Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shopping for a Wood Jewelry Box

Jewelry Boxes at Chasing Treasure: Wooden Choices & Finishes

At Chasing Treasure, we offer a variety of jewelry boxes and keepsake boxes in several different wood finishes. Some of the wood finishes will sound familiar, like mahogany, cherry, maple, and oak. But there are other finishes that many people may never have heard of, like burlwood and bubinga. We also offer jewelry boxes in painted finishes like white, black, and espresso. Because each finish and wood grain offers different features, we thought we would take a look at what makes each one unique.

One of the most popular finishes at Chasing Treasure is the cherry finish. This beautiful finish has subtle yet rich red undertones. Cherry is a hardwood that comes from a sustainable tree that grows quickly. Cherry looks fabulous with silver- and gold-tone hardware. It is a good option to give as a gift because it coordinates with a variety of decors.

Mahogany is another popular option. This is a unique choice because the genuine wood actually gets darker as it ages. It is smooth and sleek and looks amazing with silver-tone hardware. It is a beautiful choice for gift-giving because it exudes elegance and luxury. Like cherry, it does have a slight red hue to it. The mahogany used for our luxury jewelry boxes comes from new-growth farms.

People who love modern decor enjoy the lines and irregularities of walnut. The grain adds a style that is unique and rich. Walnut is deep brown and can be styled with both gold- and silver-tone hardware. Even though the wood is usually stained in a dark color, we do offer some with light stain. Both show off the personality of the wood. Walnut is a wood that is extremely durable and the trees are not in any danger of becoming threatened.

If you are looking for something more traditional, we offer oak and maple jewelry boxes. Our oak boxes have the warm tones that the wood is known for. Since oak is a softer wood, it is important to take good care of the jewelry box. Our maple boxes are also good sellers - especially those made of bird’s eye maple because of the unique spots that appear in the grain. Maple boxes come in a lighter finish the oak boxes. Both are from tree farms that use sustainable practices.

When it comes to unique options, burlwood and bubinga are perfect choices. Burlwood can come from any tree that develops a burl - or an unusual growth. The burls have whorls, grains, and textures that are different from the traditional rings of tree trunks. The bubinga tree is found in West Africa and can grow trunks that are over eight-feet in diameter. This tree is prized for its unique grains. This wood is often used for musical instruments, so using it for special jewelry boxes makes them into keepsakes.

Along with the exotic, but sustainable wood options, our painted boxes are made of hardwoods have been finished in a silky, smooth way. Some of the boxes are finished in a flawless matte style, while others have traditional glossy finishes. They are durable and look amazing in any decor.

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