Saturday, April 19, 2014

Faberge Inspired Jewelry Boxes for Mother's Day

The egg has been viewed as representing richness and replenishment for thousands of years, with its form valued aesthetically.  Consequently, it shows up in art and sculpture over the millennia.  The most famous egg-inspired art is the Faberge egg of Russia.  Peter Carl Faberge created sixty-five of these eggs starting in 1885 until the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Fifty Imperial eggs were designed for Czars Alexander III & Nicholas II, and are the most luxurious.  Alexander & Nicholas purchased them as gifts for their wives and mothers, with the first given as an Easter egg in to honor the 20th engagement anniversary.  This first one is called the Hen Egg, and opens to expose a gold yolk, with the yolk opening to reveal a hen adorned in a replica of the imperial crown as well as hanging ruby pendant.  This egg is currently owned by a Russian businessman, though the crown and ruby have been lost to history.

These artistic pieces created by Peter Faberge were trinket boxes designed to hold opulent jewels:  a gift within a gift!

You can read more about the Faberge eggs here.  You can also view ChasingTreasure’s collection of Faberge inspired jewelry boxes, many of which also play music.  If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift for the women who also likes jewelry, these could just the right treasure!

faberge egg jewelry box
Musical Egg Trinket Box Plays "Swan Lake"

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