Monday, October 17, 2016

Earring Storage

At Chasing Treasure, jewelry storage for earrings is one of our specialties. We have one of the largest collections of jewelry boxes and armoires online. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives more organized. We understand that without proper storage, jewelry can become difficult to manage, especially earrings. Fortunately, we have several solutions to make earring storage easy and convenient, because we understand that time is precious.

earring jewelry box

Jewelry Boxes with Earring Compartments

We have small jewelry boxes that are designed just for holding earrings or other small jewelry items. For example, our Pink Earring Jewelry Storage Box is a perfect option, especially for people who need to have a convenient spot. This jewelry box is ideal for travelers, too. Another option for those who prefer a larger jewelry box with plenty of spots for earrings of different sizes is our Contemporary Earring Jewelry Box. This jewelry box has a pair of drawers for bracelets and other pieces. The glass lid keeps the earrings protected from dust and other household debris like pet dander.

Armoires with Spots for Earrings and More

For an even larger option, our jewelry armoires provide space for earrings, necklaces, and everything else imaginable. One of our best sellers, the Standing Jewelry Case in Dark Walnut has drawers that can hold numerous pieces of jewelry. It includes ring rolls that are perfect for stud earrings, and compartments for the hoops and statement earrings. Armoires like these have drawers that close and decorative lids for the top compartments.

Men’s Valet and Cufflink Cases Hold Earrings

Less expensive options include men’s valet cases and cuff link cases. Travel cases, like the Earring and Cufflink Case, have sueded compartments that can hold pairs of stud earrings and smaller hoops. It also has a pocket that could hold larger statement pieces. Each of the compartments in this case are 1.75” square, which can hold many earrings in a safe, closed space. With small compartments like this, posts are protected from damage. This box closes with a snap to secure everything in place.

Protect Your Investment for Generations to Come

When you decide to invest in good quality jewelry, storing it should be a priority. Without it, the investment can become damaged and lose value because the pieces no longer are worth wearing. When you have a beautiful pieces, they should be taken care of so you can wear them for many years to come. Many beautiful pieces of jewelry can last for generations, which is one good reason to invest in a high quality jewelry case, valet, or armoire.

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