Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Learning all about Flourite Jewelry

With all of the beautiful minerals that are found on earth, we have access to amazing gemstones that are created from amazing minerals. The Fluorite is a beautiful mineral that comes in a wide range of colors like; blue, green, yellow, yellow-orange, purple, brown, clear (colorless), pink, etc. Fluorite is found and mined from different deposits located in the United States of America, Russia, Pakistan and Canada.

While Fluorite is beautiful, it comes in on the Mohs hardness scale as a 4 so it is a soft mineral that needs to be taken care of properly. It has a tendency to crack to chip if not taken care of properly. Since this is a semi-soft mineral based gemstone, it is best used in earrings, pendants and pins. It doesn't make a good stone for bracelets or rings due to it's softness and our normal wear and tear on those two jewelry items.

Fluorite stones do need to be as flawless as possible to be used in a jewelry piece as irregularities in the stone, called inclusions, can be seen really well by the naked eye in this particular gem. The value of the stone would be lessened with the inclusions and they would detract from the beauty of the gem,

Just like your semi-precious and precious gemstones, Fluorite jewelry should never be submerged in water. When cleaning your jewelry you want to avoid harsh abrasive chemicals and just use a slightly dampened cloth. If your jewelry needs a deeper cleaning, it is recommended that a professional jeweler clean them.

Make sure to store your Fluorite jewelry in a protective jewelry box or jewelry armoire. This stone is very delicate so keep other jewelry pieces separate because damage can occur. Also, keep Fluorite jewelry out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat/temperatures.

Following these simple procedures are going to insure that you're beautiful Fluorite jewelry will be in great condition to wear any time for many years to come.

by Karen Mollison, contributing editor at Chasing, online retailer of high quality jewelry boxes, watch cases and jewelry armoires.

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