Saturday, May 17, 2014

Napoleon's Gift to Josephine

Napoleon's Engagement Ring to Josephine, Courtesy Osenat
Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine are one of history’s most romantic courtship stories. Napoleon proposed with an engagement ring beautiful in its simplicity. The 18th-century ring has two pear-shaped stones, a diamond and a blue sapphire, set in opposite directions. Though the ring was deemed as “simple” and “ordinary” for its time (Napoleon not having much money when he met Josephine), it became historically significant after he became emperor of France.
Despite the fact that their marriage ended in divorce, Josephine cherished the ring and passed it down as a family heirloom. It recently sold at auction for an incredible $949,000 – 47 times the estimate! Clearly the fact that the previous owner was such a famous figure in history added value to the appraisal!
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