Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Options for Men's Jewelry Boxes

Just like girls and women, many men appreciate a great looking and highly functional jewelry box. If you are like most men, you want a jewelry box that is functional, convenient, and secure but also something that has a more masculine aesthetic. If you have never shopped for something like this before or perhaps it has been years, you will probably be surprised at what the market offers.

The nice thing about today’s jewelry boxes for men is the wide range of styles and designs. For instance, you could go with a simple watch or cuff link box with a sleek design or choose a full jewelry box that could easily accommodate your jewelry, business cards, phone numbers, loose change, and other smaller items. Before shopping, you want to determine the types of things you would need to keep organized and safe.

Keep in mind that the location where the jewelry box would be placed would be another determining factor. As an example, if you prefer to keep items on a small dresser, then perhaps a man’s jewelry tray would be a better choice whereas a larger dresser with more surface space could easily accommodate a larger jewelry box designed with separate drawers and other compartments.

Popular Materials

Commonly, both men and women’s jewelry boxes are made with the same materials but for men, design is often sleeker and simplified.  Of course, this does not mean you would be limited to options based on personal preference and functionality. Following are examples of materials that you might find most attractive when looking to purchase a manly man jewelry box but again, these are just a few suggestions.

Leather – The type of leather used would be high quality and strong. Leather jewelry boxes for men come in a wide range of colors to complement any decorum.

Wood – Different species of wood is also used with some of the favorites being black zebra burl wood, dark walnut, mahogany, teak, and Sapeli. Each of these wood species offers something unique.

Special Features

Another thing to look for in a jewelry box is conventional and innovative features. Based on the look you want, you could choose something simple or a more elaborate design. Now, if you have trouble settling on just one look or if you have a lot of things that need to be organized and secured, you could always buy two jewelry boxes.

As the popularity of men’s jewelry boxes grows, manufacturing companies are taking note to the things that men say they want. For you, this means incredible opportunities for style, design, materials, features, sizes, and even prices. Some of the best features include:
o    Suede cloth lining specially treated to ensure anti-tarnish jewelry storage
o    Drawers with wood trim dividers
o    Museum quality piano finish
o    Brass or brushed nickel hardware
o    Mirror incorporated in the interior portion of the lid
o    Handcrafted inlaid design
o    One key locking mechanisms
o    Detachable travel cases

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