Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About Jewelry Trends

Some people may say that jewelry trends rarely change, and if they do, it is at a very slow pace. Those with a keen eye may take the opposite view though, observing subtle changes from season to season. Leaving the summer behind us, we head into the fall and winter months, where jewelry trends are changing once more.

Perhaps it is part of some natural instinct to wear layers at this time of year, but layering is where the trend is currently heading. Double and triple chain necklaces are becoming more common, and people are becoming less afraid of mixing metals at the same time. Silver does work well with gold, especially when layered, and it makes a great look for nights out at a restaurant. Personalized necklaces, such as the monogram necklaces worn by Taylor Swift are also gaining in popularity as people seek to express their personality.

In addition to the seasons playing a part in the current jewelry trends, nature is also playing a part. An
increasing number of custom pieces are being designed to resemble natural materials such as wood or plants; whilst at the same time, being inlaid with precious stones. This customization is likely to filter down in the ready-to-wear market at some point—most likely for the Christmas period!

Neon jewelry has also gained prominence over the year, and looks like it will continue to do so into 2013. This is once more a way of expressing personality, and has a great, fun look to it. These vivid colors are more often than not made up from plastic beads, but their attraction is not in their monetary value but their look. Perhaps not one for the jewelry box, but certainly one for a fun night out!

In terms of earrings, we are seeing big earrings, and we are seeing long earrings. After all, what is the point in wearing them if no one can see them? Making a statement seems to be currently in vogue, and there is no better way than using earrings to their full advantage.

As with any current fashion trend, there is always something that seems to run against the grain, and in this case, it is the interest in wearing antique jewelry. The contrast between the neon pieces already mentioned, and a Victorian piece could not be greater, but still, they are both valid, although likely to appeal to different people. The real thing is always best when it comes to antique jewelry, but there are plenty of newly-made necklaces, broaches and bracelets all made in the style of yester-year.

Diamonds never really go out of fashion, and perhaps it is for this reason that they are a girl’s best friend! Retaining their value, and having a timeless quality about them, the simpler pieces remain popular for the very reason that they can be worn year after year no matter how much jewelry fashion trends change. Whether bought for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, they always make the ideal gift for a loved one.

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