Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Trends: Beautiful Necklace Options

Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy new jewelry. We need to have a reason to shop for something new, right? Why not beautiful necklace options and a lovely standing jewelry cabinet to store it all in?  When you see the new styles of fall necklaces, you are going to need the space because you'll want all of the beautiful necklace trends!

One lovely look we have seen is Stainless Steel Pendants and Chains. These have continued to grow in popularity and are a huge hit for Fall 2011. The stainless steel jewelry lines continue to grow in popularity due to the durability, availability and affordability of stainless steel.  We are seeing a lot of "hippie style" stainless steel jewelry being sported around by Hollywood and New York celebrities like the "peace sign"and "crosses". Free-form pendants that are nature-inspired are looking good too, especially when they are large and bold in size.

When purchasing stainless steel pendants you will want to match them up with stainless steel neck chains or thread them onto a leather or vinyl cord. Also a ribbon with a silver or stainless steel clasp would be a beautiful touch. Because of the color, these pendants will go with any color in your wardrobe and will look amazing!

Another beautiful trend in the fall fashion lines that we are seeing is the layered look when it comes to necklaces. You can purchase a variety of neck chains in varying lengths and do your own custom layered look or you can save yourself the trouble and purchase a layered necklace that has already been assembled for you.

Look for the colored metals (two-toned look) being mixed together along with plain chains, chains with pearls and lovely gems mixed together with chains that have charms dangling off them.  These layered necklaces look great with Fall turtle-necks, cowl necks and with tweed jackets heading into winter. Very classic!

It doesn't cost a lot of money to look stylish all season long. Grab some of these stunning necklace looks and you will be in the height of fashion and still have money left for the lovely jewelry armoire that you are going to need!

by Kaye Lefier, Contributing Editor at, online store specializing in wooden jewelry boxes and leather jewelry cases. Kaye is an avid Jewelry Collector and writes about Jewelry and Jewelry Trends.

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