Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wonderful Gifts for The Young Lady in Your Life

Young ladies in their “tween” years can be difficult to buy gifts for:  they’re not children so dolls and other toys aren’t generally treasured, and they’re not teenagers so makeup and clothing doesn’t quite fit the bill either.  As they get older, they want more independence and to be treated more like young adults. Because of this, we think a beautiful jewelry box will show that “she’s growing up”!

The traditional jewelry box for a young girl is the wind up ballerina box.  The one shown below is typical in its design:  white, pink lining, and plays / twirls when the lid is opened.  This lovely girls jewelry box offers storage for the special things that girls love to collect. It accommodates rings, bracelets, and earrings. In this model, there is a pull out drawer as well to lay necklaces flat.  If you think that’s a little too young girl, we can recommend something a little more “young women” rather than “older girl”.

girls ballerina jewelry box
Ballerina Jewelry Box for the "Tween"

A womens jewelry box is something that she can get as a ‘tween and appreciate as a young adult gift.  The value of going with something less adolescent and more elegant is that she’ll keep it for the rest of her life, and will grow into the storage as she gets older and acquires more jewelry.  A locking womens jewelry box is also an option, but be sure she keeps the key secure!

womens jewelry box
Womens Jewelry Box

Finally, personalizing the jewelry box with her initials, monogram, or a message based on the occasion will guarantee that she’ll always have and remember it!

Click here to check out all of our girls jewelry boxes, as well as shop for womens jewelry boxes.  Whatever choice you make, she’ll love this unique and useful gift!


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