Friday, July 4, 2014

3 Reasons Why You Need to Place Your Jewelleries in a Safe Box

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Many people believe that the most secure and impregnable place to keep your valuables is on a safe deposit box. After all, banks are known to have the best 24/7 security and alarm systems.

However in the case of your precious jewelleries, a safe box is deemed a much better recourse so you can easily access them from time to time.

Here are three major reasons why you need to place your jewelries in a safe box instead of any ordinary box.
1. It provides protection against fire.
Since household fires are unpredictable, keeping your precious jewelleries in a safe box is a very sound idea. It will give you the much needed peace of mind knowing your priceless jewels are safe from any damage a fire can bring.
2. It protects against burglary.
Although most home safes don’t provide maximum protection against burglary, they are still deemed a practical and sound investment. When you buy one, make sure to choose a model that weighs about 100 pounds empty. The heavier it weighs, the higher the chance it will not be taken by thieves easily. In addition to being a less attractive target, most safe boxes also come with a bolt-down feature, making it an excellent deterrent to burglars.
3. It protects against water damages. 
Apart from being fire and theft proof, another additional feature a safe box can provide is its ability to provide protection against any damage water can bring. Keeping your priceless heirlooms in a safe box can help guarantee it is safe from damage or possible loss.

Other factors to take into account
Where to place it
The best place to stash away your safe usually depends on how your house is designed. Avoid placing your safe box in the master bedroom as it’s usually the area that gets ransacked first in the event of burglaries. If your house is situated in an area where flood is likely to occur, avoid placing it in the basement. If you wish to protect it against fire however, the basement is a better spot since there are lesser items down there to burn.
Where to purchase one
Home safes can be bought online or at hardware shops. If you like to buy online, make sure to check the shipping fee.

Taking all the benefits it has to offer, it’s safe to assume investing in a home safe box is without a doubt a wise and practical decision.

by guest blogger Mitchell Wakehurst

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