Friday, November 30, 2012

Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes – The Perfect Holiday Gift

Most people are happy with any Christmas gift but others are more particular. While it might seem as if picky people are ungrateful, the truth is they simply know what they like. Often, buying a present for someone picky is easier because there is no question the item is something actually wanted or needed. If you have a friend or family member you need to get a Christmas gift for but are having a hard time finding “the right gift”, perhaps a handcrafted jewelry box would be the ideal solution.

Jewelry boxes are used by men and women and although you could purchase something off the shelf, a handcrafted gift would be cherished for life, no matter how particular the friend or family member. Keep in mind that a handcrafted jewelry box would be more expensive but something to become an heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

We wanted to take the opportunity to provide some ideas on handcrafted jewelry boxes, any one that would make an perfect Christmas gift for someone you love who tends to be a little particular.

Men’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

Following are examples of unique jewelry boxes for men, each handsome and handcrafted.

o    Fully Locking Swing-Out Jewelry Box Chest with Bubinga Inlay – This is a stunning box that embodies modern and traditional styles. The unique swing-out design boasts ring rolls, swivel drawers, and divided jewelry storage all with a gorgeous velvet lining and quadrant hinges. There is even a mirror on the inside of the lid but the one aspect of this handcrafted jewelry box that men appreciate most is that all compartments can be fully secured with a brass lock and key.

o    Italian Inlay Jewelry Box - While the style of this handcrafted jewelry box is more streamlined, it is still stunning with a high gloss piano finish. Made from burl wood and boasting unique inlaid detailing on the lid, the box would be appreciated by any man, regardless of age. It is designed with necklace hooks in the lid, ring rolls, and a clever jewelry tray with open storage underneath. To keep even the finest jewelry safe and secure, this handcrafted jewelry box comes complete with a brass lock and key.

Women’s Crafted Jewelry Boxes

There are also multiple options for handcrafted jewelry boxes for women with two suggestions listed below.

o    Genuine Maple Wood Jewelry Box Chest – Because of the design, appearance, and functionality, this has become one of the most popular of all handcrafted women’s jewelry boxes available. The maple wood comes in a choice of two finishes, making it an obvious choice regardless of a woman’s preferred style. Key features include necklace storage inside the lift lid, two gliding drawers, divided drawers for smaller jewelry items, and a special section with two watch pillows and ring rolls.

o    Elegant Wooden Jewelry Box with Inlaid Floral Design – For the women who loves feminine things, this would make the perfect Christmas gift. Made from Oak Burl and featuring accents of Mahogany and Natural Mapa with high gloss piano finish, this is an extremely elegant box. Features include three drawers, two necklace swing-outs, divided storage for rings necklace holders on the sides, and divided storage, all with anti-tarnish stone faux suede lining. For added convenience, this handcrafted jewelry box has a mirror on the inside of the lid.

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