Sunday, July 20, 2014

Traveling with Jewelry!

Travel Jewelry Case

If you’re planning to travel this summer, whether it be a road trip to another state or a grand holiday abroad, you need to make the most of the packing space you have. ChasingTreasure offers a wonderful array of jewelry cases perfect for travel. Available in different sizes and styles, there’s a case for any size jewelry collection. Consider these tips to ensure that your jewelry stays safe and well-organized on your journey.

-Pack with outfits in mind, and choose which accessories and jewelry pieces you’ll bring based on these outfits. Pieces that mix-and-match well work best, as do pieces that transition well from daytime looks to nighttime looks.

-The size of your case is important. It could be small enough to fit in your purse or carry-on, making sure that your precious jewelry collection is never too far from you. Or it could be larger, accommodating a large collection while still fitting into your luggage.

-Consider investing in a locking travel jewelry case from ChasingTreasure for even more peace of mind. It’s a theft deterrent and ensures that your case won’t accidentally jostle open while in your luggage.

-When going through airport security, consider keeping the jewelry you’re wearing on your person. Never leave unattended belongings in the bins.

-Use your hotel’s safe to keep your collection even more secure.

-Remember to leave some room in your jewelry case for new pieces you’ll buy on your trip!

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