Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Animal Trinket Boxes as a Wedding Gift

Jewelry Trinket Boxes
Beautiful Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Looking for a unique wedding gift as beautiful and timeless as the bride? Give her the gift of an exquisitely hand-crafted jeweled trinket box from ChasingTreasure. These collectible keepsake boxes are a gorgeous addition to her vanity where she can store her precious jewelry. We’ve talked about trinket boxes in the style of FabergĂ© eggs and trinket boxes for the fashion-conscious; let’s have a look at trinket boxes perfect for the wild animal lover in your life. Each of these trinket boxes in the shape of an exotic animal symbolizes a trait or personality. Consider which one best exemplifies the special women and give her a thoughtful and eye-catching gift that will last for generations. Many of these trinket boxes make wonderful mini-collections. Group wild animal trinket boxes together for a really impressive gift.

The Cheerful Penguin trinket box lives up to its name and is sure to put a smile on the bride’s face. It’s hand-enameled and plated with 24k gold and inlaid with hand-set Austrian crystals. Its magnetic closure keeps treasures safe in its belly. The penguin is a symbol of order, making this trinket box the perfect jewelry organization addition to her vanity.

This Giraffe Trinket Box with Amber Crystals is really eye-catching. Hand-dipped in 24k gold and inlaid with amber in the striking giraffe pattern, this trinket box makes a real statement. Giraffes are a symbol of intuition, flexibility.

The Sitting Giraffe trinket box makes a lovely pair with the other giraffe. This one is adorned with clear genuine Austrian crystals and hand-enameled details. Both giraffe trinket boxes have a hidden compartment where she can store her favorite trinkets.

Gorgeous black enamel and silver-plated stripes with hand-set, genuine Austrian crystals give the Stunning Crystal Striped Zebra trinket box its distinctive look. The zebra represents individuality, grace, beauty, honesty, and freedom – an impressive list of attributes evocative of the special women in our lives. The hinged back opens to reveal its treasure storage.

The Peaceful Tiger trinket box has hand-set amber-colored and clear crystals to offset its beautiful orange and black enamel. A symbol of power and energy, this tiger’s calming presence is a welcome addition to any vanity. With 24k gold-plating, this trinket box is a timeless keepsake destined to be an heirloom.

The Parade Elephant trinket box is exquisitely adorned with weaving vines and flowers, all hand-enameled in breathtaking colors. Detailed with hand-set genuine Austrian crystals, it opens to reveal storage for the most precious pieces in her jewelry collection. Elephants are a symbol of good luck, strength and wisdom, famed for their memory and intelligence. They’re therefore also the perfect symbol for your faithful love that will last a lifetime.

Continuing with the elephant parade, the Majestic Elephant trinket box is a sight to behold with its 24k gold coating and glittering genuine Austrian crystals. It’s crowned with a seat fit for royalty.

The Katmandu Bejeweled Elephant trinket box rounds out the elephant parade with gorgeously detailed and colorful enamel. It has 24k gold plating and is accented with genuine Austrian crystals. Its opulent decoration is evocative of the Eastern capital from which it derives its name. These three elephants make wonderful gifts as a set or individually for the avid traveler or pachyderm-lover in your life.

If she has a soft spot for frogs, these trinket boxes are perfect for her. Frogs are a good luck symbol and for many centuries have been a symbol of fertility and abundance. The Dazzling Green Frog trinket box is a vibrant green thanks to its many genuine Austrian crystals. Its tummy is coated in 24k gold, making it an impressive little treasure box indeed.

The Pond Frog trinket box is in the style of a tree frog with bright green enamel and sparkling red genuine Austrian crystal eyes. Its belly has 24k gold plating and it opens along the mouth to show its storage space inside.

The Stunning Gold Turtle trinket box is in the style of a sea turtle. Its enameled shell with 24k gold detailing is exquisitely detailed with beautiful colors and genuine Austrian crystals. Its magnetic latch opens to reveal the inside of the shell – the perfect spot for storing your special keepsakes.

Finally, pair the Stunning Gold Turtle with this Amazing Azure Turtle trinket box. The colors on this trinket box are simply breathtaking: azure blue, royal purple, pink, white, and green. The hand-enameling makes the colors pop, and the genuine Austrian crystals catch and reflect the light. Turtles are a symbol of good health an endurance, and they represent longevity.

Consider an animal themed jewelry box for the bride to be.  While it probably isn't in her registry, these are unique gifts that she will treasure for a lifetime!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Famous Man's Jewelry

style of jolie
Style of Jolie

Father’s Day is coming up! Let’s look at one of Hollywood’s most famous dads: Brad Pitt.

He and Angelina Jolie have six children, and they’re known to be devoted parents. But did you know that Brad Pitt is also a jewelry fan? At the 2014 Academy Awards he decided not to wear loaner jewelry like so many stars do. Instead, he wore jewelry that was closer to his heart. In fact, his accessories couldn’t get much closer: the pieces were designed by Angelina herself!

She has a line called Style of Jolie, created in partnership with Robert Procop. Brad’s buttons and cufflinks were from the line, and consisted of tablet-cut diamonds set into yellow gold. It’s incredibly romantic that Brad Pitt seems to be his wife’s jewelry line’s biggest fan.

If the sweet and caring dad on your shopping list this season also enjoys his cufflink, watch, or jewelry collection, consider getting him a handsome and sophisticated storage box. Match his personal style and let him keep his collection organized and smartly presented!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Father's Day Gift Based on Winston Churchill's Pocket Watch

watch box
Leather Watch Case, Father's Day Gift
In honor of Father’s Day, let’s look at one of history’s most famous men – who also happened to be a father. Winston Churchill was prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II. He was an impressive orator and wartime leader, but he was also a devoted family man.
Not being a fan of the newly invented wristwatches, he owned a gold pocket watch by the French designer Breguet, which he nicknamed “The Turnip.”  He used it his whole life, and wore it constantly. His wife Clementine gifted him a few charms to attach to his pocket watch’s heavy gold chain, including a gold heart set with a garnet
This Churchill family treasure is now in the possession of his great-grandson. Heirloom-quality watches and jewelry deserve heirloom-quality jewelry boxes and valets. ChasingTreasure has an array of handsome valet boxes, watch cases, and more, to keep your precious valuables safe, secure, and exquisitely stored.