Saturday, October 27, 2012

Jewelry Box Options

The process of buying jewelry organizers and boxes is actually fun. Because there are now more styles, designs, materials, and features than ever before, you can find exactly what you want and within budget. When looking around, you will notice jewelry boxes are sold as three primary product types to include the following:

o    Mass Production – These jewelry boxes are produced in large quantities by manufacturing companies, which means they are value priced and offer an affordable way to organize your jewelry and watches.

o    Collections – Typically, collections feature luxurious products in various matching styles and sizes and in many cases, chests and jewelry boxes are handmade and designed with innovative features to hold all types of jewelry and watches.

o    Personalized – Within this category you would find virtually any type of jewelry box wanted but the difference is that you could choose from a variety of materials and features, or even have the box engraved with your initials, monogrammed, or if you plan to buy a jewelry box as a gift for someone special, a brushed nickel or brass plate could be attached and a personalized message inscribed.

Value of Craftsmanship

As mentioned, mass produced jewelry boxes are value priced and offer the most affordable option. Now, this means you and thousands of other people would own the exact same product but that does not automatically mean the level of quality would be poor. For instance, if the jewelry box were made by a reputable company, chances are good the quality of craftsmanship would be decent.

On the other hand, an extremely high quality jewelry tray or box would be substantially more expensive but in exchange, you would end up with a product so well made that it could easily stay in pristine condition for generations. This would obviously require you to take proper care of the jewelry box but it goes to show that top craftsmanship is a worthwhile investment.

High Quality versus Sub-par Materials

Of course, the materials used to make a jewelry box would have a huge impact on overall quality. For instance, if you spent money on a jewelry tray or box made from pressed wood or veneer, especially if there was no protective layer added, the product will not likely last generations. In comparison, if the tray or box were made from teak or mahogany and covered with several layers of piano finish, you would end up with a great place to store jewelry and other small items safely and securely to hand down though the years.

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