Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to Properly Store Men’s Watches

Men who own attractive and luxurious watches need to be able to store then in safe locations. For many men, their investment timepieces are the most valuable jewelry they have besides their wedding bands. In order to keep the watches in pristine condition, it is vital to keep them stored properly. If they are left laying about on tables or countertops, they can be quickly damaged from excessive dirt and grime or even from accidental water damage. At Chasing Treasure, we offer a wide variety of beautiful, handmade, heirloom quality jewelry boxes designed to protect watches. But, a high quality jewelry box is not always enough for valuable watches.

While storing watches, it is important to keep the timepieces apart from other jewelry. When items are stored next to each other, they can become damaged by rubbing together. Even stainless steel timepieces can be damaged. If you still have the original boxes that the watches came in, those are ideal to use for safe storage. The small pieces inside of watches require users to take good care of them. Otherwise, it is best to put your valuable watches in separate compartments or on watch rolls.

Another useful way to store watches is on a winder. There are several automatic watch winders that are available for different types of watches. Many of the newest watches automatically wind while through the movement of the body. So, as the body moves, the tiny pieces inside of the watch keep the watch on time. There are cases that will keep watches winding automatically, as if you were wearing them. These automatic watch winders can be put inside of watch cases to keep them ticking on time. Fortunately, many of the best watch winders can be added to display cases so they look great while they are being wound.

If you have an extremely valuable collection of watches, it can be helpful to store them in a locked safe. Many of our smaller jewelry boxes can fit securely inside of a small safe. Some of the watch cases can also be locked. While this is no substitute for a real, secure safe, a locked jewelry box can provide some respite from hands that might be curious enough to look into a jewelry box. If you do decide to store watches in your safe, you might also want to investigate the best way to insure your valuable property.

At Chasing Treasure, we take pride in offering a wide variety of extremely safe jewelry boxes designed just for valuable men’s watches. We understand that many men have watches that have been passed down through the generations and that they have become family heirlooms. While you might be tempted to store your valuable watches in cigar boxes or other make-shift jewelry boxes, our boxes are designed especially for jewelry. On the inside, they have tarnish-resistant cloth and the exterior hardwoods are constructed to last. You can trust that our quality jewelry boxes are the best options for maintaining the integrity of your favorite time pieces.

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