Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gorgeous Cases for People who Love Watches

When it comes to jewelry, everyone has a personal preference for the type and number of pieces worn. Some people love rings while others prefer necklaces. However, the one piece of jewelry that is classy, timeless, and worn to enhance appearance or make a statement by both men and women is the watch. Whether you own an expensive watch worth $10,000 or a department store special you paid $20 for, it would be worth storing it in a watch case.

In fact, a watch case is recommended for inexpensive and expensive watches for the same reasons. The box is designed to keep the face from accidentally getting scratched but also to keep dust out of watch mechanisms to keep it running perfectly. Interestingly, many people are unaware that watch cases are even made and sold. Now, you could always purchase an actual jewelry box if wanted, but if the goal were simply to keep your watches safe, organized, and protected, a more logical approach would be a watch case.

Personal Choice

Just as you have a personal style in the brand and type of watch worn, you would have a preferred style of watch case. Because there are cases made from a variety of materials, sold in different colors, and designed to hold a varying number of watches, you would have no problems finding several perfect boxes. Of course you could choose whatever design you like best but to keep things simple and make it easier to see the watch being stored, we recommend choosing a box with a display window.

Below we list some examples of popular watch boxes that you might consider but before that, we wanted to provide information about two unique features available on the higher quality cases. First are locks, something definitely needed for the more expensive or hard-to-find watches. Second are quadrant hinges that are hidden, giving the case a more sophisticated look.

If you have never owned a watch case before or if it has been years since buying one, you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide selection available. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice, simply you having the opportunity to choose the box that would provide your prized watch the best protection possible.

o    Octagon Watch Box – This is a smart looking watch box designed to store a single watch. Not only would this be perfect if you have just one watch to protect, it makes a great gift for someone typically hard to buy for. This box may be small in size but it is definitely huge in craftsmanship and luxury. Key features include a high-gloss cherry finish, tan silsuede lining, brass compass hinges, and a single pillow on which the watch rests.

o    Wooden Watch Box – If you are a serious watch collector, this box holds up to 15 watches and accessories. In addition to the glass display window making it possible for you to quickly find the right watch for any occasion, the style is such that it would be acceptable for both men and women. This case is made from cherry, each slot is padded, it boasts a gliding drawer with four unique storage sections, the lining is ivory sueded fabric, the drawer pull has a beautiful gold tone, and the top section features a key lock.

o    Black Leather Watch Box – Although sold as a man’s watch case, many women also love the sleek leather and basket weave designed lid. Some of the primary features of this six-watch case includes the compact yet functional size, high quality craftsmanship, pillows for each watch, security lock, and silsuede lining that is tarnish resistant.

o    Man’s Fine Leather Travel Box – For a businessman who travels and needs to impress, this watch case would be an ideal choice. Designed to hold up to three watches, this box is made from Nappa leather. The tan colored leather is stylish yet trendy, making it perfect for the younger generation. This watch case is designed to hold up to three watches and has a display window, snap closure, soft lining, and divided storage sections for watches but also bracelets, cufflinks, and rings. If wanted, this particular case can be personalized with one name or three initials, which is why it has become a popular gift.

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