Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unique Holiday Gift for Him? Try a Beautiful & Elegant Watch Case!

solid cherry watch box
Solid Cherry Watch Box with Glass Top

Coming up with a gift for the man who has (almost!) everything can be difficult, and sometimes we default to an old stand-by:  t-shirt, socks, gift certificate. But we’d like to suggest this idea:  an elegant watch case.  Did you know that, according to Timex, the average man in the U.S. owns 5 watches? This is the one indulgence that men everywhere seem to have, but why?  Well, it seems that men (generally, not all) prefer function as fashion.  They will typically have two higher end watches for work or formal events, a medium brand digital watch for knocking around on the weekend, a sport’s watch, and a very casual watch.  In the case of pilots or SCUBA divers, they’ll also have a watch that acts as a tachymeter (to measure ground speed) and timer (to measure decompression times).  More recently, we have watches that also track biometrics:  heart rate, sleep pattern, steps, etc.

Given the number of watches that a typical man owns, a natural gift is a watch case. Men’s watch boxes come in a variety of sizes and capacity, as well as materials like cherry, burl wood, maple, teak and leather. The most popular ones are the classic leather boxes, though more and more have a glass top on the men’s watch box.  Others may prefer solid tops with locks, especially if the watches are expensive (and numerous).  A nice addition to a watch box is a pull out drawer, which can keep cleaning supplies, pocket change, or money clips.

If you purchase a mens watch box for him, a great idea is to add an engraving with his initials or a message. As a real surprise, add a new watch to the inside of the box before you wrap it:  two gifts in one!

And if he’s a connoisseur of higher end watches (self-winding, or automatic, watches), consider a watch winder as well.

 This Christmas season, Chasing Treasure has terrific values on a large variety of men's watch storage boxes that cross the pricing spectrum to provide wonderful value at almost every price point. Our wide choice of men's watch boxes at Chasing Treasure means you are sure to find the perfect watch box that will have a lasting impact on that special man.

Watch Box with Drawer
Watch Box with Drawer

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