Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Collecting Fine Jewelry

Collecting fine jewelry may not be the chosen hobby of many people, but once you fall in love with the intricacies of jewelry, it becomes difficult to think of much else. At Chasing Treasure, we provide the storage pieces that can properly hold a collection fine jewelry. If you do decide to begin collecting jewelry, there are several considerations to make your collection stand out from the crowd.

1. Choose your favorite time period. Some of the most unbelievable pieces of jewelry have come from the Art Deco period. These pieces have intricate work that makes them stand apart from other pieces from the 20th Century. However beautiful the pieces are, their rarity makes them expensive to acquire. If that time period is out of your price range, there are amazing pieces that were designed after World War II. If you want to keep your collection affordable, you could look for costume jewelry rather than pieces that have real gems and precious metals. Take a good look at what the 1970s have to offer.

2. Choose your favorite colors. When you begin hunting for exquisite pieces, you will find that certain colors grab your attention. The best collections are the ones that make us smile. So if you love gems with unusual and unexpected colors, then buy them. You might find a chocolate diamond that turns your head, or a darker red ruby. Even though those are not the ideal colors, if you love them, then who cares!

3. Consider the way you plan to store the pieces. For many collectors, the size and shape of the pieces dictate whether or not they buy them. If a piece is too big for you to safely store, then why buy it? Jewelry boxes only come in so many sizes and unless you have a safe that will hold some of the pieces, your convenience should be taken into consideration.

4. Wearability can matter. Along with being able to store the jewelry you buy, you should also consider whether or not you plan to wear the pieces. If they are too valuable to wear in public, then don’t wear them. But, jewelry is meant to be worn and hopefully, you will have an opportunity to show off your beautiful collection. In order to safely wear some of your favorite pieces, you can always have a jeweler add safety catches so there is an added level of protection, especially with watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

5. Get the best insurance. If your collection is extremely valuable, you should properly insure it. If you do not have the proper coverage and your collection is stolen, you might not have any recourse for the money you spent to build the collection. In many cases, adding extra coverage does not cost much - just a few extra dollars. Only your insurance agent will know what is best for your personal property.

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