left up to the user or the buyer.

If you are looking to purchase a keepsake style men's watch storage box as a gift, a thoughtful idea is to have his initials debossed into the leather or engraved on a nameplate that can be attached to a wood box. To make this a special gift for your loved one, purchase a nice watch he has been admiring to go along with your box and present the gift inside the box to surprise your man with two gifts in one!

With our great selection of men's watch boxes at Chasing Treasure, you are sure to find the perfect box that will make a great impression and create a lasting memory for the favorite man in your life.

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Presenting Your Little Girl with a Special Jewelry Box This Holiday

Every little girl loves jewelry and dressing up. And these little girls also love receiving jewelry from their parents and loved ones during the holiday season or for any special occasion. You can make a lasting impression on a special girl this holiday season by presenting your special jewelry gift in a beautiful jewelry box.

There are many different themes and designs available like the ever popular Musical Ballerina or Butterfly Sleigh that we have available. Once you have selected the perfect jewelry box, a few beautiful pieces of jewelry to go inside add to excitement of the gift. Matching the theme of the jewelry to the jewelry box is a great idea for younger girls.

Presenting your jewelry gift inside the new jewelry box is exciting and great fun for your little girl. Imagine the look on her face when she pulls out piece after piece of lovely matching jewelry from her beautiful jewelry box. She will be the envy of all her friends.

What great memories you can instill in her with a lovingly selected jewelry box. Jewelry boxes create memories that last a lifetime. Be a part of that with your thoughtful gift this Christmas or anytime you need a special gift that is just right.

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holiday Gift for Newlyweds That Creates Memories

It can be really hard to choose the perfect gift for your new husband or wife that will make an impact, have meaning and create lasting memories. Traditionally, many of the brides and grooms consider the gift of jewelry the special gift given between those newly married. Now many newlyweds look for other special gifts to be give for the first Christmas together.

One great item that is often chosen by the new husband for his new wife is a beautiful wooden jewelry box with an engraved name plate dated with the year of their first holiday together. This box will be something that will last a lifetime and be a treasured keepsake. His wife can fill it with beautiful jewelry collected over the years of their marriage and include special mementos too.

Another thoughtful gift for a new wife, is a leather jewelry travel case that she can use to take her special jewelry in on vacations or business trips. Travel cases can also be engraved with names or special thoughts and endearments to add meaning to the gift.

In return, the new wife looking for a handsome and meaningful gift for her new husband can select a men's leather or wooden valet box to hold his jewelry or every day accessories. Both of these items are able to be engraved with the holiday date and a special message.

Another wonderful and thoughtful gift for your new husband would be a wooden or leather watch case to hold his favorite watch or watch collection. It is a gift that will make a lasting impression and the new husband will be thrilled with the thoughtfulness of such a gift, especially if it is personalized with his monogram or a heart felt message.

Looking for that special holiday gift for the first Christmas together can be a stressful task if you let it be, but selecting a treasured gift like a wooden or leather jewelry box, valet box or watch case can add the perfect element to the occasion. Choose to make your first Christmas together memorable and perfect with jewelry box gifts that last a lifetime.

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

Glam It Up! Earring Trends for the Holiday Season.

The Glam It Up! Earring Trend is bigger than ever before and this year we are seeing the ladies really going glitzy and glamorous with their holiday jewelry choices. With all of those wonderful holiday parties that will be on the schedule, now is the time to check out the beautiful choices!

If genuine gemstones are out of your budget this season then look for faux gemstones and rhinestone jewelry. They are just as sparkling and beautiful. Here are some tips on the choices you have to look forward to.

* When looking for dangling gemstone holiday earrings, look for earrings that are multi-tiered as well as ones that have multiple gems. We are seeing a lot of three-station dangling earrings this season in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

* Looking for an earring choice that is glamorous but not over-the-top? Try a gemstone or rhinestone drop earring that is 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" in length. Perfect for any casual or dressy style.

