Wednesday, October 16, 2013

An Extreme Form of Jewelry

An interesting tidbit about the extreme use of jewelry.

Are you familiar with  the elongation of the neck caused by neck rings?  This is the practice of women as young as 2 in certain African and Asian cultures of adding rings around their necks as they age to lengthen the neck.

In reality, their necks aren’t getting longer, their collar bones are compressing.  Normally, a person’s collar bones are angled upward.  As the women add more rings, the bones are slowly pushed downward. As they age and continue to add more rings, the bones of their rib cage will slowly compress downward as well, upwards of 45 degrees from normal.  This movement of the core body structure downward is what gives the illusion of the neck lengthening.  The purpose of doing this to accentuate the concept of ideal beauty associated with longer necks.

Similarly, jewelry can be used in non-bone structure areas such as the lip, tongue, and earlobes to elongate the skin and allow for ever larger rings and discs.  These are not only viewed as status symbols, but also as a sign of commitment to the culture.

Whether these women use specific types of jewelry boxes to store various styles of rings or discs is not readily known :).

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