Monday, November 28, 2016

Travel Watch Boxes

For many people, other than their houses and cars, their watches are one of their most valuable possessions. Because of this, travel watch boxes are important accessories. These small cases are designed to keep watches safe and free of damage while traveling. They are small enough to fit into carry-on luggage, but large enough to hold several watches. At Chasing Treasure, we are dedicated to curating a collection of jewelry boxes that are designed for all jewelry needs - even something as specific as a small collection of watches.

Our travel watch boxes have spaces for traditional wristwatches and for the classic pocket watches. Some of the watch boxes are just for wristwatches. Most of these hold four watches on removable watch pillows that are made of protective suede. The cases themselves are usually made leather or other high-quality textiles. The travel cases often have locks or snap closures to keep the watches inside.

We also have travel watch boxes that can hold other small jewelry items. For men or women who travel with one or two timepieces, we have boxes that have spaces for cufflinks and earrings. Some of the jewelry boxes also have small ring rolls, too. Nearly all of the compartments are removable, so the jewelry travel cases can be customized for each trip.

Our attractive and convenient travel watch boxes are affordably priced, too. They come in a few different price points, so you can find the one that works the best for your budget. Despite the affordability, all of the pieces are high-quality - just like our keepsake and heirloom quality jewelry boxes and armoires. We take great pride in curating collections with the best products available on the market today. And, since these pieces are designed for travel, they are durable, too.

Most of the travel watch boxes have extra features that make them useful. Since they all have lids that secure, many of the boxes have features attached to the inside of the lids. Some have pouches that can hold papers or other small necessities. Some have money clips so you can keep extra cash or traveler’s checks in safe places. It is always a good idea to keep money in a variety of places in case anything happens while on the road. These small travel watch boxes are the ideal size to put into hotel room safes. If the safes are too small, they will fit in the hotel safes, too.

All of the travel watch boxes are designed to be neutral in their design. They are perfect pieces for both men and women. They come in neutral colors like black and brown. The interior colors are also neutral colors like light blue, gray, and brown, too. Anyone travels on a regular basis would be happy to use these to protect their jewelry and to keep everything together in one convenient location.

All of the pieces in our curated travel watch collection also come with the 30-day return policy and our Chasing Treasure one-year warranty, too.

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