* If you are seeking classic glamorous style, you can select a 1" diameter button style earring that is encrusted with real or faux gemstones. For the classic look...go for clear and for an updated modern look...go for colored stones. When thinking about this style...imagine sitting in your grandmother's bedroom and digging through her jewelry box. Those are the type of earrings we are seeing this season!

* If you are a romantic then look for dangling heart shaped earrings that are encrusted with real or faux gemstones.

* Pearls re a classic and always in style! This year instead of sporting a simple stud earring, glam it up with a button style pearl earring that is encrusted with genuine or faux diamonds or other gemstones.

Whatever style you choose, you will look beautiful in your glamorous choices and attend your holiday parties in unparalleled style.

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Gift Buying Season! 4 Tips for Buying a Jewelry Box

The Christmas season is one of the top buying periods for gifts and jewelry boxes are a favorite gift item to buy and to receive!

With all of the choices available, we thought it would help if you had some tips to look for when buying the right jewelry box or watch box for your loved one.

So in no particular order, here are 4 things to look for with your next jewelry box purchase.

Tip #1 Material:
You want to look for a solid jewelry box that is made from quality materials such as wood.  Wood will last a lifetime and it comes in a variety of styles and finishes. The wood can be stained in a variety of colors to match personal taste and decor.

Tip #2 Linings:
A jewelry box should protect your jewelry investments so make sure it is professionally lined in a soft material such as velvet or suede. The lining should be checked every few month for stains or tears. Look to make sure all the trays, drawers and storage areas of the jewelry box are lined.

Tip #3 - Organizing Features: A great jewelry box will always feature classic organizers such as padded ring rolls, earring compartments, necklace storage and watch pillows. Some will have open storage for larger pieces such as bangles or over-sized pendants. For some people, the more organizers and divided storage is better and for others less is more.

Tip #4 Price Point: There is a large range of pricing for jewelry boxes. Generally speaking, floor models will cost more than dresser top boxes but it is not always the larger jewelry boxes that cost more. When shopping for the best value, look for quality craftsmanship such as mitered corners, quadrant hinges and solid lids.  Choose a trusted brand and you'll find value.

Overall, if you pay a bit more for good, solid craftsmanship you will be pleased with your choice and can count on the jewelry box being handed down to future generations.

Pearl Jewelry for the Classic Holiday Bride

Most women have been dreaming about their wedding since they were little girls. They know what they will wear; the style of the dress, the veil and the beautiful jewelry that will adorn them for the finishing touch.

After dreaming of the perfect wedding all of their young lives, many women still want to be a classic bride. Selecting a classic style in the dress and also pairing it with beautiful pearl jewels will always be the right choice.

Selecting the right pearl length necklace for your dress will, of course, depend on the style of your dress and the neckline. Here is a guide that will help you find the right length to compliment your dress.

Choker: Usually a single strand of pearls that lay tight on your neck or collar. Great for higher neckline dresses.

Collar: This is made of three or more strands that fit securely around the neck lying at your collar line. This beautiful style looks lovely with a plunging neckline.

Princess:  This length falls below the hollow of the throat. You can find pearl necklaces in multi-layers in this length if you need a bit more definition to the pairing.

Matinee: This size hits the top your chest and looks great with a boatneck or jewel neckline. Check the length with your dress to make sure that it does not get lost and make sure there is not a lot of decoration on your dress.

Opera: This is a long single strand that falls below your chest.  You definitely need a slim style dress with this length, but it can be worn wrapped around your neck a few times for another great look. The Opera length is also great for wearing backwards if you have a plunging back and a high cut neckline. An amazing statement piece!

By pairing your pearls to your dress and neckline, you will find the classic bridal look that you have longed for.  Enjoy finding the perfect piece for your special day!

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Keeping Your Inlaid Gemstones Clean and Looking Brand New

There are so many different types of gemstones and each one of them may require a different type of cleaning and care. We have been looking at many different types of settings and gems to help you keep your jewelry looking top notch and in brand new condition.  Today we are talking about Inlaid Gemstones.

When it comes to jewelry with beautiful inlaid gemstones you primarily see this beautiful inlaid work in Southwestern Style Jewelry. Often times this type of jewelry has inlaid turquoise, blue lapis, coral, mother of pearl, malachite or other various gemstones that are popular in Native American style jewelry.

