Friday, January 22, 2016

Cat Jewelry: It is a Thing

Photo courtesy of Trendy Kitty
Sure, we’ve all see images of purse dogs wearing beautiful collars encrusted with gems. But, did you know that cats can wear jewelry, too? Because cats are not taken out in public as often as dogs (do you ever see your neighbors walking their cats?), the idea of cat jewelry has not taken off as quickly and successfully as dog jewelry. However, if you wanted to decorate your cat, there are plenty of places to turn for unique pieces that look great and do not cost much.

Cats do look great without any jewelry and some cats are so finicky that they would not allow an owner to dress them in a cat collar or other decoration. Many cat owners will turn to plastic tabs to keep cats from removing collars. Once you get your cat to keep a collar on, you can begin to choose items that showcase your cat’s temperament.

Jewelry designers have the same kind of fun creating for cats as they do for people. They create pieces out of leather, beads, metals, and plastics. If you have a dainty, princess-like kitty, a beautiful, exquisite beaded collar only adds to a cat’s royal air. These are easy to find from online shops and boutiques that feature unique items. Etsy is another good place to look.

It was only time that cats were given their own jewelry. For thousands of years, people have been wearing images of cats in their jewelry. From the ancient Egyptians to the lovers of Hello Kitty, cats are a fashionable option for pins, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They have also been featured on royal headdresses.

Cats have also been featured in small decorative objects. In nations all over the world, cats have had a unique historical role. Some countries actually worshipped them and created altars to the feline creatures. Museums are filled with objects of art from different types of stones and metals. Since their are so many jewelry designers who create customized pieces today, you could have a customized piece created with your cat so you can show the world what your cat means to you.

Even the big cats of the world have made their way into the fashion world. Cheetah, tiger, and panthers have been portrayed in jewelry and on fabrics. The idea of wearing a strong, ferocious cat is an appealing notion to people all over the world. People today even wear headpieces with cat ears to show their love of the animals.
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