Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why Every Young Girl Needs a Great Jewelry Box

Girls Jewelry Boxes

Traditionally, girls often receive a cute little jewelry box with a dancing ballerina. This type of jewelry box is nice for a short amount of time, but once girls start to grow their collections of jewelry the ballerina box becomes too small. Instead of buying the cute little ballerina box, a substantial jewelry box presents a useful and memorable gift alternative. Chasing Treasure has several perfect options for girls who are building their personal collection of jewelry.

The pretty ballerina box is a nice option for young girls - those who have just a few pieces of jewelry. As the collection grows, the ballerina box becomes a sentimental place for special keepsakes - like the little plastic rings, tiny hairbows, and rubbery bracelets. Once that ballerina box becomes full, it is time to move to a jewelry armoire or a glass-topped jewelry box with several drawers.

At Chasing Treasure we offer beautiful and durable jewelry boxes that are destined to become lifelong keepsakes. Some of our personal favorites for girls are the jewelry armoires. We have stand-alone armoires and table-top armoires. Since necklaces are favorites with teens, the armoires with necklaces doors are recommended. Teens also love to wear rings and bracelets, so ring rolls and drawers that safely hold bracelets are useful, too. Our Dark Wood Locking Jewelry Box is ideal for girls because it can hold her jewelry and has room for more.

For a girl who does not have a huge collection of jewelry, but still needs to have a place that will keep it safe from damage, the standard size jewelry box is useful. Our Black Croc Leather Jewelry Box is an elegant table-top box that has plenty of space for a growing collection. It is stylish and safe, making it perfect for a growing girl who wants her special treasures to last. The glass top window lets her look in on her jewelry while the inside keeps the pieces free from scratches and damage from dust. For the girl who gets to travel with her family, there is a small case that has room for a few favorite pieces.

Even though many girls love feminine colors, the elegant options like black and brown will make a young girl feel mature and appreciated for the young woman she is becoming. When the boxes have glass tops and locks, she will recognize that her treasures are truly special. The locks proves to the young girl that her treasures are valuable and the glass top proves that they are beautiful, too. It is important to remember that the jewelry boxes that have glass tops usually do not have mirrors - which is another favorite feature for girls who like to see themselves in their favorite jewelry pieces.

In today’s world, gifts are often given to satisfy a current need or want. But, an elegant and large jewelry box or armoire is a gift for the past, present, and future. Girls can use them to keep their favorite childhood treasures and they can use it accumulate more as they grow. At Chasing Treasure, we strive to meet the needs of growing jewelry collections, so why not start protecting the treasures of the youngest collectors.

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