When cleaning inlaid jewelry you never want to use harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners. In addition, you never want to submerge those jewelry pieces in water. To clean your pieces you simply want to use a damp cotton cloth and gently rub the cloth over and around the inlaid gemstones. You will want to use a separate cotton cloth to dry them.

Most Southwestern and Native American style jewelry is set into beautiful sterling silver metal so your metal jewelry setting will need to be cleaned with a soft anti-tarnish polishing cloth Other than that you should not use other cleaning agents on this type of jewelry.

The handcrafted work on inlaid jewelry is amazing so to make sure that you show off your jewelry pieces in the best way, keeping them clean and cared for should be a priority. Safe keeping for pieces like this would include a lined jewelry box or a velvet bag so that they are not scratched or damaged by other jewelry.

Beautiful Inlaid Jewelry is a treat to be worn. Caring for your pieces is simple and should be done each time you wear them for long lasing results!

by Jasmine Yesak, Contributing Editor at, online retailer of quality jewelry boxes, jewelry organizers and watch boxes. Jasmine is a Jewelry Enthusiast and Organization Consultant, she writes about Jewelry Care and Jewelry Storage Tips.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun Holiday Bracelet Trends

Jewelry is such a fun accessory. There are so many different things you can do with it and you can change a look just by wearing a different piece of jewelry or even by wearing the jewelry in a different way.

A popular piece of jewelry is the bracelet. It is simple in concept, but amazing in terms of what you can do with one. It remains a highly enjoyed item and a favorite of many. Here are a few ways you can incorporate the bracelet into your Holiday look.

Trend #1: Multiple Bangles or Chains with Tassels

This is a hot trend this season, especially in the icy hot white gold or sterling silver metals. You want to look for bracelets that have multiple tassels dangling down the bracelet or multiple tear drop shaped crystals, gemstones or tear drop shaped metal charms.

You don't want to wear your tassel bracelet to have the vintage look, like something your grandmother want the classy and modern style tassel bracelet. They come in beautiful colors are you are going to love piling them on!

Trend #2: Flexible Coil Wrap Bracelets

If you really want to update your bracelet wardrobe this season, go out an purchase a few of the new trendy flexible coil wrap bracelets in a variety of metals and materials. We have seen them made with wood, metal and plastic beads or discs. If choosing an all metal coil wrap bracelet, try selecting one in the popular two-tone or tri-tone metal combinations.

These look awesome with the winter clothing colors. They are comfortable, funky and fun. So depending on your mood, you can really change your style depending on which one you choose.

You don't have to spend a lot of money when updating your accessories this Holiday season.  Look for some great trendy bracelets and have fun showing off your creative style that is all your own!

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

November Birthstone - Citrine

The November birthstone is the beautiful Citrine. The name Citrine comes from the French word "Citrin", meaning lemon and the name certainly suits this beautiful yellow/golden gemstone. The Citrine is a member of the quartz family of stones and is one of the "rarer" colored quartzes. Most people are familiar with the purple quartz which is commonly called Amethyst.

If you are not fond of the Citrine don't worry...there is an alternate birthstone for the month of November and the alternate stone is the yellow Topaz which is just as beautiful as the Citrine. The only draw back when it comes to purchasing yellow Topaz jewelry is that it is a little more expensive than jewelry made with Citrine.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for someone born during the November month a beautiful gift would be a nice piece of Citrine jewelry. The Citrine can also be given as an anniversary gift during the 13th and 17th anniversaries.

You can find beautiful earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, bracelets, rings, anklets and even watches with gemstone bracelet bands made with the beautiful gemstone. For the most part Citrine gemstones are faceted before placing them into jewelry pieces and you can find them in a variety of shapes and carat sizes.

Just about every jewelry store or department store that carries jewelry will have Citrine jewelry on display for you to purchase. You can find inexpensive pieces set in sterling silver and them more expensive pieces set in gold or platinum.

