Monday, April 7, 2014

Strange Jewelry: Bejeweled Cockroaches

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Brooches
Photo courtesy of Mapping the Marvelous
In 2005, the jewelry trend that swept the globe was surprising to say the least.  Bejeweled Madagascar Hissing Cockroach brooches were highly sought-after by celebrities and everyday fashionistas alike. The most surprising thing about these Swarovski crystal encrusted bugs? They were still alive when you wore them! They came with a little “leash” so that they would stay put.
Salt Lake City fashion designer Jared Gold wanted his fashion line to stand out, and he was successful! They retailed for $60-$80 dollars and could be shipped overnight. Gold explains that the roach brooches enjoyed the warmth of their wearer’s body and looked best with light clothing. The cockroach brooches came with instructions for care and typically lived a year when taken care of properly with water, fruit, and a clean aquarium.
It was like having jewelry and a pet in one. This piece of unique jewelry had a very specific jewelry box – its aquarium. But we’re certain your jewelry will be happy in more traditional jewelry box or case!

traditional wooden jewelry box
Traditional Wooden Jewelry Box

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