Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wooden Jewelry Boxes - A Guide to Popular Finishes

One of the best ways to store beautiful jewelry is in a wooden jewelry box, as prized jewelry deserves a fitting container. If you are considering purchasing a jewelry box for your bedroom or as a gift, it is important to know what kinds of wood finishes are found on jewelry boxes that are on the market today.

The finish of a jewelry box is important because the color of the box depends on the wood that is used in its construction.  Since most jewelry boxes are placed in bedrooms you should consider how its color will fit with your interior decoration scheme. For example, if you like to have everything match, choose the same finish as your furniture. If you like to mix it up, consider a contrasting finish.

New let's consider the types of wood that are found in the finishes of the most popular jewelry boxes. We will start with cherry. This a premium American hardwood that is prized for its natural luster, attractive grain and rich, warm reddish glow.  When you look around you will find that a solid cherry box is rare, and most boxes are constructed with other hardwoods but with a cherry finish.

Mahogany is another wood finish that is reddish brown. This dark wood has a strait grain and is free of voices and pockets. If you polish the wood you will get a beautiful reddish sheen. Mahogany boxes are luxurious-looking and elegant. Solid natural mahogany boxes start out light and will darken with time.

Another popular finish is walnut. Walnut boxes have a  rich brown color and their traditional feel allows them to blend with many styles of decor. As with cherry, it is very rare to find a solid walnut jewelry box, and most walnut boxes will be constructed out of hardwood with a walnut finish applied.

Burl wood is a beautiful wood often used by artists to create sculptures. Artists like to use this wood because it comes in unique shapes and has interesting ring patterns. A burl is a type of wood growth found on some trees, usually caused by environmental stress. Many distinctive looking jewelry boxes come with burl wood finishes.

Maple is another wood finish found in stylish jewelry boxes. Maple is a hard and durable wood perfect for creating fine jewelry boxes for jewelry and watch collections. Many maple trees have a highly decorative wood grain and this adds to the beauty of the jewelry boxes crafted of maple wood.

If you want an heirloom jewelry box then teak is a perfect finish choice because it has high durability and is also quite beautiful. This highly durable wood lends itself to designs for both men and women and is well-suited for boxes that are meant to last for generations.  It will stand the test of time.

You may not have ever heard of bubinga, a rare wood from West Africa, but it is often found in distinctively decorative jewelry boxes. Bubinga was first used in making musical instruments but is now a preferred wood choice for eye-catching jewelry boxes that are out of the ordinary.

I'll conclude with a common American wood finish, oak.  You can find a number of dresser top boxes, floor standing armoires and watch boxes with warm oak finishes. You probably won't find a solid oak box, as most oak-finished jewelry cabinets are made with a combination of hardwoods with an oak finish, but an oak cabinet in your decor will impart a touch of timeless beauty to your bedroom.

These are the most popular wood finishes for contemporary jewelry boxes and now that you know what to expect it is time to choose the jewelry box that is best suited for you!

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