Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jewelry Sales Increase after Disaster

Something interesting is happening in Japan since the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in March of 2011.  Jewelry sales are unexpectedly growing strongly.  And since September 2012 growth continues at a 10+% pace.

What the jewelry industry found was that the disaster reminded and reinforced to people of what was really important:  their loved ones and family.  Jewelry became an immediate symbol of this bond, and the gems were tangible and valuable assets.

Human kind places special value on unique and rare elements and stones such as gold and diamonds, and the giving of these precious items is the most obvious symbolic gesture of love and regard.

Because of the value of these kinds of jewelry, always store them in a proper quality jewelry box for protection from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.  Wooden jewelry boxes will help keep moisture from the jewelry, and standing jewelry boxes, such as armoire jewelry cases, will allow necklaces to be hung, removing the possibility of damaged chains.  And most luxury jewelry boxes have thickly padded cushions, critical for keeping jewelry separated so that they do not mar or scratch.

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