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Wonderful Little Girls' Jewelry Boxes - Just in Time for Christmas!

 Girls Ballerina Jewelry Box
Little Girls Ballerina Jewelry Box

Little girls love owning a jewelry box – regardless of their other interests or hobbies! As they grow up, they appreciate being able to store their favorite treasures.  And since many girls have their ears pierced at a young age, a jewelry box is the perfect gift to let them store and grow their own jewelry collection. And while many women upgrade to larger (and more luxurious) jewelry boxes as they move from early adult to marriage, they still keep their first girls jewelry box to pass down to their daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

Historically, the pro-typical girl’s jewelry box was white with a pink interior. And many of the popular girl’s jewelry boxes featured a dancing ballerina on top accompanied by a traditional Christmas Carol or popular song. While that style is still sold, the times have changed, and little girls now have many more variations from which to choose.

The Latest Designs

Even though the traditional girl’s jewelry box is still produced, there are newer styles to fit the uniqueness of your own beloved girl. Girls jewelry boxes not only differ in overall look, but they are made with a variety of materials, and have a wide choice of design/style, with many have special attributes that many little girls like, particularly to hide things from sneaky siblings!

-Taller Girls Jewelry Boxes – These typically stand ~1 foot tall, and are taller than they are wide, in a tower style, which is ideal for a dresser or smaller night stand.  These have combinations of pull out drawers (up to five), two swing out sides for necklaces, ring rolls for rings & earrings, and an open top lid with small mirror. This one looks most like Mom’s.
 Girls Standing Jewelry Box
Standing Jewelry Box

-Spinning Ballerina Jewelry Box – This features the spinning/dancing ballerina with accompanying musical tune that gained widespread popularity in the 1960s that continues into the 21st Century.  Celine Dion’s “My Heart will Go On” is the modern song of choice, and “Swan Lake” by Tchaikovsky is the popular classic tune. Always popular!

girls musical jewelry box plays swan lake
Girls Musical Jewelry Box - Swan Lake


Adult women with large jewelry collections likely own standing jewelry armoire, and if you are a mother, your daughter likely emulates what you do. Clearly a large standing armoire is too big (and expensive) for a little girl with a small jewelry collection, however you can buy something similar that is made specifically for little girls. Below are examples of the choices that you have to give a jewelry armoire to your little girl.

-Standing Jewelry Armoire in Oak Finish – This top selling smaller jewelry armoire is unique in its combination of traditional & modern design.  The traditional nickel hardware with ivory suede felted lining are why this is so popular. The top lift lid has open storage as well as ring rolls, along with a large mirror. A top feature of this design are the side cabinet doors with multiple hooks & catch panels per side.  Four fully lined gliding drawers & cabriolet-style legs complete this beautiful piece.

small standing jewelry armoire
Small Standing Jewelry Armoire

-Classic Armoire – Chasing Treasure also recommends this splendid girl’s jewelry box. Traditional white with complete hand-trimmed ivory felt lining. It has antique hardware & handles for the gliding drawers with a tapered column legs. The opening top lid has a central line of ring rolls and six open compartments, four gliding drawers, a large mirror, and two necklace cabinets.

classic girls jewelry armoire
Classic Girls Jewelry Armoire

So as you shop for a little girls jewelry box, keep the above in mind…not only will she have it for many years to come, she is very likely to hand it down to her daughter!

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