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Famous Emerald Jewelry of Imelda Marcos

Imelda Marcos is the Widow of the 10th Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. She was well known for her huge collections of items, most notably her shoes and her jewelry. However, much of it was confiscated by customs when they fled the country and she was forced into exile.

Much of the jewelry collection owned by Imelda Marcos contains stunning pieces with large and pure gemstones. One particular piece of jewelry that Imelda prized was her set of Emerald earrings that were made for her by jewelry designers Van Cleef & Arpel.

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The earrings each contained 3 carats of beautiful emeralds, near flawless and a real piece of perfection. They feature beautiful clarity that is usually not seen in emerald jewelry and the deep rich green color is just exquisite. Surrounding each emerald are beautiful glistening white diamonds. These earrings are show stoppers and are just stunning!

The Emerald Diamond drops are just a splash in the bucked of the other amazing jewelry that she had. Also a part of her collection is two other amazing emerald pieces; a necklace and another set of earrings.

The earrings are pear cut emerald of pure quality, surrounded by clear almost perfect diamonds. The estimated weight of these earrings is 7 carats each. The Emerald necklace is a massive choker style that contains huge clusters of diamonds. 7 Emeralds surrounded by diamonds hang from the diamond choker. It is estimated that the necklace is over 35 carats in weight.

All of Imelda's jewelry was impressive and there is much controversy with the jewels. It is not clear where her collections are or how they were dispersed.

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