Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Store Diamonds Rings

When it comes to storing your jewelry, even your most precious diamond rings need to be stored properly. Believe it or not, your diamond jewelry can become damaged just as quickly as the other pieces in your collection. Since diamonds are usually the most valuable pieces in any collection, they should be treated as such. If you neglect your diamond jewelry, there is a chance that the stones, along with the metals that hold them can become scratched and possibly even chipped.

Despite the fact that diamonds are touted as one of the hardest materials on the planet, they can become damaged. To prevent this, your diamond jewelry should have its very own special place in your jewelry box. If you only have a diamond engagement ring, then you should be sure that it has its own special place away from the other pieces of jewelry you have.

The space where you keep your diamonds should be free of moisture and far from chemicals that could create problems, too. If you wear your diamonds on a daily basis, then you will want to still keep them in individual spots, but in places that you can quickly access.

If you want to keep your diamond jewelry looking pristine, you should keep each piece away from every other piece that contains diamonds. The easiest way to damage a diamond is with another diamond. So, they should never be kept together. Each piece of diamond jewelry needs its own special location in your jewelry box or in your table top case.

In order to keep your diamond ring looking lovely for a lifetime, it is a good idea to take it off when you undertake messy tasks. If you are gardening, washing dishes, or lifting heavy items, you should not wear your diamond ring. The stone could catch on something or you could lose it. You might even damage it with the heavy object your are lifting. It is always a good idea to take off your diamonds when you are bathing, showering, or swimming because of the chemicals in the water.

Another consideration you should make to keep your diamond jewelry looking good for a long time is the type of cleaner you decide to use. There are cleaners that are better for precious metals and some that are designed for diamonds. The best way to keep your diamond jewelry clean is to bring it to your favorite jeweler. Most jewelers will provide free cleaning for their customers and they know the best way to keep precious items clean. You never want to use an ultrasonic cleaner on a piece of jewelry that has mixed gems, because some gems are fragile enough to break under the ultrasonic pressure

At Chasing Treasure, we have a wide variety of jewelry boxes that come with separate compartments as well as ring rolls that are designed to keep small jewelry items like diamond rings safe from harm. Our jewelry boxes are heirloom quality, making them perfect for storing your most precious and valuable pieces.


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