Saturday, December 12, 2015

Favorite Gemstones for Gift Giving

Now that the holiday season is here, it is time to start thinking about what to give your loved one. A jewelry box from Chasing Treasures is always a great gift, and it becomes even more special if you fill it with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Here are some suggestions for gifts that will be treasured forever:


Sapphires are always a good choice. Even though this gemstone is the birthstone for September, it is a beautiful stone that has been popular for generations. Rumor has it that the stone brings good luck and protects people from harm.

This classic gemstone regularly comes in a variety of colors, ranging from green to violet. The most popular color is blue, especially if the blue is in the medium range or has a touch of violet in it. The gem also comes in more exotic colors that cover the spectrum of the rainbow. Jewelers are beginning to carry sapphires in unexpected shades, so you should be able to find pink sapphires or green sapphires in local jewelry stores.

The sapphire is a popular choice for gifts because it is a gem that can be worn with any style. The bright blue stone looks lovely with diamonds and with white gold or platinum. The gem is radiant and catches the eye when the light strikes it. Blue is always in fashion and so are the different shades. Celebrities often wear sapphires and they can be a unique choice for an engagement ring. Sapphires are a hard gemstone, weighing in at 9, under the 10 that diamonds receive. They are durable enough to wear everyday without having to worry about dents and scratches. They can also handle chemicals and heat, so they are safe to wear in most work environments.


Rubies have been a favorite gemstone for many years, too. The lovely red stone brings health, wisdom, and love. The gem is said to stir the senses and the imagination. Like the sapphire, a real ruby is durable. It is given a 9 rating, like the sapphire, so it can worn every day.

Interestingly, a fine ruby is a rare gem to find. If you are able to find one, the best color is vivid red with a bit of purple in it. Rubies and sapphires are related, so if the gems is loaded with orange or seems to light to be a ruby, it is probably a colored sapphire.

If you choose to give a ruby, you are giving the stone that represents love. The gem is said to protect people from enemies, which is enhanced by the love it represents. The ruby is the gemstone for July birthdays, as well as the gem for couples who are celebrating their 15th and 40th anniversaries.


Pearls have been popular gifts for centuries, too. They date back to the Roman Empire and they were popular during the reign of King Henry the Eighth and his daughter Queen Elizabeth. They are not gems like sapphires and rubies because these actually come from creatures living in the sea. Also unlike rubies and sapphires, they require no polishing or fancy cuts. If you give a gift of pearls, the natural ones are prettier than the cultured pearls. This is the birthstone for June, but the gem is loved by people born in the other 11 months, too.