Monday, March 31, 2014

Ancient Jewelry

The earliest known jewelry comes from a Blombos Cave in South Africa. Perforated shells from sea snails found in the cave date back to 75,000 years ago. This is impressive archeologically, and also historically: jewelry has held a special place in our species' hearts for many thousands of years! Shells were perfect candidates for decorative beads as they were light and abundant, and thin enough to perforate
Early modern humans adorned themselves with bones, berries, and stones. Mammoth ivory were even carved into bracelets. Fast forward to only about 5,000 years ago: in Ancient Egypt, gold is the preferred jewelry material. Incredibly intricate brooches, hair accessories, necklaces, and bracelets featured luxurious lapis lazuli and turquoise. Across the sea, Ancient Greece was using beautiful precious gems like amethyst, pearls, and emeralds in gold and silver jewelry.
These expensive pieces were often copied in less expensive materials. Jewelry was seen to give the wearer protection from the "evil eye" and was a status symbol. While the methods for creating jewelry have changed, it's fascinating to see how similar our tastes in jewelry are today compared to many thousands of years ago.
We still love colorful precious stones, ivory, and gold and silver. ChasingTreasure has the jewelry boxes and cases to help you keep your collection organized and secure so that you can continue in this ancient tradition of enjoying jewelry.

wood jewelry box
Beautiful Wooden Jewelry Box

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