Monday, October 24, 2016

Watch Storage

Knowing the time is one of the basic necessities in life. This is why watches are so important to men and women. Even though it is easy to look at a cellular phone to get the time, a beautiful chronograph is the classic and timeless way to do it. Throughout time, watches have become favorite heirlooms for families, so taking good care of them is important.

At Chasing Treasure, we have several options for men and women who want to protect their investment in watches. They come in many different price points and sizes so that everyone can find and afford one to meet their needs. One thing they do all have in common is that they all will protect watches from dust and other household debris, like pet dander. When storing watches, it is important to keep them covered and out of direct sunlight, which is why all of our watch boxes do have covers and many of them will fit inside of a dresser drawer, a closet, or an armoire. Some people even put their watch boxes into larger cigar humidors because of the constant temperature and humidity settings.

Another important consideration to make when storing a watch is whether or not to keep the battery in or to remove it. Batteries have been known to leak, so if you are planning on storing a watch for an extended period of time, removing the battery is a good idea. For day-to-day storage, it is probably not necessary.

It is also a good idea to keep jewelry boxes, especially those with watches inside of them out of the bathroom. Yes, it is convenient to have jewelry nearby when getting ready in the morning, but moisture will damage watches and other metal items in your jewelry boxes. It could also do damage to the wood that the boxes are made of. If you have a bathroom in your master suite, keep your jewelry box away from the bathroom door, too.

Our jewelry boxes that are designed to hold watches include padded watch cushions. These can be easily removed to put a watch on and to take one off. The watch cushions can also be used to store fine bracelets, too. When putting the watch cushions back in the box, it is a good idea not to put the cushions over other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratching. It is also recommended not to store batteries in the watch boxes.

We have a few favorite watch boxes for both men and women. One of our favorites for women is the Ivory Leather Watch Case. This beautiful case elegantly store watches in a cushioned environment that closes with a magnetic snap. It is small enough to fit in a suitcase for traveling and pretty enough to leave on a dressing table. For men, our Mens Black Leather Watch Box is a favorite. It holds four watches and has a pocket for extras. It is easy to carry in luggage, too.

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