Thursday, April 3, 2014

Marie Antoinette’s Jewelry Box

One of the most famous jewelry boxes in history belonged to one of the most notoriously decadent people to ever live -- Marie Antoinette. The French Dauphine received her famous jewelry box as an early wedding present from her fiancé, Louis XV, when she arrived at the palace of Versailles. He had it specially made for her and its entirely-French materials were a symbol of the Austrian-born royal's new nationality. It included the jewels from past Dauphines, as Marie Antoinette had inherited them all.
She would adorn herself with the storied jewels from her predecessors, but she had a taste for new custom-made jewelry, too. Her lavish style befitted the jewelry case, which was large and intricately designed even by royal standards.
Its wooden doors were trimmed with bronze and inlaid with porcelain, and decorated with incredible hand-painted designs. As much of a status symbol as the jewelry it protected, the case still stands at Versailles today, delighting tourists with its opulence.
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standing jewelry box
Large Standing Jewelry Box

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