If you are a November baby, chances are you have some of this lovely gemstone and if not, maybe it is something that you can put on your wish list. Semi precious stones such as the Topaz and the Citrine are admired by many and they look beautiful in any setting.

by Gregg Nosaji, Contributing Editor for, online retailer of jewelry boxes, jewelry armoires and jewelry related gifts. Gregg is an event consultant and writes about gift ideas and special occasions.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gift Idea - Personalized Heirloom Jewelry Chests

Heirloom jewelry chests are often handed down through generations.   For example, classic wooden chests designed to hold an entire collection of jewelry are usually given to women by their fiances, husbands, mothers, mother-in-laws, sons or daughters and then they pass the jewelry chest down through family generations; from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter and so on.

When shopping for an heirloom jewelry chest, you'll most likely want to select one that is partially handcrafted and made to last through years of every day use.  Fine jewelry boxes worthy to be called heirloom jewelry chests are crafted either exclusively from solid woods such as Ash, Poplar, Mahogany Maple or Teak, or from quality wood composites with rare wood veneers such as Burlwood, Bubinga, Ebony or Sapeli. Both choices of wood styles will be well constructed with beautiful finishes.

The best quality heirloom jewel chests are constructed as 6 sided boxes with the lids and drawers cut from the same piece of wood. The same pieces are kept together throughout the manufacturing process to allow matched grains and even finishes. Solid wood tops, recessed bottoms and drawers with mitered corners give the jewelry chest all the qualities of fine furniture.Linings are hand fitted and tailored to cover all the jewelry storage areas of each chest, allowing the jewelry stored inside to be cushioned and protected at all times.

There are many beautiful handcrafted jewelry chests for you to consider.  Here are a few that are constructed  from solid wood and carefully stained in a rich finishes. The finishes are hand-rubbed to reveal the natural luster and distinctive grain of the hardwood.   Each of these boxes will hold a full collection of jewelry and come with a free engraved nameplate for personalization.

Engraved nameplates can be personalized with initials, monogram, name or message up to 28 letters.

Our heirloom quality solid wood jewelry box armoire is fit for royalty.  Crafted from American hardwoods and finished in Mahogany satin, this jewelry box will take your breath away.

Designed to be fully locking,  with optimum jewelry storage in mind,  the unique design of this jewelry armoire is unmatched by any other jewelry box available.

The lid opens to reveal necklace bars to accommodating 24 necklaces with 12 additional necklace hooks for finer chains.  A hidden mirror in the top provides an easy way to review your jewelry choices. Four 3.5” x 4” compartments hold large bracelets, watches, or necklaces. Two slide out panels feature unique earring racks for chandeliers and other long earrings.  The top and second drawers consist of twenty 2” x 2”squares for earrings. The third drawer caters to rings with eight ring bars, accommodating up to seven rings each. The bottom drawer is simply open for large or formed necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.

There is generous storage in this heirloom jewelry box armoire for a variety of items you want to keep safe and secure. It is an exceptional design, perfect for a growing jewelry collection.
  • Personalize this jewelry box armoire with an engraved name plate (optional)
  • Length: 17”
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Height: 12.5

Our unique sapele wood high gloss jewelry chest will cause you to pause and admire its breath taking beauty.

Constructed from one of the most beautiful woods available, Sapele (from the mahogany family) and finished with a luxurious high gloss, this jewelry box is the ultimate in heirloom beauty and quality.

Jewelry Storage Features:  Two removable, slide out jewel trays with ample storage for rings and earrings. Fifty five (55) Earring cards designed for post or stud earrings are also removable to allow for more storage beneath. Two open wells under the trays are perfect for large bracelets and two watch pillows in center. Lid features two necklace bars designed to secure twenty large necklaces or beaded strands with ten additional necklace hooks for finer chains. Drawers are lined and divided for earrings, pendants etc.

Stunning beauty, a jewlsafe lock and generous jewelry storage make this jewelry box an absolute favorite and a perfect gift!  
  • Personalize this heirloom jewelry box with a free engraved nameplate.
  • Length: 15 5/8" x  Width: 9 1/2" x Height: 9 1/2"