Friday, October 19, 2012

The Power of Passion & Healing: The Blood-Red Ruby

Bring more passion to your love life with the beautiful Ruby, the gemstone for deeper love and greater commitment. Coming from India, Burma or Thailand, the Ruby is said to bring contentment of the East to its owner. Worn on the left hand, the Ruby is said to enhance life force and if received as a gift, reflects the love and friendship of the giver.

The Ruby is rumored to have healing powers, working in concert with the heart and arteries to positively affect blood flow throughout the body. Can’t sleep at night? Wear the Ruby or put it under your pillow. Sweet dreams will ensue.

Ruby held for ransom
The Delong Star Ruby
Photo from

One of the most famous Rubies, the Delong Star Ruby, was recovered after being stolen and ransomed (along with the Star of India Sapphire) in 1964 for $25,000. Weighing 100.32 carats, it is now back home at the Natural History Museum in New York.

Ruby in Sterling Silver from Emily Gems: $70

Ruby related to Sapphire

The Ruby has long been considered a close relative of the Sapphire. In fact it can be said that the Ruby is a form of Sapphire. The Pink Ruby is actually called a Pink Sapphire.

Color counts

The most desirable color is blood red which is red with a blue tint. Rubies from Burma often have this color and can be worth millions of dollars. The blood red or “Burmese Ruby” is also called “Pigeon’s Blood Ruby.”

So whether you are buying a Ruby ring, necklace, pendant or other personal accessory, make sure to protect it with one of our beautiful jewelry boxes. Reduce the threat of theft and ransom.

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