Saturday, October 20, 2012

Whimsical Jewelry Trends

Sometimes we tend to take ourselves too seriously, don't we? There is a fun trend happening that focuses on the playful side of your style. Whimsical jewelry fashion pieces are showing up more and more on specialty websites and in shops these days. Here are some fun and funky styles that you may want to incorporate into your jewelry box.

When it comes to whimsical jewelry, Seasonal themed jewelry is a classic choice. You can go with simple and plan design or really go big and bold with a bejeweled seasonal piece embedded with a lot of bling! You can find seasonal themed earrings, rings, pendants, pins, brooches and charms for charm bracelets.

For Whimsical bracelet choices you can go with a charm bracelet that is loaded up with big and bold charms, a big and bold beaded bracelet or a combination of the two. Yes, you can find beaded bracelets that have dangling whimsical charms on them and those are ideal for a whimsical look.

Animal theme jewelry fits in with the whimsical jewelry trend. You can find all kinds of animal themes from domestic pets, safari animals and sea life. One trends that is really showing up a lot is jewelry featuring owls and dragonflies. These classic images are beautifully shown in all types of colors and mixed media metals, enamels and more.

Food theme jewelry is definitely a whimsical way to let your jewelry reflect your personality and fun-loving side. If you love to show off some of your favorite foods or candy items, look for your food themed jewelry in the fashion jewelry collections or in handcrafted jewelry markets.

Having fun with your jewelry and whimsical jewelry pieces can really make heads turn. Cut loose and start looking for great pieces that you would enjoy wearing and showing off a bit.

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