Saturday, November 16, 2013

What Makes a Great Gift, Part Two

In continuing with our “What Makes a Great Holiday Gift” theme, we’ll talk about womens luxury jewelry box or mens watch cases as a gift that will cover all aspects of what makes a great gift:  thoughtfulness, usefulness, quality, and value.

The usefulness is obvious, as almost all women have some collection of jewelry, and almost all men have at least two watches (and many have more to fit the occasion:  business, casual, adventure).  And, of course, a luxury mens watch case can store both his and hers.

Quality and economic value go hand-in-hand with jewelry boxes for women, and cost will mainly be driven by the size of the jewelry box, as well as the material.  A large jewelry collection, especially one with many necklaces, may require a floor-standing armoire, which can also be used to house undergarments and other delicates in the lower drawers.  And a watch case can carry from two to 20+!  As an aside, watch winders are a terrific complement to a luxury watch collection, most of which auto-wind, meaning that they self-wind as the wearer walks, and require a similar type of movement when not worn to ensure the date, etc remain accurate.

Thoughtfulness will always be the key factor.  Luxury jewelry boxes and watch cases will be highly visible and useful to the recipient, and will most likely be purchased after much thought goes into determining the design, color, fit with décor, size, and cost.

For these two types of items, jewelry boxes for women and mens watch winders, the usefulness of the gift along with the value and beauty are a perfect combination of personal touch & quality that will be appreciate for years by a wife or husband.

So as you march down your Christmas Shopping path, keep in mind that usefulness, beauty, and the quality that you’ll get with a higher expense are some top considerations for luxury gifts.  As always, though, make sure the retailer has an excellent return and warranty period, normally 30 days and 1 year, though at ChasingTreasure, we allow returns for purchases made in November until January 5th.

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