Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Highlight – A Perfect Gift for the Husband

Moving through the holiday season, today will highlight another terrific gift idea, this time for the husband of many years.

This particular treasure are locking watch boxes with display windows.  These make a great husband’s gift due to expense, the type of products that it protects, and usefulness to the recipient.  Assuming he does not already have a watch case, here are three reasons why this is a wonderful gift idea.

1    He likely has at least 3 watches, at least one of which is very expensive.  And some men have accumulated a lot more through the years, who have a watch for various activities.  He’ll have a one for business casual, business professional, knock-around on the weekends, sporting events, a dive watch, and a pilot’s watch with tachymeter and stop-watch.  This collection can be securely stored in a watch case that includes removable padded holders, lined interior, and lock.
2.    As a gift, the high-end watch case is both thoughtful and functional.  It is something that he’ll see, use, and appreciate daily.  Larger watch cases can hold up to 20 watches, which can easily accommodate his & hers collection.  This alone makes the watch case a practical addition to the bedroom too.  All are hand-finished and come in various colors from neutral dark woods, to lighter tans, and dark black ebony to fit any d├ęcor.
3.    A watch case as a luxury gift is also unique:  because it reflects the higher value tastes of one who collects multiple timepieces, it is for a very distinct niche that includes those who appreciate the finer luxuries. That does not mean that the watch case itself is expensive, however.  Almost all of the higher quality boxes that can hold up to 10 watches are well under $200.

In discussing watch holders, we will briefly touch upon watch winders, which are for the very high-end watches:  those that are automatic.  This simply means that the watch does not need a battery or manual winding, as their mainsprings are wound by movement of the wearer’s arm.  The watch-winder not only protects these expensive timepieces (expensive due to the craftsmanship needed) but also keeps them wound when not worn.

For the wife whose husband has (almost!) it all, consider a watch case as the perfect treasure for him!

10 Unit Watch Case
Luxury Watch Case:  10 + Coin Drawer

Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday Highlight – The Perfect Gift for the Wife of Many Years

As we go through the holiday season, we’ll highlight a particular luxury product that we know is a wonderful gift for the wife of many years.

The treasure that we'll discuss is a Standing Jewelry Amoire, which falls under the luxury jewelry box category for three reasons:  the size, practicality, and expense.  Under the assumption that she does not already own one, here are three reasons why this makes a great gift for the wife of many years.
1.     She has accumulated a sizeable jewelry collection, and likely a very diverse collection.  She’s received annual jewelry gifts over the years (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day), as well as heirloom’s passed on from family members, such as brooches and rings.  It’s also likely that she has not gotten rid of any of her jewelry, especially gifts, unless to give away to a daughter or special family member.  As the fashions change, she’ll upgrade to stay with the times, but not want to discard pieces that have sentimental value (especially for necklaces and earrings, re:  large hoops and heavy chains give way to multiple small earring studs and chokers).  After 15 years, it’s reasonable that she’s collected close to 50 separate pieces.  A large jewelry armoire has the space to securely store all of that, and continue to grow.
2.    The desire by an attentive husband is to find a gift that is both thoughtful and functional.  A standing jewelry armoire does both.  It is something that she’ll see and appreciate every day.  A large jewelry armoire also includes up to 8 drawers, the bottom 5 of which are larger and can hold delicates and undergarments as well as jewelry.  This makes the jewelry box a very practical addition as bedroom furniture too.
3.    As an established family, a standing jewelry armoire as a luxury gift is truly unique, as they normally cost hundreds of dollars and have a niche purpose:  to store large jewelry collections and small clothing pieces.

So as a husband who has been married for many years, consider the Jewelry Armoire as the perfect treasure for her!

jewelry box for women
Luxury Jewelry Box for Women

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Origins of Santa Claus

With the Christmas season kicking off in full-force, we at want to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!  And in thinking about this time of year, we’d like to give a brief explanation of how Santa Claus came to being.

The concept of a Father Gift-Bringer (Father Frost as well) has been in existence in Europe for thousands of generations as a mid-winter celebration.  In the northern European latitudes during winter, it would be dark most of the day, and this celebration was a way of lifting spirits.

Originally it was not Christian-based, but was connected to Odin, the Nordic father of all gods (as an aside, Odin had many sons, including Thor, god of thunder of the marvel comics and recent movies), with the reindeers being compared to Odin’s eight-legged horse.

As these mid-winter festivals were Christianized through Roman influence into Europe, Saint Nicholas replaced Odin as Father Christmas around the 4th century.  Why Saint Nicholas (Nicholas of Myra as it happens)?  Simple:  he was known for his charity to the impoverished and pious.  The translation of Saint Nicholas into the Flemish/Germanic Sinterklaas easily becomes Santa Claus when translated into English.

As the centuries went by, the mid-winter festivals merged with the birth of Christ in Christian countries as a time to recognize His birth while maintaining the practice of joyful gift-giving during the long winter days.  Over the last century, the commercialization of Christmas has become significant (obviously!), while also becoming more secular, with a greater focus on non-denominational Santa Claus.

And where did the term “Yule” originate?  It is in reference to Nordic terms that described mid-winter items and religious activities that were eventually absorbed into Christian festivals.

So from all of us at, have a wonderful holiday season!