Saturday, November 29, 2014

Unique & Beautiful Holiday Gift for Her – A Jewelry Amoire

Large Jewelry Armoire
Large Jewelry Armoire - Traditional Design

Christmas is just around the corner. You are probably thinking about possible gifts for the special woman in your life – whether wife, mother, daughter, or niece. Consider a beautiful women’s jewelry box or jewelry armoire. These pieces make unique and beautiful gifts because they’re practical while making wonderful additions to her room’s decor.  ChasingTreasure has a large assortment of jewelry boxes to accommodate any size jewelry collection, any décor style, and any budget.  They are made from the most recognized manufacturers, making them well-constructed.  And the designs, even contemporary ones, will still look appropriate across the decades, reminding them of the giver for years and even generations to come.  Looking at the different options for jewelry armoires will help you decide which is right for the special woman in your life.

Jewelry armoires are wonderful gifts for women with a particularly large collection of jewelry and accessories, and the space to accommodate a dedicated piece of furniture.  Jewelry armoires are larger than jewelry boxes and are freestanding pieces of furniture. These floor-standing cabinets are usually between 32” & 45” tall and include drawers and an opening top for smaller pieces like rings, as well as a large mirror. The drawers are lined and most include dividers for easy organizing. The sides are full-length swing-out necklace doors with hooks to let necklaces hang, preventing the necklaces from tangling and breaking. The bottom drawers are usually open and deeper, for bedside delicates.  Her entire collection will be organized and the armoire itself will be an attractive addition to her room.

Besides keeping her collection organized, a jewelry armoire with a locking enclosure can also keep her collection secure. Many of the jewelry armoires ChasingTreasure stocks are locking – giving her the peace of mind that her treasured heirlooms and favorite accessories are safe.

Remember that when you gift a jewelry armoire from ChasingTreasure, you’re not only giving her a great way to organize her precious heirlooms and accessories: you’re also giving her a beautiful new piece of furniture:  her personal style and décor will come into play when selecting a style of jewelry armoire.

ChasingTreasure has many options for different types of woods, finishes, and styles. If the décor is traditional or understated, an oak jewelry armoire with traditional lines in a French provincial style would work well. Or, if she prefers antiques, a darker stain (such as a coffee finish) with antiqued brass hardware would fit in with her antique collection. If her décor is more exotic, an intricately detailed bamboo style armoire in cherrywood with carved columns and textured detail is perfect. If she prefers modern, sleek lines, a white or black armoire with carved diamond details on the façade and clean lines will fit well in her home. ChasingTreasure has the wood finishes, detailing, and hardware options to accommodate almost any bedroom style.

When you choose a free-standing jewelry armoire, she is sure to be happy this Christmas knowing you took her tastes and needs into consideration. Another consideration is your budget, of course. ChasingTreasure offers a wide range of price points for both jewelry boxes and jewelry armoires.  When visiting our site, you can find coupon codes on the checkout page to get additional discounts on our holiday pricing.  We also have a 30-day return or exchange policy.

There’s never been a more perfect time to get her a jewelry armoire:  a thoughtful, practical, and beautiful gift!

Locking Jewelry Armoire
Locking Jewelry Armoire

Modern Design Jewelry Armoire
Modern Design Jewelry Amoire

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